41 thoughts on “Why Are They Saying The Serena Williams Caricature Racist?”

  1. It's so obvious white male judges , black female serena. Shes right even if she is wrong because leftist dont understand truth or reality.

  2. Williams' childish display, and her culture of victimhood aftermath, is just one of many reasons why people across the globe dislike Americans…especially Japanese tennis fans.

  3. Serena may have acted like a child on the court, but she did whisper encouraging words to her opponent, Naomi Osaka, when the audience started booing. I don't know if you've ever seen Naomi's interviews, but she comes off as real shy and socially awkward, so Serena deserves some credit for stepping up and helping her opponent through what must've been a harrowing moment.

  4. It appears Knight has rendered Williams's skin a bit lighter than she appears in the photograph. Is that the racism?

  5. Hey Australia, how you guys making out with your African/Muslim gang problems attacking all your white peaceful citizens and the police and politicians being too afraid to do anything 🤔😂🤣🤪☻🧕👳‍♂️

  6. Carlos Ramos?….trump was right, these Mexicans are thieves and murderers and rapists, serena Williams agrees with trump!!

  7. There may May be some racism in this cartoon but it's not William's… I'm pretty sure naomi osaka is not a little pasty white girl like he drew…

  8. Typical of Americans once again assuming that they are the centre of the universe and we must all bow down to them

  9. Humans of 2019, soft cocks, entitled and easily offended fuckin turds….ya dunno who's got a dick anymore lol!

  10. Context is not only important, but key. Does this cartoonist draw exaggerated features for all the famous figures he draws? Yes? Then how is it racist to treat selena the same way?

  11. If the leftards pile the BS any higher EVERYONE will suffocate. Talk about fascists! The left wants to rule so bad it will turn reality into a shit sandwich. If social platforms were not owned and operated by lefties and tried so hard to control, the public would be able to openly laugh them back to the fringes and therapists where they need to be.

  12. Serena Williams is ugly both inside and out and that's how he drew her. Don't get me wrong there are very pretty black women but she isn't one of them

  13. I knew it would have been perceived as racist quickly, it's just that predictable today. Still, the caricature of Serena Williams throwing a tantrum is amusing.

  14. African Americans have big lips. It's not a secret, or a stereotype. Usually they're proud of that. And Serena has some big ass lips

    (sorry to comment on an old video, I only found Tim Pool recently)

  15. only because some morons on the inet scream "rassism" doesnt mean its REALLY rassism. And she is a crybaby demanding everybody should bow down before her, just because shes a woman? gtfo
    this is the total opposite of real feminism, she wants to be treated differintly only based on her gender. maybe she should do better?

  16. I'm sure the Aussies find funny the connotation of "Little Black Sambo" as Africa?
    The story by legendary author Rudyard Kipling was about childhood in India during the Raj.

  17. It certainly was racist and he knew it. You don't need to be an American to know that drawing a black woman with giant lips, big nose, and huge breasts is a racist caricature that has been used for decades.

  18. I don’t think that this is racist at all. But being a American male of colour, I understand how and why it might make some anxious. Also I feel like Jewish people would understand as well, seeing how this type of cartoons were you use to help spread hate against them during and before the time of hitler.
    This could be bad and/or good or neither. Let’s try to understand and see other people’s views without trying to cause negative influence and or harm

    But then again this is Amurica.

    Also yourself if you think I’m on the left or the right. Good day sir

  19. Sequel has been in a bad mood since she lost to Danny Glover. I will admit that in white male humans world. The black female yautja undoubtedly faces prejudice every day.

  20. why is this even a topic, her coach admitted to coaching her ingame, she broke the rules she needed to bear the consequences

  21. Yes, there is a racist component in this, one which is deserved. In my observations I have seen young black women lose control and throw a temper tantrum far more often than their counterparts of other races. If it seems race is implied, YES , it is. I am not afraid to say it.

  22. Hahahaha this again lol cartoon guy here in Australia 🇦🇺 did this one lol

  23. I'm not a Trump supporter, but that man is constantly ridiculed, criticized, and mocked. He's an open joke to everyone. You can make any political cartoon or satire of him all you want. It's okay becuz he's white and male. But I guess it's not okay to do these things of someone if they are not male or not white… Double Standards are so ugly

  24. Wait… "One of the greatest tennis players of all time"?… I think that was supposed to be "one of the greatest Female players of all time". hehe. No, I'm not being sexist. Learn how to take a joke.

  25. That's what happens when you give a man women's hormones. He starts crying, having mood swings and becomes unhinged… He starts acting like a woman.

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