Wood Burning for Beginners | A.C. Moore

Wood Burning for Beginners | A.C. Moore

welcome back I'm Chris Wallace from walnut Hollow and today we're going to actually do some wood burning using the creative versa tool this is the project that we're going to be working on and we're going to be using a variety of points from the creative versatile but to start with we need to get the design down onto the piece of wood so this time I chose a design that's I print it off and I have a copy of it that I am taping down on to my basswood piece this is one of the bass wood rounds that have the natural bark edge and I'm using graphite transfer paper to transfer my design to transfer you need to have the graphite paper there's a shiny side that goes down the dull side is up and I'm also using a stylus to transfer you can use a ballpoint pen also it's whatever is you have lay the shiny side down on between the pattern and the wood and then trace the design all around using the stylus or about point pen when you're finished your design will look like this it doesn't have to be perfect you're going to come back and go over all of the lines so they are nice and straight using the creative versatile so I'm going to remove the pattern keep it close by so I can want look at it in case I need to and this time I have the flow point on the creative versa tool it the temperature control is turned to the red zone and it's heated and ready to go I usually keep a piece of scrap wood near me so that I can check the point and how it's were if it's turned on if it dark enough hot enough that kind of thing you can also use the back of your wood piece if you wish but you need a piece some kind of scrap just to kind of do a few little doodles on there so that you can are comfortable using the tool most of the time I like to keep my the hand that I'm not holding the tool with as a brace for my hand and then I will start always by keeping the cord of the tool behind my hand for safety reasons I will just start burning on the design you let the heat of the tool do the work for you and always move the wood so that it's nice and comfortable you see that when I drew my line it's a little jagged but when I burn it smooth it out so I'm going to go all the way around using the flow point and fill-in the bird when I get to the stem I'm going to burn on both sides of the stem and then I'll come back and fill in with the point just like I'm coloring it and I want it to be a little irregular since not all stems are nice and smooth so it's as easy as that just let them to old do their work for you don't press hard that he will burn the wood and if it's a little light you can go back and do it again so that's how we're going to start on this project I finished doing all of the outlining on the bird and and use the flow point to finish the stem I remove the point with my pliers and I've attached now the calligraphy point it's just like a pen nib a calligraphy pen nib and I again I'm gonna test it out on my wood you see it makes a broader line it also makes a thin line if you pull the point towards you so it makes a couple of different type marks and I'm going to go back I'm looking at my pattern that I have here and I see on the wing I have thin and wider point marks also the same on the the tail so to make those lines I have to turn the wood and I'll make the thin lines and then as I pull down it makes a wider point then wide and why so you want to practice this before you actually go to your final piece you can practice on your scrap wood or practice on the back on my scrap wood I can pull down and over and down and over and down so I'm trying to make kind of a rickrack design I'll do the same thing on the tail making my thick marks and thin marks and that's using the calligraphy point to add a little bit more interest to the bird itself now I'll remove the calligraphy point with my pliers because the tool is still hot and drop my point into a small ceramic dish because you don't want to ruin your work surface so then I just pick up the shading point and that's going to be the next point we use attach it to the creative versa tool and usually it takes a minute or so for the point to heat up so you want to put it back on to your tool stand until the point gets hot and you're ready to move on to do your next death as you look at your pattern you'll see that there are three leaf shapes on the pattern so I have the shading point now on my tool and if you press the entire point down on to your surface you'll see that it makes a leaf shape be careful what I did right here was to make a mark from the shaft of the tool be careful not to do that and now I turn the wood around so that I can make my leave shape and I'll come over to the next stem and the last one and to make the lines or this the stems that come up from the leaf itself I turned the tool to the side so that the shading point is now going to make an arc line back to the branch if for some reason you didn't get the entire leaf you can take the tip of the tool and softly fix it just be careful you're not burning anything else and that's how you make the leaf with the shading point so the last step will be using hot stamps to personalize the design so to finish up this project we're going to personalize it with a family name and we use the hot stamps from walnut hollow to do that this is what the package looks like and inside the package all of the letters are available for you to press out and to attach to your creative versatile I already have the letter on my tool and it's heating up right now but I wanted to show you how I figure out I'm going to put the smiths on the the lines that I've drawn with my ruler I found the center of my wood piece and then I write the name and then I find the center so for the it's going to be the age and for the Smith's since there are six letters in the name I know that half of them are going to be to the right of the center half of them to the left so I'm going to start with the letter H right in the center on the top line and I've attached using the Playa pair of pliers and again using my practice board I'm going to burn the letter now if I need to go back and make it a little sharper on the letter itself I can just reposition it and it will burn the entire letter when you put the letters down make sure you kind of rock the tool so that you're getting all of the areas on the hot stamp itself so again using my left hand as a brace I'm going to come right in the center on the line and I'm going to put the bottom of the H there rock it a little bit and I have my H in the center now I'm going to go to the tee and so I've attached it to another tool that I have here and I'm going to test it and then I'm going to go to the left of the Aged and put the tea down right on the line and burn that letter the next letter I have I'm going to drop down with the T onto the smiths and as you see it's going to be to the right of the center and I burn that letter and then I'm going to go back to my creative versa tool that has the H on it and I'm going to go to the right of the T spelling out Smith's and I have my age so I'll continue going back and forth adding the e and then working from the center out to add the I and the M and then I'll add the two S's at the same time so that's how you make this particular project using the creative versa tool and a variety of points that come in the tool itself thanks for watching see you next time

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