What does ‘dad dancing’ mean?

What does ‘dad dancing’ mean?

Neil: Great party last night, Feifei! Feifei: It was so much fun, Neil. I loved your dad dancing, too! Neil: You… saw my dad… dancing? But my dad wasn’t dancing. He wasn’t even there. Feifei: No, no, no. You know what I mean: ‘dad dancing’. It means dancing like… well, like a dad. Neil: I’m not sure where you’re going with this? Feifei: ‘Dad dancing’ is our phrase in The English We Speak. It describes a way of dancing which is a bit awkward, not very cool, maybe trying too hard. Neil: What are you saying? I can moonwalk. I can spin on the spot. I can swing my arms in the air. I’ve got all the moves! Feifei: All fantastic dad dancing moves! Don’t worry – it looked like you were really enjoying yourself. Neil: It’s OK, I get it. Some of my moves are a bit old-fashioned. But sometimes it just feels good to let go! Feifei: I think your kids were a little bit embarrassed. Neil: Really? They’re just jealous. Feifei: Haha, maybe! OK, let’s hear some examples. Wow, look at Ernesto. Is he swinging a cat? What a dad dancer! Katka’s dad was hilarious at the wedding. Everyone had stopped dancing, but he was still up there dad dancing, showing off all his moves. I used to think Dad’s dad dancing was funny. But after he injured his ankle really badly last time, I think it’s time he slowed down. Feifei: You’re listening to The English We Speak from BBC Learning English. Our expression is ‘dad dancing’. Neil? Neil: Yeah… Next Wednesday? OK. Yeah… See you! Feifei: Who were you calling? Neil: I’ve just booked some dance lessons. You’ve helped me realise I need to improve my skills. Feifei: I was only teasing, Neil. Neil: It’s OK. If I’m dancing, I want to be the best dancer on the floor. And if I’m dad dancing… Well, I want to be finest dad dancer you’ve ever seen! Feifei: Haha – best of luck. Bye. Neil: Bye.

22 thoughts on “What does ‘dad dancing’ mean?”

  1. Hilarious 😁😁😁 Thanks BBC! That was a good laugh🤣🤣 I have a question though. As a female, am I still dad dancing or is it mum dancing in my case? Thank you!

  2. Great lesson guys! As I started a new YouTube channel teaching my mother tongue- I’ve been looking for great quality contents for inspiration and you guys are awesome! I love the visual aid. You guys make the lessons so engaging! I dad-danced when I found your channel 😀

  3. It's curious with this expression "dad dancing" though when a younger dances weird or relaxed, which is very common, nobody criticizes it. What a stigma against the older. Anyway, it is what it is.

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