Zig-Zag Baking Paper Nail Art Tutorial

Zig-Zag Baking Paper Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys, thanks for requesting this video I’m going to show you how to apply two different colors of nail polish on one nail and in my previous video I used red and black but this time I’m going to use two shades of purple So here’s what we need, baking paper! This is just a normal plain baking paper that we use to bake cookies only today we are going to use it for doing nailart Just steal some from your mom’s kitchen or buy some in the supermarket, just take the cheapest one because that will work fine and you only need a little bit so if you have some time left you can still bake some cookies So I’m going to use OPI Steady As She Rose as the basecolor and I’m going to use OPI Funkey Donkey as the second color I have my topcoat, I have my stuff for doing cleanup, so my nail polish remover and cleanup brush and I’m going to use scissors Apply the basecolor on your nail and apply the second color on the baking paper If you use a cream polish you need to apply two or three coats, I prefer three If you use glitter, holographic or sheer polishes you need even more or add a topcoat otherwise it’s harder to take the nail polish off the baking paper later on When you’re done applying the polish on the baking paper wait 3 – 4 hours before continuing It’s really important that the polish on the baking paper is completely dry I’m not gonna let you wait for three hours hearing me talk so I already have some paper ready with dry polish Now we’re going to make it match the nail I’m going to take my scissors and cut it in the size of my nail I have these fun scissors from a hobby-shop to create different shapes but you can also use a normal scissor and create your own So my design is ready and now I’m going to remove the polish from the baking paper You can use your hands or you can use a
tweezer Just do whatever you prefer but be careful, don’t break the design Now apply the design on your nail Use your other finger to hold the design, turn around, and press the polish down, and break the excess polish off Now apply the first layer of topcoat When the topcoat is dry the design is stuck to the nail Now start doing cleanup So that’s it and if you’re gonna try this technique me please let me know just show me pictures because I’m really
curious to see and if you have any other questions Just feel free to ask. Thank you so much for watching! Bye bye!

100 thoughts on “Zig-Zag Baking Paper Nail Art Tutorial”

  1. that was revolutionising…. i will never have to use strapping tape. i love your videos and i love your tips… and your nails are so beautiful. 🙂 Subscribed. <3

  2. Do you let each layer of nailpolish dry before adding a new one on the baking paper? Thank you! 🙂 enjoyed the tutorial 🙂

  3. Ive been using clingfilm or saran wrap i think other call it, but this seems to work better….im gonna give this one a go right now lol

  4. Awesome! I see celebs with such amazing nails and now with all your videos I can have them too without paying $40-60! Thank-you so much for all your videos!

  5. I loved this technique.  However, i would have had a difficult time cutting it out.  So, i painted the baking paper, then pulled off the polish, then used a shape punch (star) to make little pink polish stars.  I'd love to show you – but i'm not sure how to add pictures.

  6. Love this look. I'm actually trying to do it now. I'm having trouble getting it to stick to the nail. Does anyone have any tips?

  7. ik merkte dat je Nederlands was, je bent heel goed in dit soort dingen vooral zo blijfen doorgaan !

  8. I thought I knew a lot about nail polish….everything is different now lol this was absolutely amazing 👍

  9. do you have to wait 3-4 hours before you apply it or can u leave it on for a short time ? can you also leave it on the baking paper for a longer time ?

  10. damn you so sexy that i have to do it. consider yourself the chosen one . lol. but seriously, you are beautiful.

  11. Dat is echt wel een super goed gevonden trucje!
    Ik ga het zeker proberen! Maar eerst stoppen met nagelbijten :/

  12. I attempted to try this technique, I pit 2 coats of polish & it would not peel off. Then I added another coat still it would not. Does it make a difference in polish. Or does to cooking paper have to be brown…man I was really looking forward toit.

  13. Dear artist,
    Here is the link of what I've done. http://tinypic.com/r/2nkbw8/8  (it is yellow with dark purple, my camera didn't capture it very well :/)
    As you can see in the upper image, it turned out a little messy, but I hope I will do it better next time! I didn't have time for the right hand, so I just did the straw trick. ^_^
    Also, I am having problem with my top coat, it ruins my design a little, even if I don't push it too hard.
    Anyway, thanks for the idea!
    All the best <3

  14. I have made my own nail templates for these sorts of things so that I know it will fit my nail perfectly 🙂

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