XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro in Action!|Pro Animator Digital Sketch!

XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro in Action!|Pro Animator Digital Sketch!

In terms of drawing feel it’s totally useable oh that’s a sword Looks like how samurai hold a sword? This pose is quite difficult but if you get the hang of it… Thanks for coming
– anytime! This time we’re looking at the XP Pen 15.6 Pro Do please try it!
– ok What kind of drawing can be done on this? Well it’s all been set up already so all I have to do is draw right?
– Yes This is cute isn’t it? Can use it to zoom etc There are 8 shortcut buttons press this and…
– that’s for moving around Then press this and…rotate? It doesn’t have a touch screen but using these shortcut buttons you can move/rotate etc ok then, please draw!
– ok Good point on this tablet is the large screen, 15.6 inches easy to see and plenty of shortcut buttons Has a dial too Just started drawing but seems like it doesn’t get too hot either
– that’s good Also, this is common for “pro” tablets, they say they have 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity And looks like this time it properly came with a stand Seems quite stable
– yes It only has one angle but probably it’s the most commonly used angle Another good thing about this tablet is that the pen doesn’t need to be recharged Sometimes these pens refuse to recharge after a long time but this pen doesn’t need to be charged so maybe it can last longer? Currently it doesn’t seem to have any cursor parallax either That’s good!
– feels easy to draw with There may be some technical reason why many of these tablets have such thick pens but It’d be even easier to draw with if they could make these pens thinner
-indeed ok so it’s a regularly standing character
– yes I’ve only tried this tablet briefly but Seems that the ink comes out really easily
– yes No need to push especially hard Ah, that’s out of habit
– haha yes Oh, what animal could it be? is it an animal costume?
– I wonder… 4K resolution tablets have been releasing recently in terms of visibility, this is only full HD but you can draw plenty of detail without needing to zoom in Could it be, this is the XP pen character? no it isn’t…wait isn’t their character a fox? Not sure, what is this?
– oh, a fenneck? a small animal living in the desert See them often at the zoo in zoos?
– yes they’re really small like miniature dogs so it really was an animal costume in the end?
– yes Like the hero character of some minor zoo somewhere With pen stabilization?
– yes With it switched on the cursor really lags If we switch it off… Well, it does lag a bit
– just a bit Well for these things humans have no choice but to adjust to it In terms of drawing feel it’s totally useable That’s how it feels oh that’s a sword? looks like how a samurai holds a sword? This pose is difficult but, if you get used to it… Was this an actual grip used in real life? Yes well, when you hold it with both hands you show less of the handle The greater the distance between the hands, the easier it is to useit it’s hard to use with the hands so close together it’s rough but it’s like this thanks! Holding a sword and…this is cute Good to have a big screen
-yes if you open it like this, the paper is close to A4 size I’m using a 13inch tablet at home I want at 16inch tablet too Thank you!
– you’re welcome This was the XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro The details are in the description box so do check out the links This is good for zooming, well actually you can set it to anything you want it has the dial and 8 shortcut buttons it seems like an easy pen display to carry around comes with a stand might be lighter than the one I usually use Only 1 cable. plug that into HDMI and USB and you can use it Seems to be a character like this btw!
– it’s cute isn’t it? Plenty of other videos, please check them out Do subscribe please! Thanks again, Hinoe!
– you’re welcome Bye bye!
– Bye!

24 thoughts on “XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro in Action!|Pro Animator Digital Sketch!”

  1. This is the specific brand and model I've been hoping to get for myself for my first graphic tablet. I've only ever drawn traditionally. Would you guys say that this can make for a good starter tablet? What should I keep in mind when I actually do get this for myself and start drawing with it? 🙂

  2. Nahhh I just bought XP-PEN 15.6 PRO several day ago.. The amount of pressure that you need to put the pen on the screen so the screen can detect the pen is unbelievable hard. Even on the box they said it 8k pressure sensitivity.. But I strongly believe the problem is the screen not the software.

  3. can you continue making animation related tips from him ?? maybe bring different animators OR bring him and let him break down animators like Yutaka nakmura or bahi JD for example… that would be fun to watch !

  4. The thickness of the pen is purely for style and its horrible. Previous Xp-pen models came with a thinner pen but after the new Wacom Pro-pen they changed it to look similar. The Wacom pen itself is thin but the rubber finish adds the unnecessary thickness.

  5. It's a great tablet. I have the Artist 12 Pro. Had it for a few months now. The only software that I've tried that there's no lag are sketchbook, Clip Studio and Open Canvas works good as well. It lags in krita but it's mainly because of my laptop. Works better with a good desktop computer.

  6. I'm using this drawing tablet for about a year now and still very happy with it. It's not too expensive and doing a very decent job! Totally recommend it, especially if you want a bigger screen but don't want to spend too much money.

  7. 【日本語】だけど → ですけど
    だけど は、友達同士の言葉。

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