hello everybody my name is nightshade and welcome to my video on how to get the sky Lord artifact on the center map in Ark survival evolved so if you need to find the entrance of the cave it's on the bottom snow mountain of the map so that's sixty one point six twenty point six and you can see it just behind those trees there just in case you need a bigger version of the numbers and I've gone to a quick been screenshot I'll write it down already let's get into it I hate videos that go too long in the start so if you need a visual representation you can see that there's the redwoods waterfall there you just come up along there and come up to here where the archway is you will find it nice and easily it's gonna go straight in now the artifact of the sky Lord you don't actually need for the center boss but if you have whoo that changed drastically but if you have joined maps on servers etc you might want this one so we come in and we're going to go down to the right so you can follow that path way down there as you can see there's yetis there's wolves etc so just be careful when you do come down you probably won't have Flyers to be enabled so just watch out that that's a pretty cool thing here where there is a spinal Rex I can't enough Rex yeah it's hard to tell for a second where there's a Rex and this like cool reflective ice cube so you want to go past the Rex to the right so it's cool nice to see you Rex and go along here oh that cave lag I'm so sorry that's rather terrible we are gonna go up the path I might just go slow by tearing and on the left here we have the chance for a loot drop location just gonna grab that quickly just a bit spider that's coming after me okay I'm gonna come out here I'm gonna keep following this across and literally just around the corner is the artifact on the sky look pretty simple artifact to find again oh just a second you might want to get these wolves off of a tail that's a bit better alright so if you don't know this I've set it in the other videos you can put your artifacts on an otter you can put your artifacts on your otter to save them for later etc and found them so which is pretty cool you can continue looking through this cave if you like for loot drops since we've already got the artefact some I just have a quick fly about its back up there already respawned and the lag is gonna kill me I swear okay up here this is alive it'll be great I could just say singing out for it oh we've got another cool frozen thing yeah it looks like it's wolves in a dodo that's pretty cool okay so the wolves and the dirt oh there's a big drop rule okay then just a whole nother section or is this just going up it around and down that was just going up and around and down okay so we're back at the out of it that I'm going to pick up again because why not they look great for decorations and you can have artifacts like that for generic artifacts for the s plus storage unit so just come back through past the Rex and I use the Rex as a way to know when to get where to get out Rex ramp and out so yeah pretty simple we might visit back up here sorry this one's a bit disjointed I don't go in this cave that often around I got to the highest point first there's no loop drop here okay so at the highest point there's another loop drop is cool got a bunch of wolves coming after me so just be careful with the mobs I'm just gonna fly along alright I do apologize for the tearing it's coming up on my screen I'm getting server lag in the actual cave or game lag in the cave because it's not optimized good ol dark caves gotta love them alright just have another fly through the rest of it drops again goes back to the artifact all right so that is the artifact of the sky Lord it's pretty simple just come in make a couple of turns and back out again so we're gonna do it on foot you don't need a parachute you probably won't need a grapple even if you've got a good gun so it's my recommendation anyway and yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video leave a like if it helps you fill the location just to let me know that I'm actually being helpful for once and ah that that lag is terrible woof glad I'm not relying on ya thank you guys so much for watching my name's Matt shade and I'll have other videos up for the other artifacts for the bosses so thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one I guess


  1. I'm Korean, but thanks to you, YouTube, I'm going to get some good information. It was the beginning of the Arc Survival, but I'm looking for the location of the artifacts at the center. Thank you very much different map remains of the position you have the time, would you let me know. The subscription also has been pushed Thank you. (Translator)

  2. so, you can take a ptera inside? i mean i use console version on oficial server, can you take a flying ptera inside that cave?

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