Women in the Workplace | Scratching the Surface

Women in the Workplace | Scratching the Surface

Despite rumours, women have been around pretty much as long as men. But enter the workplace, and the landscape looks a lot different. Whether it’s pay parity, or a better pay structure for maternity leave, women all over the world are fighting for economic equality. And while things are looking a lot better, India still has a long way to go. Like really long. Like the battery life of a Nokia 3310 kinda long. Women face tonnes of challenges in the workplace – wage gap, sexual harassment, gender bias… ..but let’s put all of that on hold, and address one for now – the Economic Participation Gap Here are the numbers: Sixteen. That’s the percentage of eligible women in urban areas who are a part of the workforce. Fourty-two. That’s the percentage of graduates that are women. But when it comes to women’s employment, this number is slashed by nearly half. And by the time you reach the boardroom, women take up only 2.74% of the seats. If corporate life in India was a horror movie – and it kinda is – women would be killed off in the first 10 minutes. Twenty million. That’s how many women quit their jobs between 2004-2012. And most of them never return. Seven hundred billion. That’s how many dollars we could add to India’s GDP by 2025 if we achieve complete gender parity. Or if we robbed a Swiss Bank EVERY day. Probably. 139 That’s where India ranks when it comes to economic participation of women. Out of 145 countries. We beat six countries, you guys! (Crowd cheers) From all of this, it is perfectly reasonable to believe that there are many obstacles faced by women who want to pursue careers. There are enough women who are educated, able and willing to work and yet do not. And if we don’t look into the root cause of this (clears throat) then we are doing a great disservice to our economy. Don’t forget, it’s seven hundred billion dollars on the line! Do you think there are enough women in your workplace? Let us know in the comments below! Special thanks to JobsForHer for helping us with this data. And as always, Like Share and Subscibe to Vitamin Stree!

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  1. So informative. I really hope India pushes through and one day we can achieve equal wages for both men and women.

  2. Can someone please explain how can we add $700 billion to India's GDP through Gender parity? I always keep hearing these numbers that we can add blah blah blah million to the economy by gender parity ……. I keep hearing all these numbers but I have not found a credible source for this info…..and how they get these numbers.

    BTW I'm a supporter of Gender parity ….but one who just can't seem to justify these numbers.

  3. The problem is not getting women into the workplace, it is how we handle the effects of women in the workplace.

    There is not enough consumption, for men and women to be all fully employed, not even close. If they were fully employed, we would have services and goods unused, so that means that we must endure a significant amount of unemployment. So, as a society we have to try and determine the effects of having women unemployed and men unemployed.

    Clearly an unemployed man is a far bigger problem to society than an unemployed woman.

    An unemployed man is typically unable to attract a partner, low status, desperate, often criminal, often a sociopath, and often violent. He adds nothing to the economy and has to be entirely supported by the state. These men are very unhappy and often suicidal. A large proportion of these men are violent towards women, because they are sexually frustrated in their biological goal to reproduce. Every unemployed man also represents a hard working woman without a partner, as (quite rightly) no woman will go near them, and so there will not be enough men to go round.

    An unemployed woman, is more attractive to a potential partner, if anything she is higher status, a trophy wife. She still adds something to the economy by taking care of her partner and allowing him to work longer and harder, and is very often supported by her husband and not the state. She is typically very non-violent and often these women (and their partners) report the greatest happiness and satisfaction in their lives. They also provide the best environment for children to grow up in.

    So if we can move away from the concept of fairness and equality as a goal, and look to a more practical measurement of success, it seems to me, if you want rape, crime, violence towards women, government debt and decreased social services, a decrease in marriage, a shortage of marriageable men, more delinquent children, and general unhappiness, you increase the amount of women in the workforce.

    Not unsurprisingly, this is exactly what we see since the onset of feminism in The West.

    Now I'm not saying that women having careers isn't fair, or even that women can't have them. But don't complain about violence towards women, rape, economic collapse, a shortage of good husbands and so on, when that is an entirely predictable consequence of an ideology you are pursuing.

    In The West we have seen a headlong rush to put women into the workforce without any thought to the consequences. I would really recommend that other cultures take a far more practical and honest approach to deciding what world they want their children born into. Doing it in India, when you already have a history of the economic and social disaster caused by putting women in the workplace in The West is nothing less than insanity.

  4. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! love how illustrative and creative your visual content is! AHH KEEP UP W THE GOOD WORK YOU GUYS!!

  5. We don’t have enough women at workplace. Huge gender discrimination happens there. Hope at least next generation doesn’t face this

  6. My only request is that keep up this good work and later on when you get famous don't fall into the pit of "what is entertaining" and make videos according to it. We support you.

  7. I just love channels that are out there inspiring other. something I have been trying to do that in my channel(I m very new!).
    Good luck!! I believe you are already making a difference!

  8. I have a suggestion: Your way is eye pleasing but the verbal part needs to be faster and timed and humour needs to level up a bit.CAUTION:THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN IN A NEGATIVE WAY.

  9. I want to add something to this- workplace disagreement s are of three types.
    1) Man vs man- judged on personality of men, relative merits of argument on both sides, relative depth of disagreement, seniority and a whole host of other parameters.
    2) man vs woman- basically occur because the woman is – trying too hard/ is a social climber/ has no achievements/ needs undue favours/ wants favours for being a woman / basically any reason which does not happen to be a genuine one ; winner of these- are you gender blind?? Oh or you may be trying on the woman, are you??
    3) woman vs woman – seriously, you want to get into these? Stay away, or resolve your own women colleague problems by using this. Winner- none of course, again , are you gender blind?

  10. I'm a working woman.. the point of gender parity, GDP growth, everything sounds good. But, the real problem is more than GDP growth, taking care of children is important… trust me.. finding a trustworthy person to take care of children is extremely difficult.

    Now a days even grand parents don't want to take this responsibility,, they want to enjoy their life (nothing wrong in it)

    But in such case, who will take care of children, ? Not everyone is rich enough to hire a baby sitter. So women are forced to quit the job… n once u r out, coming back is difficult, unless u r an amazing talented employee. Tats the reason most women never get back to work.

    Only a woman who has proper family support to take care of children, n help her in other household work, those women can make it to top…

    But nuclear family structure does not provide it.

  11. I'm a doctor working for a prestigious oil company and in my hospital.. we have 1 permanent female doctor as opposed to 4 male ones. The ratio is the same for residents like me 4:1. The only job that has more females as compared to males are the nurses with say 10:2. Well that's because of the mindset that men aren't supposed to be nurses. Duh! There you go! I've said it and now I'm drifting away…. toodles.

  12. So true! Many companies and fields don't even hire women at the first place and even if they get hired they tend to get paid lesser than the male employees even if a woman is more qualified. They make excuses like: women are not capable of that post or if something happens to women employees they can't take any responsibility etc…. And of course gender biased society is also responsible for that.

  13. One way to increase participation ratio for women is by increasing % of female employees in every sector… Like it shud be a rule like they do in railways and stuff…. Where it's about a particular cast n for women it should be more… I agree that women qualifications are increased but we really need to think if women don't want to work or they are never given the opportunity?

  14. Men and women both need to literally learn to respect and value each other and even more when they are tying knots and welcoming future that includes babies as mentioned in video and most comments that women are tied to nursing duties and hence they quit jobs. Well , Quitting should be by choice not compromise and in most parts of our country it is also the elderly who look down upon working moms (grandmother and grandfather, hence more people to blame).
    Secondly with changing work dynamics, men have started to take care of things at home specially with work from home options which is available for women too , so yes ..things are becoming fairly equal .
    Thirdly women should not feel threatened when they are going out for work , it should be a good experience , not a struggle to prove everyday that they are better than men and get demeaned by their bosses which sadly majority of working class women have to face and so many times men feel it's okay to objectify them or pass cheap comments like she can't hear it or she has a heart of stone to not feel it.
    There is clear lacking of mutual respect and understanding. Feminism , patriarchy, feminazi, gender equality can be debated and propagated endlessly but honestly everyone holds a unique opinion of it… and it's talk more than actions…
    _ Why does nobody talk about Humanity??? Human etiquette??? Being a good Human???Having decent principles and value system?? A code of conduct ?? I think that will provide a common ground where all genders , irrational castism , ethnicity can meet up??!!!???!

  15. Yes.. but till 2018 most of the married women leave jobs and career for their family… can the employers do something, can government do something about the WFH jobs… at least make some laws on pricing of services because the WFH jobs do not get acknowledgement for its low pay structure

  16. There are many reasons for quitting the job and for young woman it's mostly sexual harassment.. if a girl want to loose her dignity then she will be promoted otherwise she will be facing mental, emotional and work politics harassment leading her to either quit the job or fight against them. But mostly companies show that they care for their female employees but they in actual sense they just do show off because the person or the management are more important who are sexually harassing it's female employee as they can add profits to the company which the victim can't.
    This is the reason why most young women quit their job. But I am proud that I fought against them and made some to leave their job and then I left the job with dignity and pride.

  17. Had to quit my job to relocate in order to marry my love (no regrets on that one). But the moment I started looking out, most of the interviews ended up wanting to know what are my family planning thoughts and so on… they were skeptical to hire me coz I was nearly 28 and well "late enough" for having a baby. Had to compromise not only on paycheck but also in profile just go get back to work. Horrible treatment if you've taken a break or quit due to unavoidable reasons.

  18. Women study.. They find job.. They work.. And then they quit…now dats the real problem.. Why they quit.. Wat r d reasons… Marriage? Pregnancy? Work life Balance? Every working women will face this situation once in their lifetime.. They have to decide their priority and move on… Just do 5 Why analysis.. U will get the answer… 😊 the root cause..

  19. Easily one of the most interesting and informative YouTube channels in India right now, keep up the good work Team Vitamin Stree. I eagerly wait for all your videos. πŸ™‚

  20. Women resign to cater their kids and family, which men should be a part of too tbh. Totally agree w that.

    But the wage gap myth has already been debunked tonnes of times. Women get paid less because they choose careers that pay less (More men are doctors, engineers, architects, construction workers etc.)

    It's natural female tendency to choose less dangerous careers, both emotionally and physically less dangerous (Teaching, psychology, marketing?) These fields pay less long-term.

    Can't blame patriarchy for personal choices, that's all I'm saying.

  21. In my company there is 50-50 ratio of men and women!! Moreover we have most of the highest positions in our company filled by women, I really feel proud to work here. But I'm not denying the fact that has been shown on this video.

  22. I am girl who leaves her house at the age of 20 and start working as a cabin crew in Singapore airlines that means I have to leave my country and I start living in Singapore.So in my birthday I came back to house and as I got my first job salary my mom decided to do a Pooja so we invited some of my neighbor anuties after the Pooja ended me and cousin sister started giving Prasad and some of the. Anuties start talking about my job they are saying that "ladki ko dusra desh ma bheja h pta nhi Kya Kya hota h.kahi kuch aisa waisa nhi ho ja ya" than I don't what to do I just gone to the bedroom and start crying for a some time as I have there for a week and I heard very bad things about me and my job from those anuties. It was a hard time for to stay there.*SORRY IF I HAVE WRITTEN ANY THING WRONG AND FOR THE LONG STORY. I JUST WANT TO SHARE MY FEELINGS*

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