• Against The Board-Dom

    I dunno, man. Before I became an XO lightweight model artist, I played an Ingram lacquered model on my B4LS sized Monette mouthpieces (which aren't bright except for the B4LSS1 which is a dime with a hole in it) and I was able to get that thing to light up like a Christmas tree. I can also get very huge sounds out of the rest of my XO horns with similar pieces. I do agree that it's a lot better of an all-around horn than people were expecting, but anyone that paid attention to Roger's explanation of the horn knows he was going for just that and not just a lead horn. Great vid, man. Thanks!! Edit: B4LVS1 is the dime with a hole in it. I can still get pretty much a warm(er) sound on my LSS1

  • AudreyDurden

    I love the new Bach case. way better than those canvas zipper jobs that just made me order a new old stock with the case cover..also a beautiful case with the older style Bach font embroidered in the case

  • SRV1

    oh Jason, you called the Skye horn a bach strad while you were holding and said it was the best playing strad you get your hands on. 1 27 on counter. youre working to hard my man! Happy New Year and hope all is well, Bless you and yours and many thanks for 3 great H bombs 😉 i sold the all brass summit so now only 3 ;( lol take care RIck

  • 57dogsbody

    Hey Jason, R. E. The modified Bach that you made: how come it sounds like it is pitched in Bb when there looks to be a much shorter length of tubing to it, esp. the "tuning slide" part? It looks like it should play in D or Eb! Does it have the same length of tubing as any other Bb trumpet?

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