William Kentridge: Pain & Sympathy | Art21 “Extended Play”

William Kentridge: Pain & Sympathy | Art21 “Extended Play”

[Intro Music] Pain & Sympathy [Choral music and sound of oxygen mask] [Choral Music] History of the Main Complaint [choral music] In the activity of making work there’s a sense that if you spend a day or two days drawing an object or an image there is a sympathy toward that object, embodied in the human labor of making the drawing [choral music] and for me there is something in the dedication to the image whether it’s Jericho painting guillotined heads it’s a shocking image but there is something about the hours of physically studying those heads and painting them that becomes a compassionate act for me even though on the one hand you can say that is very cold bloodedly and ghoulishly looking at disaster or using other peoples’ pain as raw material for the work. [choral music] [sound of baseball bat hitting] [choral music] [Choral music and sounds of punches] [cardiac monitor beep] [choral music, cardiac monitor beep and sound of punches] I mean naturally every artist does this use other peoples pain as well as their own as raw material so there is a kind of, if not a vampirishness certainly an appropriation of other people’s distress in the activity of being a writer or an artist. But there is also something in the activity of both contemplating, depicting, and spending the time with it which I hope, as an artist, redeems the activity from one of simply exploitation and abuse. [choral music] [sound of a car crashing] [sound of telephone ringing] [cardiac monitor beep] [exit music]

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  1. It is a gift to spend a moment in someone else's eyes. Beyond the confusion fo self. And the truth that our illusions of who others are slip away. The work here is what I find most compelling about art; the ability to transcend personal boundaries and make real a connection to each other less our differences. This often comes as a shock even though the reality is often too common.

  2. can't find this movie anywhere. I saw it today here in Chicago. I'm depressed by the fact that I can't view it at home (the whole thing without commentary). By the way… I think he took his pacing cues from Jan Švankmajer as far as the stop animation goes. Not a slam at all… just an observation.

  3. Fascinatng..the methodology to his work, how within the act of drawing he becomes to understand the subjects pain is really a new thought for me. Changes the way I see this particular work. Beautiful, expressive compositions. Moving…always moving forward work. I would like to share tea with this artist.

  4. Magnificent ☼ •.¸.•*¨*•. ☾¸.•*¨*•..☆ •..♫¨*•☆•¨*•*•.❤️

  5. Las obras de este maestro son una bocanada de aire fresco en medio del tumulto de smog del arte posmoderno que se exparce como una metástasis.

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