Winter – Fred Miller | |  Poetry | |  Winter Season  | |  Yule Winter Solstice

Winter – Fred Miller | | Poetry | | Winter Season | | Yule Winter Solstice

like a blushing maiden nature hides her
face but by what she loses gains an added grace while the snow flakes thickly
flutter through the gloom let the dancing fire flames cheer our cozy room and though it be winter we’ll not think
of sorrow for from friendships hearthstone Summer warmth we’ll borrow

25 thoughts on “Winter – Fred Miller | | Poetry | | Winter Season | | Yule Winter Solstice”

  1. You definitely put me into a Yuletide mood with this warming video, Bunny. Your lovely voice and outfit combined with the relaxed setting is perfect for this sweet poem.

    Superbe vidéo comme un conte de fée, excellente votre réalisation, bravo ! belle chanson !
    Je vous souhaite un merveilleux weekend et toutes mes amitiés

  3. My so "Smiley Bunny", I just love "it", :D))) ! My Bunny smiling is what I need the most 'round the clock, thank you Bunny ! I'm yours forever from the beginning – you don't have e.g. to smile any longer for me, but please never ever stop – as you know best I just can't resist, LOL ! You are and will be my sweetest little "silly" for all times – with the cutest smile I've ever seen, whenever I only think of/see "it" my "Bunny Sun" rises – though it's not Nippon, LOL ! As I told you once – you and your smile are even way more beautiful than Mona Lisa and hers, but good old Leo didn't know you, LOL ! Once more such a nice poem – read so lively by you, all just as lovely as only you can do ! Well chosen, did you already read what I replied you yesterday, LOL !? Of course I love also you/your charming costume/your makeup/etc., hope you forgive me if I should have forgotten something – therefor the etc./…, LOL ! Just my Bunny at yours best, you always warm my bunny heart again – my "Bunny of my heart" ! Many thanks – also for another that bunny painting (my "Santa Bunny" with Sven/Rudolph – I missed the beard/the red nose LOL !?), that's so nice – today you again surprised me twice, LOL ! Have a very merry time, please heavenly soon again, as always just all my (…) and peace for you, your most loving silly friend till the end of time !

  4. Lk#27
    Wow.. Wonderful vudeo
    Hello dear my new friend
    How are u doing?
    Thank u for shareing great video
    Soso beautiful
    Very enjoyed
    Successfull for u
    Greeatings from Korea
    Stay healthy
    Good luck to your channel
    See u soon

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