Why doctors, lawyers, artists back the Hong Kong protests | FT

Why doctors, lawyers, artists back the Hong Kong protests | FT

My name is Angeline. I’m a solicitor
here in Hong Kong. And in our free time, myself
and a lot of colleagues, we go and assist
people who are arrested because of the protests. My name is Alfred. I’m a cardiologist
in a public hospital. Many of these injured
protesters are actually afraid of getting medical help
from the established system, so they have nowhere to go. So they came to us. My name is Rebecca. I’m a social worker. I sometimes go to the
front line and talk to people that are preparing
themselves to get arrested or be beaten by the police. It’s about 8:00 in the evening. There was a protest this… earlier today on
Hong Kong Island. So a bunch of people
were arrested. There were some clashes
around Causeway Bay, Admiralty and Central. And now, I’m outside
North Port Police Station because we know that a
few people were arrested. And we’re here to check who
is in here and who’s not. Myself, I think I am in
a privileged position, not in the sense of
being from a very well off family or
whatever but in the sense that I have fewer concerns
than some other people. I don’t have family
in the mainland China that I can get threatened with. I feel like it’s
a duty on my part. I’ve mostly sacrificed sleep. But you know, that’s
really nothing compared to what people on
the street are giving up. As doctors in the public
sector in Hong Kong, we have already quite a heavy
workload from our daily work. Many a time, you have to
stay up until 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning to
pick up these hotlines and arrange accordingly
for these patients. There was this girl
that we engaged online. We actually engaged
her on Telegram. And she was telling us that
she was very distressed and she had conflict
with her family. And she told us how sad she was. And her biggest issue is that
her father in the police. She’s out there every
night protesting and got beaten by police and
got tear gassed by police. And then back home, his dad
won’t understand anything. And his dad will just say, all
the protesters are rioters. So at the end, she
had to move out. And she lived in a
hotel and she actually lived in a hotel for two
weeks before we can reach her. And she was just broke by then. We’ve done marches
for ages and ages. We’ve done marches with
a turnout of 1m people. And that evening, Carrie Lam
just went ahead and said, oh, the second
reading of the bill will continue on Wednesday. If it weren’t for
people surrounding the legislative council
on the 11th of June and on the 12th of June, the
bill would have been passed. I mean, that’s something
that we have to admit. The Hong Kong government
just didn’t listen at all. It is a bit radical
for me to say this, Even though we may
disagree with their means, we have to admit that we are
now enjoying the results. Many of these professions
have found their own role in supporting the movement. I think this is very
important because this is not a single battle. This is a very long war
that we are going to fight. It takes probably more
than one generation, and it takes more than
just a few thousand or a few hundreds of protesters
fighting at the front line. It takes the wisdom
of the elders and the energy of the young
people to win this war.

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  1. If democracy and freedom are solutions, there will not be todays Brexit and Trump. They are not. Freedom is important but peace and development are more important.

  2. I want the biz and financial aspect of FT; not this nonsense, NGO ridden and artificially fuelled turmoil. Arab spring modus operandi is not going to work as the majority of their citizens are just not that gullible and/or haven't experienced middle eastern level dictatorship.
    FFS! Make a FT Politics channel for this shenanigans

  3. Who is taking away the freedom of HK? Please enlighten me!? I was born in HK and have lived here for over 40 years. HK was as free as it had always been, until of course the recent riots when it becomes unsafe for us to express our opinions; and, anyone who dare to say otherwise will be bullied or beaten up by these so call democracy seekers! How shameful and disgraceful of these people who use democracy as their motto!

    These people feel they are “Saints”, anyone who think or act differently are considered evil or wrong! Make no mistake that I am a proud Chinese and I condemn what you people are doing to HK because you are destroying our beloved home!!

  4. Only in times of crisis will one be able to see if the country is unit with one voice and one course. Congratulations HK

  5. the only thing backing up the protest and destabilization of other country is C.I.A by using U.S taxpayers money to build the dark satanical empire

  6. The economy is being intentionally wrecked here….it's very plain to see…and romantic words pasted over…by a financial paper!

  7. They are liars. Bands do crimes because some money from abroad


  8. HK police is joke. In every West countries police would already investigated and arrested all who take part in crimes like this



  9. The protesters of Hong Kong are no "cockroaches". The people who call them "cockroaches" are most probably the wumao who don't know what is humanity and are coward keyboard warriors. Whatever the protesters had done wrong, they are brave and selfless. They are not fighting for themselves, they are fighting for Hong Kong which they love. I hope Hong Kong protesters will win the battle and let Hong Kong be Hong Kong.

  10. Hello, can you all not see that these so called protesters are indeed degraded to be rioters or even terrorists. They beat up ordinary citizens and attack police with weapons. Be sensible. Can you imagine Hong Kong without these police. Bear in mind that these radicals are incited by USA and UK. They are turning the word "democracy" into something contrary to what is intended when they start to vandalize, attack and desecrate. HKSAR government has started dialogue and yet these riotous activities continue and the latest with clear evidence of increased intensity with policemen being thrown corrosive chemicals and beaten with pipes that they shed blood all over. What are these compared to Denise Ho being splashed with red paint that she alleged as activists faced with regularly. We can see many more videos of real situations faced by police on daily basis

  11. I bet most of these professional hold dual citizenship , it will be easy way out if situation worsen but not for most of the protesters . Most of them are in dire situation if they are caught.

  12. Add oil HK, the people of the world are so inspired by you and support you
    they can astroturf these comment sections but the world is with you

  13. Doctor, lawyer and social worker? More like losers who could not qualify to emigrate to one of the Anglo-Saxon countries because they look too Hongkie to be accepted by the pale devils of the west.

  14. All this will come back in 2047 to haunt Hong Kong youths of this generation….especially those who have been arrested (whether or not they are charged). Their identities will be in the police record. For the 18 year-old who was shot, he better seek asylum in other country. Now that the line has been crossed, there is no rush for authority to administer the final verdict. The only thing these youths have achieved and shown to the world is that "one country, two systems" does not work.

  15. throwing petrol bombs at police, beating up single outed policeman while wearing full gear of helmet gas mask
    not even the french yellow vest are that well equipped, in democratic france you are not allowed to wear a mask or hide your face while protesting (rioting)
    is you think it is so right to set fire on the streets, throwing petrol bombs at the police, vandalizing the subway station and beating up everyone that stand up to support the police, then quit your job and go to the frontline and do the same to the police. dont hide behind the internet and spreading fake news in ENGLISH to the western world

  16. More one sided reporting…. what about the lawyers, doctors and social workers who support the police…..? Why not interview them as well……

  17. These so-called "protesters" are actually mobs and thugs, they have no difference to KKK, they have violent tendency, hide behind masks when engaging in violent acts, have inexplicable hatred towards certain group of people in the society, in this case which is people from main land China, they often engage in lynching towards dissidents; the actions of these interviewees would only indirectly encourage these behavior and bring more instability to the society; however, in order to be political correct, i.e. anti-China, no one is willing to admit this simple fact and keep on with this lie. What a shame !

  18. Rampant capitalism has cause rising poverty in Hong Kong. China one-party system has uplifted 750 million Chinese from poverty.

  19. No mention at all of the vandalism, assaults, arson, attacks on police from these people. I would think that committing those kinds of acts constitutes rioting, not protesting. The extradition bill was suspended pretty quickly by Carrie Lam after the mostly peaceful protests, and eventually officially withdrawn. But the violence has continued to escalate. These rioters say they are fighting for freedom, yet they take that same freedom they claim they are fighting for from those who don't share their views by beating them.

    People don't seem to understand that the "1 country, 2 system" setup is only until 2047. Even if they get their universal suffrage they seek, it can be taken away at that time. Like it or not, HK is a part of China. Countries make future plans 20-30 years in advance. Doesn't it make sense that PRC would want to gradually integrate HK to the China system, instead of just flipping a switch on July 1, 2047? As retired judge Henry Litton said, maybe the focus should be to convince the PRC that the "1 country, 2 system" CAN work, and get Beijing to continue to give HK people what they currently enjoy beyond 2047.

  20. I am sympathetic towards the freedom seeking people, but the timing is just awful. An ordinary mainland Chinese would think that they are treasonous for they pick a time while the US is fighting China economically to stop it from getting ahead.

  21. uprising without gun and political solutions is death end! you can not ask USA government to separate the states of Texas to independent country! you like the way these people thinking but you are not encourage this people destroy public property, violence, beating people that has had deference opinion, not respected law and order, to compare you life to Chinese live in China, Vietnam,Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos you people have more and far away better life then them, today Hong Kong is death! it's no doubt in my mind 75% of these youngster was born after the handover from British to China, they are mentally physically healthy I totally don't believed they live under communist China or Vietnam, Cambodia regime, Hong Kong was the best place on earth! sorry Mom this coming new year I am not coming home!

  22. Hongkonger Nazisis rioters all say the same stupid things, but what they are really saying is that they hate Chinese peoples and they are not Chinese. Hongkongers are exceptionally yellow supremacists, with western support.

  23. because they are all hypocrites, they don't care about the rioters' terrorist acts and rules of law.
    they are blind to all the damaging, firing, threatening, harassing, beating(ganging up on police is a normal thing, not even to mention beating people who don't agree with them).
    anyone who voices against them, the next day all their personal info will be disclosed and will be harassed both in real life and on the internet.

  24. Hong Kong embraced the English system of law with its interminable delays, bail, motions, appeals of motions, discoveries, trial and appeals of trial, which was a system of jurisprudence that they were conditioned into believing was superior¹ despite the large expense incurred by the state and the fact that the process inevitably bankrupted the defendant leaving him ruined. Under mainland law the accused was brought before a committee where he was given an opportunity to present his case in plain language without the need for costly legal representation then led out the back door and shot. His troubles were over. Residents wish to retain cumbersome English law in HK?


    ¹ Boiled potatoes, boiled carrots. The best prepared food in all of the world and will contemplate no other.

  25. Long live people power, government is for the people by the people, world must support courageous people of Hong Kong, not only that they are fighting for their freedom, but they are also fighting for freedom of their brothers, and sisters in China 1.4 billion of them, and for rest of the world. This mob of brutal, ruthless, inhumane regimes in China and around the world must be ruled by people not the other way around. One million people can commit suicide, EVIL regime in China doesn't give a damn, they have killed thousands in Tiananmen Square and over one million Muslims are in concentration camp, people of the world must confront these brutal gangster regime.

  26. I have to say these people are kind hearted. But lawyers, doctors and social workers are professions have minimal ties with China. Most of them have little understanding of today's China. And, as said, some of them don't even have family in China. So, they are easily misled by a media very much hijacked by the local opposition and western power.

  27. Really, You have to show statistic.If it is true. They should study China history in deep. Not study only their career.

  28. For the western audience, you need to watch this. HK is under attack by the americans.

  29. I am from Hong Kong. This interview is one sided. Many lawyers, doctors and artists that I know do not support the riots and rioters. As legal practitioners, they should know that many protesters have been breaking Hong Kong Laws: unlawful assembly/riotings, criminal damage, arsons, inflicting police and others bodily harm, obstructing public transportation, contempt of court…….
    If these people are real for the good of Hong Kong, they should : 1. protect the rule of laws – not breaking them, not using violence to pressurise government to unconditionally release law breakers 2. protect freedom of speech – denouncing those rioters who use physical as well as internet violence/harassment on those holding different opionion. 3. protect Hong Kong economy and employment – stop the never ending unlawful assembly, obstructing public transportation and destroying public facilities and shops; rather than keep on breaking on what they said they want to protect.

  30. Stay strong, Hong Kong! 💪 But I believe the images of mass protest are much more effective than the images of violence.

  31. I'm very respect the Hong Kong People , the young students they are very courage to fight fo freedom & liberty

  32. The bricks in the shopping basket can maim, injure or kill a policeman, so its right for the police to shoot them.

  33. Good on u all HK Protesters Keep up with good work,
    Good on this Dr, lawyer n social worker who help the protesters.

  34. Need to live off their parents, and still want to disheartening them.
    I would surely cut off financial assistance to that girl as she is already more than 18 years old.
    She should find her own shelter, food and clothing.
    She has been paid HK$ 3000 a day to throw bricks at the police, that is a lucrative business…..

  35. They are helping HK City to turn into a fishing village🐟🐟🐟 instead of Senzchen from fishing village into a Mega City🤔🤔🤔

  36. HK City got a broken Democratic Systems😝😝 and why this kind of Society does not happens on the Mainland 😂 😂 😂

  37. Cause they are brain washed yellow retards unable to see out of their own arses, let alone these facts:
    "Hong Kong is the world's freest economy for the 25th consecutive year under the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom. The Index measures 12 quantitative and qualitative factors under four key aspects of the economic environment, namely Rule of Law, Government Size, Regulatory Efficiency and Market openness".  31 Jan 2019

    HK gdp per capita: 1997: 23k, 2018: 49k.
    Pre-1997: no rights to protest (till 1990, after the agreement with Chicom and after 1989, curiously). Governor by direct appointment from the UK. Top positions must be british. All Senior judges British.
    Post-1997: entirely locally governed. Has rights to protest and stand for all offices. All senior judges , still all British.

  38. And these things unfortunately habe a predictable and much trafficked path…leading to outright terrorism and murdering of the innocents fueled by a selfrighteous sense of injury and justified by holier than thou empty slogans, be it religious or political, often both.

  39. Don't forget these protestors have destroyed the extradition Bill. The murderer who killed his pregnant girlfriend and triggered this extradition bill will be freed. Thank you for defending his freedom.
    I pray that the death of the girl and her unborn child will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  40. Why?
    1. It’s my duty
    2. Protesters can’t get help in established system
    3. Carrie Lam ignored peaceful demonstration

    Weak as hell

  41. You guys think you are doing a great job? You are just supporting people who are ruining your beautiful city. How can you support violence as doctors, calling the misled youngsters as frontline warriors. Who are they battling but themselves.
    You can see the arsenal that they have amassed to attack the police. What do you expect the Police to do? I am sure it is quite predictable, by their intentions, that they will get hurt. Yet because you guys are they to support them, they become even more embolden to attack the police.

    So, don't blame your Police (best in the world), blame you people for encouraging these young people to fight. You are not heroes that you want to portray yourselves to be. No you are definitely not.

  42. Stupid pigs🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

  43. “A“ lawyer, “A” doctor, ”A” social worker. So you are saying these three idiots represent the millions? Intelligence is a good thing, you'd better have it.

  44. It is fine to protest. But do not cross the red line of violence and destruction. You do not deserve sympathy if you do and be prepared to live with the consequences of your decisions. Power to the police!

  45. I didn't mind they want to be free but the crazy part is they want the US/UK or the western to be part of them. They not even bringing their own HongKong flag they bring US flag, why being such a fuckward ?

  46. Do you support these kind of riots?

  47. This is the ultimate war, they the crowned knights of honour Hong Kong Demonstrators are united, and can demonstrably resist for generations to come. It takes more than a few years, sometimes it takes more than a generation, but if we are united and we begin this initial push back against demon evil mainland chinese students now, we can organise and win in less than a generation. We can see the downfall of the black dragon of ethnic cleansing, of stealing military secrets, and corporate information cyberattack theft. United we are free.

    Who is the black dragon, you ask yourself. Support and actively enhance Hong Kong demonstrators. To save yourselves from mainland chinese.

  48. The problem with you guys is you think you are more Superior than the Mainlanders. You look down upon them. You spit on them and laugh at them. Because you think you are British and they are Chinese.
    With this type of Mentality, that is why there is problem.
    But you will lose.
    And the best for you is to
    move to the 5 Eyes countries.

  49. It is crystal clear that hk is fighting communism on its own. Politicians of legco r walking a very thin balancing line to keep hk afloat while greedy corporations in hk continue to benefit the economic gains fr0m both socialist-mercantilist Beijing and the rest of the capitalist free world. In the old days, we had world powers to aid in preventing that communist domino from knocking down whatever noncommunist system one country has. In today’s world, the kids who feel hopeless march a leaderless protest to protect whatever liberty they have left. God bless HK🙏🏼

  50. Wtf. These are not roiters, they are terrorist. All these young professionals are all brainwashed and now they're brain dead.
    Let HK rot and destroyed themselves.

    Thanks to the rioters. HK going into recession. Shops, factories, companies will shut down and people are going to be jobless. Who to blame? When you lost your job and go bankrupt, these are the people you should see…the gang of four.. Emily, Anson, Jimmy, Martin.
    And also Joshua, Agnes, Denise Ho, Brian etc, they're the cause of your misery and fall of HK economy.
    All these because of the bad Vietnamese blood idiots Joshua, Agnes, Denise and others whose origin can be traced back to Vietnam. They're backed by the gang of four Emily, Martin, Jimmy, Anson for their initial agenda to remove the extradition law. They have destroyed HK peace and HK economy and people's family too are destroyed and soon their businesses, shops and soon alot of jobs will be lost.
    These terrorist must be arrested and jailed for the betterment of HK future.

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