Why did Artifact regain its Twitch popularity?

Why did Artifact regain its Twitch popularity?

remember artifact the dota 2 based card game that Valve released at the end of 2018 yeah me neither in an impressive feat the game lost its entire playerbase just two months after launch to give you an idea of how little attention the game was getting on Sunday May 19th there were multiple hour-long periods where there were zero viewers in the entire artifact section this trend had been going on for months until something just short of a miracle occurred no Greek didn't start streaming regularly artifact views started increasing like a phoenix rising from the ashes artifact seemed to be coming back to life what was causing this Renaissance how could reanimation of this dead husk be fathomable well like all great things online it starts and ends with memes NIM a professional Mimar turns children's card gamer MHS proudly presents Radio Campus turned magician turn TV host okay so NIMS news network had a skit where he would do a daily artifact check to gawk at the failure of the game daily artifact chest hip digi a 200 IQ chatter laid a trap that NIM couldn't resist your asshole daily quest getting him to click this link twice a few days later more and more meme streams are popping up you're seriously asking me to check artifact again what the fuck what is this NIMS 4head what the fuck is this is this life I don't think is live he just recorded my forehead and cropped it what is he doing stop streaming my forehead it is live oh it is live he's tracking it oh my god you guys are so bizarre so if I do this it gets like Elle underscore L underscore and on Friday May 24th artifact hit an incredible 300 concurrent viewers which artifact here we go boys here we go I have already seen this shit show but let's look at it together look at this shit what the fuck has happened to the artifact section this started as an innocent joke this is gotten completely out of hand there's one guy streaming himself making his finals there's another guy who's just watching him watching some geek guy watching him then there's this channel and then there's Saren he's just playing hearthstone in the artifact section I mean why not it's popping after all 277 viewers this guy's playing 24/7 exquisite classics it's gotcha classical music there's one poor Russian trying to actually play the game and then he's just sandwiched between that and this what we are witnessing is the birth of a beautiful brand-new meme in real time despite the financial and practical failures of artifact as a game the entertainment value of what's happening right now is going through the roof never before has such fun been had on a video game streaming platform since the justin.tv days it will be interesting to see what Twitter valve decided to do with artifact will they shut it down start banning people in a widespread fashion for memeing too hard who knows for now there's a Quantum of Solace and the fact that it's still the weekend and at least you're not this guy as I edit this video the artifact section has about 4,000 viewers and is mostly full of people streaming movies it's actually a surprisingly fun experience watching movies with twitch chat so go ahead take a gander at the artifact section but be careful what you might find

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  1. Aaaaaaand Twitch has just submitted a subpoena to google, discord, and others requesting info on 100 people participating in this with the intention of suing the shit out them. Hope the memes were worth it lol XD

  2. Called it 2 days early. Twitch just caught this because moistcr1tikal(penguinz0 on YT) just did a video on this same thing

  3. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Valve's ultimate plan to clutter twitch with all those hentai and movie streams, absolute madmen.

  4. Lmao artifact section is a fucking fuckfest
    Porn streams
    Movie streams
    Anime streams
    Tv show streams
    Mosque shooting stream
    Gunloading stream
    Total fuckfest

  5. People literally using how dead Artifact is to stream movies and popular shows. Twitch doesn't even care too, because the second most popular Artifact stream (as of right now) is Uncesnored Gachi (read: gay porn).

  6. subscribing $5 to content creators is money better spent than buying a game?? Is that what is going on? And how is it possible? Sheeples become very intelligent and deceptive?

  7. but my question is, how do people prefer "cuntent creators", who do nothing but spam adverts in the face of viewers non stop, shit on them, sell a $5 mug for $40, give 10% off on that, and people are ok with buying this and supporting them, but on the other hand, developers put blood and sweat into some games, and they get shit for that. I am not talking about artifact. There are plenty of other games on steam, developed by indie companies. Whereas, garbage games with a fraction of coding, like CoD or WoW, Battlefiled, people buy them each year for $60, or even $200.
    What is going on?
    How you "cuntent creators" can get to shit on people, and people all the more welcome it. How? How please. Explain. How, you can shit on youtube and twitch for years and years, literally shit there, and yet, people keep paying $5 monthly or more, and in return, they get to eat your shit?
    How is this possible?
    I rarely ever buy a game even. Played 2k hours on CSGO, but not spend more than a $ on CSGO items. Its not that I am poor. but, I think 10 times before I spend money online. I support valve, upto how much I belive they need. LIke I bought all other valve games in return, not artifact.
    But, my point is, How the fuck to people subscribe to twitch channels, a fucking $5, for absolute shit show everywhere, literally shitiing and annoying people, arrogant behaviour. And what do you get for $5? nothing. as I said, you get shit!! streamer shit. that's what you get. I guess many of you even eat it like icecream.
    so how is this possible? is it fake? or is it some smart deception of teeth by the sheeples??

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