What If A Black Girl Knew? // DYLEMA // Spoken Word Poetry // Official Video

What If A Black Girl Knew? // DYLEMA // Spoken Word Poetry // Official Video

What if a black girl knew? That she would be desired by others only if
she desired herself That beauty is not a shade but a mindset
And the best indicator of it is self confidence
As I talk some sense insert here confidence… What if a black girl knew?
That her lips where plump and beautiful She does not need to hold them in
Make them thin Does not need
to rely on Kylie Jenner to make her lips an attainable thing What if a black girl knew?
That there is no such thing as a perfect nose Because a nose isn’t meant to be perfect it’s
meant to help you breathe and if u can breathe black girl
You’ve succeeded What if a black girl knew?
That to be ratchet is a culture Defined by the black Goddess’s who’s weave
could be any colour And who’s speech could be any kind of cross
from slang to misplaced grammar Such creativity so what does it matter?
Miley Cyrus does not need to twerk to generate praise for our culture
But… What if a black girl knew?
Not to be bitter That her father, like her sons
where raised by black hands And you see in your father what you eventually
see in your man For the moulding of your father came from
similar hands So if bitter is the sculptor then how sweet
can be the man? If bitter is the black girl then how sweet
can be our clan? What if a black girl knew?
That her rubies where hidden in the sand… What if a black girl knew?
That her hair too was like finely refined wool
And not a fibre of her hair was the opposite of cool but it reflects
on our outside the struggle on the inside Where natural meets the straighteners that
we take to our hatred Hatred for ourselves
that we project upon each other But, what if a black girl knew?
That history recorded her as the most sought after
That her bossoms where like rain drops that wouldn’t dry after
That her body was a magnet to worldwide wonder and the jealousy was so great!
It polluted the perception of a black girl until a thousand years later What if a black girl knew?
She was that same creature That drove slave masters from wicked hate
Right down to love by the curves in her figure eight!
by that figure eight! Billion dollar figures in the bank account of that coke bottle corporation
launched by the shape of that same figure, eight
Figure out black girl, figure out The figures match the years of social degrading
Delivered to the black girls demise check your figures
media ratings One thousand caucasians on the red carpet
only two black girls make the cut And they wonder why we can’t grow
Let me guess because there are more dark girls than Lupita Nyongo But, what if a black girl knew?
That life is what you make it Opportunities are what you take from it
And there will be no female black president if no black girl wants to become it What if a black girl knew?
Not to be victim Not to be Pacquio but to be Floyd
Because this may weather leaves sun rays on our lawn What if a black girl stopped waiting for the
defeat to spring from our floors What if a black girl knew?
That she should no longer take the abusive relationship Between her
and the media but decided to make wedding bands Between
her and her mirror What if a black girl knew?
Change is possible Greatness is personal
And though it is black girls at the bottom of the social totem poll
Pressure makes diamonds So it’s time black girls to make your diamonds
glow What if a black girl knew?
What if a black girl knew? What if a black girl knew?
What if a black girl knew? Knew ?
Knew ? Knew?

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  1. Damn this got me bleeding in my soul, you preached, i mean as for a perfect nose God know how i wanted a perfect one haha thanks for reminding me that i am a strong beautiful black girl… now i know.

  2. skin color is beautiful
    in all colors

    I like a woman's shape
    height and weight

    5'2 to 5'6
    100 pds to130pounds
    18 to 40 years-old
    this equals to a
    healthier female

    it's worldwide the ideal for 85% of
    attractive women

  3. I am growing up in a very white community and I rarely see a black person in real life maybe in the car driving somewhere or in church but it's not very often and I have only ever had one conversation with a black person and it was in the 2nd grade I don't remember it that well but he was very nice I always grew up loving black people just as much as white people and not understanding how someone could put them into a group and hate all of them some are good and some are bad but I always wanted to show love and respect to these people and often if I saw a black person I would look away out of the up most respect I didn't and don't want them to think I'm judging them and to this day standing in line at McDonalds with a black person in line with me makes me very very conches of every thing I do how I stand where I look ect

    Β and I just want to say
    that I want to give every black the most respect and love I can give and I want you to know that you are equal you are capable you are beautiful you are strong and you don't need me to say that much love

  4. I can't stop listening to this! So relevant. So true. So visceral. I will write it down. Print it out. Burn it into my mind. My soul. Teach it to my son. So eye opening.

  5. Powerful; beautiful message. I urge every woman reading this to make it your mantra. Embrace every word until it's no longer a thought; no longer a decision. Side note: plz dnt fall victim to bitterness. Explore your feelings & where they come from along w the message/attitude u want to present to the world. I wasn't even aware of my own bitterness (or the effect it had on every aspect of who I was/what I did) for a long time… Just wanted everyone to be aware of their own shit! ✌

  6. standing in the midst of the desert i saw a figure approach
    it was like looking at the sun
    the leaves scattered around, singing and finding their way down in autumn,
    upon a skin that glistened with every step
    mesmerizing was the scene

    like a dancing waterfall
    the darkness of you radiated and touched me like a light
    you danced with the wind and it made you look glorious
    even the sun watched as its child was magnanumous
    the earth embraced you as you had its hue
    it smiled at you just like strange men do

    a touch unimaginable so soft you felt
    how do you glow so , what is your confession?
    how do you whisper life into my reflection
    how the leaves find you wherever you hide,
    like a lost child they search for their mother

    they cuddle you and play with your hair
    they dont want to leave, because it feels like home
    did the sand lose its way when it found you
    or was it from you that it was born
    did the sea cry when it saw you
    or where your tears what meade the sea

    beauty in variety you are magic
    something unexplainable you are tragic
    you blacken your mirror you are pathetic
    you give yourself away for your hearth is pure
    the irony of love, yet so cruel

    the world watches as you are ripped to shreds
    the pigs laugh in chorus because they know
    they wonder how can a queen bow so low?
    if only, my GOd if only….
    if only you knew how much diamonds were worth.

    by Ghane Mundih

  7. Powerful video and message….What If my Black Girls Knew? My job….to educate, inspire and motivate them; help them see their worth!

  8. Beautiful! The first has me hooked I'm subscribing now! I'm be back to listen to rest, have to go to work. Thank you Queen πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ

  9. I'd like to use a part of your poem in a documentary film I am working on. (2nd request)

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