Why People Fail in Network Marketing — 5 Reasons Explained

Why People Fail in Network Marketing — 5 Reasons Explained

why do some people succeed in network marketing and others fail after being in this industry for over 25 years I found there five common things that I'm going to share with you in this video and how to fix them coming up hey everybody Dearing Kidd thanks for stopping by my channel on this channel we give you weekly content to help you succeed now in building your network marketing business I've been in this industry for over 25 years multiple seven-figure earner I've actually recruited hundreds of people personally in this industry however it wasn't always like that matter of fact I struggled for several years said I'll never do it again so I've been through the emotional roller coaster I've been through the ups and downs I've experienced a lot and through that I found out there are five common things because some people succeed while other people do not succeed and what I want to do is I want to share with you those things right now to hopefully make a difference in you and your business the first thing is that they're not plugged into a system you know if we spent millions of dollars bond let's say a McDonald's franchise guess what we're going to use the system that they give us we're going to go to hamburger University we're going to be facing the counter the fry machine is going to be on the left side the shake machine is going to be on the right side we're not we're not going to reinvent the wheel or recreate anything if we want success like the 30,000 plus McDonald's we're going to do exactly what they say but coming into network marketing because the price of entry is so low compared to a traditional business what's easy to do is easy not to do so the system that the company gives us and every network marketing company has a system that's really the life support of your business if you unplug your business is going to die so maybe it's their back-office training maybe they have a weekly you know University where they give you a webinar where they teach you certain topics every single week maybe they have a corporate update call maybe they have monthly regional trainings whatever they have make sure you plug into the system and give it time to compound because so many people they plug in they say they know it's not a get quick overnight thing but yet they expect that in the back of their mind so you have to focus on the basics plug into that system and give the system time to work if you work the system the system works number two you have to be coachable now almost every person I ask I go hey listen are you coachable they say yes I'm coachable what they mean it's code for I'm coachable as long as you tell me what I like to hear but as soon as it makes me feel uncomfortable guess what they're not that coachable what I've learned from my experience in the industry if it rubs them the wrong way if it rubs me the wrong way if it makes me feel uncomfortable it was meant for me so I can't bring my background into network marketing for example I had a background in sales salespeople have the hardest time because we come in and we want to verbally vomit on every single person we want to sell sell sell sell when they're looking at us going you know what I can't do what you do I don't want to do what you do I don't have time to do what you do I don't want to do to my friends family and neighbors what you just did to me so it takes a while sometimes a salespeople have to be beat down and go okay I give up just tell me what to do so make sure you leave your background at the door this is a different business model but the great news everything that we do in this industry is very simple it should be very simple and very duplicatable because if you want to dawn with the classes you have to appeal to the masses and so be coachable okay listen to what your mentors your upline your company is teaching you to have success because your success is their success very key make sure you stay coachable number three they quit too soon maybe they come in they plug into the system maybe they're coachable and then they start going out there and they start just plugging away doing what they they're taught to do but then they go you know what I'm not having results fast enough and they quit I see it every single day once again if you invested a lot of money in a franchise quitting would not be an option it would never cross your mind but here what's easy to do is easy not to do how do you get in I'm in how do you get out I'm out very simple so they quit too soon so I encourage you stay strong enough long enough plug into the system be coachable focus on the activities because too many people focus on the results we can't control results however we can control the activities and if you do the activities long enough you're going to have the results that you want to have now are you going to tweak it along the way yeah because if you're not having a success that you want to have either we're not doing something enough or we're not doing something right but if you're doing all of these keys that I'm talking about you're to learn to do the right things so don't quit too soon stay strong continue to remember why you got in the business stay connected to why you got in the business what's the most important thing to you in your life right now and that will help you not quit number four another thing that I see people do every single day is they don't put in the work it's like the same don't get frustrated with the results that you didn't get from the work that you didn't do it's called network marketing not netplay marketing now I hope I win the lottery marketing not I put in five people I'm done I'm gonna go retire they don't put in the work if you owned your own traditional business you understand exactly what I'm talking about I mean you got to go out there and you have to sign leases and you have to get employees and you have insurance and you get incorporated and you have all monthly payroll there's so many things that you have to do well all the heavy lifting has been done for us in network marketing that's why Robert Kiyosaki one of the best-selling business authors of all times has an entire book called business of the 21st century that's why I Warren Buffett ok who's been owner apart owner of three different direct sales and network marketing companies since one of the best investments I've ever made because they do all of those things for us and we get to earn while we learn but most people come in and they're not willing to push until the multipliers kick in so remember it is a business at first you're going to work harder than you're getting paid but eventually when those multipliers kick in you're going to get paid for more than you're actually doing so make sure you put in the work stick and stay and you're going to get your pay and number five which could be the most important tip of all five tips it is keep a positive attitude it's not the how to's the how to's and network marketing are very simple to teach you can learn them in a very short period of time it's something that everyone can do no matter what your walk your background okay your experience where you live so it's not the how to's it's how you do the how to's you can be persistent and you can be consistent but you have a bad attitude you're going to not going to have nearly the results that you're going to have if you keep a positive attitude and you're doing those same simple things on a daily basis and it's easy to be excited it's easy to have a great attitude when things are going your way because I've been there right things are going our way we're excited but then all of a sudden things are not going the way that we want and we start to have a shift in our attitude and then it's not working anymore right or it's not working as fast as we want it to where we're not having the results we start to blame our upline our downline where we live the training system we blame it all right well we are the same company if you're in the same company and there are other people that have hit the top of that company the company's the same the compensation plan is the same the the systems are the same in that company the only difference is you the only difference is me so if we're the messenger not the message we just want to make sure that we become the best messenger we possibly can so keep a positive attitude keep pushing forward and I promise you the results will come question of the day what is the number one thing that you struggle with when building your network marketing business because we're looking to do new content video trainings like this one also when I do my live streaming's on a weekly basis I'm looking for new content to stream on those as well and so make sure to put them in the comments below can't wait to read them and get your feedback appreciate the support we'll see on the next video thanks for watching this video and for more videos and training content just like this one make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and also if you have not had a chance to download my free ebook go to succeed with dare run comm 4/3 keys we will put it in the description and also on the video and can't wait to see on the next video thanks for your support see you next time

41 thoughts on “Why People Fail in Network Marketing — 5 Reasons Explained”

  1. Every single "network marketing", "direct sales", "multi-level marketing", "PYRAMID SCHEME" has the exact same model. It's not about the overpriced, low-quality products; it's about how many people can you convince to waste their time and money so you can profit. You must have a downline to make any actual money. There's a reason why most of these companies have repeated lawsuits (that they often lose or settle) against them. You want to succeed in these nonsense businesses? Remove your soul.

  2. This can be the 5 most commen obstacles and reasons, most mentioned by Gurus in Network marketing. You are right.
    Ok, but one of the reasons: Leaving your background behind – is tru in some cases like salespeople, but in every case?
    Following one of the countless guru’s in Network marketing instead….? This is not the only option either. It’s just another sales argument for selling online seminars.

    When having highest level in advanced Psychology as my background for 30+ years, I see and hear amateur Trainers teaching ‘amateur Psychology and leadership’ on often awkward way. Especially when they don’t have even basic knowledge about this enormous, ever expanding field. Most of the Guru’s collecting lot of money for this amateur stuff. Everybody is listening to the other Network Marketing Guru’s, telling the same stuff and they most of the time forgetting them selv as a major source of people ar failing in this business.
    And why is this?
    Because when everybody teache
    s and uses the same strategy, it won’t work, because people are fundamental different from each other. Same size for everybody won’t work.

    Right now every Guru in NWM is using numbers: 5 important tips… 3 very important…. 7 main obstacles …10…whatever…genious tips….
    This was once part of a seminar about funnels and social Network – some years ago. Now the internet is full of this ‘3 important tips, 5 strategies and 7…’ and people reacting allready allergic about all the numbers on Internet. Does it tell me what to do in my special situation? Or does it only tell me what I should prevent? We can never prevent life, created by 7 billion different mindset’s and people. But we can learn to be flexible in every situation.

    When not knowing how our brain is actually works, how different every human being is, the Gurus listen to each others tips, and telling the same BS over and over, without background knowledge at all.
    Most of the tips had it’s source in old, outdated behavioral Psychology from the 1930s and 40s: ‘People are this way and this way and when you do this 5 things, people will react on that way.
    This is super outdated stuff. But when you apply it on 1000 people, 2% may get enrolled and this is often a huge success for some people. 2% who still fits into this old scheme. Be consistent is the answer and never give up, instead of ‘change the idea of one Template for everyone’, and meet everybody there they are right now. A much better strategy to succeed.

    Another flaw happen with the product. Most people getting enrolled and the upline is telling them to start right away: ‘call 3 of your friends or family members every single day and tell them about the product. Right…?!?!
    Without knowledge about the product??? About the Psychology inside each person? How can it be, people are selling products, who have some real advantages, compared to stuff you can buy in stores, and then people telling friends, familymembers or 1000 strangers, this product is curing and helping for everything. It is not! It may have great benefits in one area, but never for everything.

    To me, lack of knowledge is IMHO the major flaw in NWM. A fantastic oportunity, often fantastic products, missunderstood from most tratitional thinking people, but lack of knowledge in this branch can be a fatal flaw in the long run.

  3. NWM is a load of crap you need to try and find customers to join you before making any money and they are hard to find and even if you do find any customers the customers that have joined you they then need to find new customers before you make any money but before you can make any money at all the customers you've found need to sell products to customers before you get money down the line the idea is cleverly thought up but just does'nt work because the products you sell or are trying to sell can be found in most stores so its all a waste of time the only people making any money out of this scam is them selling you the start up kit with a few products and a demo tape and they charge you around £200.00 for that and you've been scammed ive been approched 4 times with this scam and smelled a rat the first time i heard of it

  4. People are so much negative about network marketing specially youth because they say that their brothers or their family members are not going to allow them to join it

  5. Hey Darin.. Just found your channel… And I must say.. That is some great value you are giving.. 🙂 Awesome..

  6. Thanks for those points to help us succeed in MLM but I still want to know the tips to selling products

  7. People fail because according to FTC searches and investigations, the marketing business plan is structured to make people fail so that those that are at the top can make money. Pure scams. You're a professional scam artist.

  8. Hey Darin thanx for the fantastic videos… I am from Iraq I have 2 questions I hope you answer me
    1. If someone wants a warranty for the company you work in what is my response to them.
    2. What do you say about Qnet .
    Thank you.

  9. Thank you so much for the tips, to answer the question of the day, my biggest challenge is maintaining a positive attitude. I don't know the exact way I can shift my thinking or my perspective to see things in a more positive light. I usually only ever see the downside to things. Is there anything I can do about that?

  10. The thing i struggle most right now, is self discipline. i know without it, no success is possible. it is the building block for all other important things. pls make some content for that. thank u.

  11. I could have quit so many times, but I believe in my business and our platform at World Financial Group! It took me a while to shed my presumptions and ego, but I finanlly have what I need to network with individuals… I can't wait for the fruits of my labour, it's coming! If you would like to know more about my company please email me @ [email protected]

  12. Question of the day is : I am not quitting, but the team members quit easily, how to keep the Team Intact

  13. What if there is no system by the company, can we/I create a System, if yes, How to create a system

  14. Hi Darrin I love your videos!! I hired a social managing team! I'm in all social media hannels including Google. Was this a good move to get like know and trust factor out there to attract my targeted audience? Thank you in advance. Have a great day💯✌️🙏

  15. I have noticed that top earners in the MLM business always help out other people even though they can retire I think that's awesome it because you got to give something back. Give people a slice of Hope and you got a feast of joy

  16. Thanks for the tips, if you have not already may please do a video on appointment setting with the cold market prospecting after receiving their phone numbers.

  17. really good content man! and- gotta say it cause i thought it…. but wow… i've never seen someone talk with their hands so much unless they were they person in the circle in the bottom corner of old tv programs doing sign language. haha. seriously good stuff.

  18. thank you Mr Darin for these kind of videos, so informative. i have stayed in a network marketing company for over a year now but so unfruitful. Mostly i talk to people but they reject, some even run away. i think my problems are: lack of communicating skills & Fear.
    Thank you for help.

  19. I am just starting in Network Marking and this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing Darrin!

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