(Weekly Idol EP.315) WANNA ONE Random play dance FULL ver. [워너원 랜덤 플레이 댄스 풀버젼]

(Weekly Idol EP.315) WANNA ONE Random play dance FULL ver. [워너원 랜덤 플레이 댄스 풀버젼]

And now it’s Random Play dance We are going to play random dance wow wooo *The corner that we have been waiting for*
This is really famous and anticipated DONI: What do we give you? A prize or a punishment? A Prize! CONI: What do you want? DONI: Right now, the only prize we can offer you is food YOON JISUNG: What kind of food? DONI: Anything that you want to eat YOON JISUNG: If we ever meet again in another broadcast station How about catering a buffet for us? CONI: You want us to pay? Daehwi: That sounds great CONI: That will be half of my pay DONI: It’s okay. Today’s gonna be my last day broadcasting. DONI: Now the food prizes that you can win are chicken, jokbal and drinks. *WOW*
CONI: Right now at 1 am in the morning! YOON JINSUNG: Then we’ll take chicken & Jokbal. DONI: Then, if you guys win on the first try we will give you all the prizes *WOAHHH* (My babies must be starving ;-;) *Seriously?* DONI: Everything! Chicken, jokbal and the drinks But everytime you get the dance wrong you will have to get rid of something #MAKE_WANNAONE_NOT_HUNGRY DONI: Come on! We can do it! So let’s start Random play dance DONI: Music… DAEHWI: Why am I nervous? DONI: Cue! Wanna One’s most lit song- Pick Me 😉 *They must’ve danced to that more than 101 times* (great pun btw) *It took them less than 3 seconds to get their positions right* *I’m going to steal your heart tonight* DONI: Why does that look so easy? *Great start* Burn It Up -Wanna One a.k.a Even Yo Momma Calls Me Daddy 🙂 *Confused* *Blocked Path* *Secretly busy* *He looks suspicious* *My little Ongie is lost* *It was a magnificent turn, but…* *He should’ve went low* BIHHHH It’s freaking Energetic-Wanna One *Harmony or…?* *Chaos* *Literally me trying to keep up with life* CONI: Jae-hwan looks suspicious *Now it looks great* (They jump so high!!!) Never-Wanna One (Do I even need to comment about this masterpiece?) *Urgent* *Baby Daehwi is busy looking for his place* DAEHWI: What’s going on? *He took his place* STOP DAEHWI: It wasn’t my fault! CONI: What’s the problem? YOON JINSUNG: Daniel wasn’t supposed to be here DAEHWI: He was wrong CONI: So it’s Daniel’s fault? YOON JINSUNG: These were added moves that Daniel practiced by himself DAEHWI: But he took my place! YOON JINSUNG: No, you shouldn’t have said that! DAEHWI: I’ll take it back DAEHWI: He took my place! *Worried* *Dae-hwi is back to reality* DAEHWI: It was for 8 people CONI: For 8 members? Kang Daniel: So who got it wrong? DAEHWI: It was free style dancing *DONI spotted his preys* DONI: Who got it wrong? Bae JinYoung: This is not a dance for all the members Daniel is the one who got it wrong Bae JinYoung: He’s not part of the dance. DONI: Ahhhh! DONI: Seriously, JinYoung is so naive! *Realised his mistake* *What did I do?!* DONI: He comfirmed your mistake *What’s going to happen to their meal?* DAEHWI: What? No, Jin Young doesn’t even know that! DONI: What? DONI: Wait but why are you angry at me? That was so scary! CONI: Daehwi you need to calm down DAEHWI: I didn’t mean that! DONI: It’s done CONI: Daehwi it’s done DONI: Thanks to JinYoung we have to get rid of one of the prizes Pick one item to remove chicken, jokbal or the drinks Everyone: The drinks! DONI: But you must feel thirsty? MINHYUK: We can drink water (and stop sleeping on Nu’est) Lai Guanin: We should keep the chicken! DONI: Alright… Let’s go! JinYoung: I’m sorry! Lai Guanin (or smol bean): It’s fine! YOON JISUNG (or ball of fluffy sunshine): We’re doing great! DONI: Alright! Let’s go… Start the music! (Energetic – Wanna One) otherwise known as ‘this song saved kpop’ DAEHWI: Don’t push me! *Faster than before* *Agile moves* (Btw is it me or is Minhyun lookin super fine?) *Their focused faces appear* *Pleased* (Open Up- Wanna One) Omg you don’t even know what’s coming at ya 😉 Brace yourselves 😉 Get it Danny Boi 3:) *Let’s listen* *He’s Ready* *He doesn’t feel embarrassed when it comes to dancing* *Everyone’s excited* if you know what I mean 😉 *Me too!* Lmao though how can Ong be Ong with a straight face?XD *You never feel bored from him* (Show Time – Wanna One) can also be referred to as ‘underrated but a goddamn jam’ *Dancing with passion* *Dancing like it’s the last day in their lives* *Excited* wink, wink 😉 (Oh Little Girl- Wanna One) a.k.a another golden track *A great dancing duo* *Gentle* *Loveable* *They’re amazing* *They’re only watching* (Burn it Up- You know who sings it) *Everyone’s busy* *Random play dance full of danger* DONI: Jihoon is that correct? *DAEHWY THOUGHT HE GOT CAUGHT* DAEHWY: What did I do wrong? *There’s no mistakes* *The strongest choreography appears* *We only want to listen* *Manly* *Let’s watch it again* *Great facial expression* (Hands on Me- I’m pretty sure all of you know by now the atrist) Do the body wave! *A broken wave* — Literally all my past relationships *Flustered* DONI: Minhyun!!! *We caught him* DONI: What’s wrong Minhyun? DONI: You were obviously wrong! YOON JISUNG: I didn’t expect this at all! CONI: Minhyun got it wrong? DONI: Minhyun and Woojin! Minhyun: I did a freestyle dance CONI: While everyone was dancing differntly? CONI: How many people hold into the hand of Sung Woo? DONI: How’s the original dance? All of you huddled in one spot! DAEHWI: It’s supposed to look like that Lai Guanlin: It’s part of the dance DONI: That was the original dance? PARK WOOJIN: He’s there and- DONI: Oh I got it! But why didn’t you do that before? YOO JISUNG: Cause we rushed to dance it DONI: You did that cause you rushed to the dance? YOO JISSUNG: Yeah we just rushed over to touch him DONI: There was no coordination to your dance cause you rushed to touch him? YOO JISUNG: Exactly DONI: Daehwi who was at fault? DAEHWI: Do you want me to say the truth? DONI: Yes DONI: Who was it Minhyun or Jisung? CONI: Tell us honestly, I feel like Jisung was mostly mistaken *No, Daehwi* CONI: They joined the formation late DONI: That was clear CONI: Be honest You have to be very honest with us DAEHWI: The dance was right! *Proud* DONI: Let’s watch the original dance then DAEHWY: Wanna One fans, wasn’t the dance correct? GIRLY VOICED WANNA ONE: Yes! *Let’s ask the viewers* *Pretends like he’s a fan of Wanna One* DAEHWI: They say we’re right! *Avoids the problem* DONI: So which dish do you want to get rid of? The chicken or jokbal? CONI: In my oppinion, I feel like you should choose chicken YOON JISUNG: How about you lessen the amount of chicken for us? DAEHWI: Sounds great! DONI: Don’t use your brain YOON JISUNG: Give us less chicken, please DONI: So which dish do we get rid of? The chicken or jokbal? Give me a show of hands Whoever wants chicken put your hand up! 1, 2, 3 CONI: We’re not getting rid of chicken DONI: This is your last chance DAEHWI: There’s no food after that, right? Everyone: No food Lai Guanlin: We’re not gonna get it wrong (Awww he’s so cute, and bless that noona who styled his hair) DAEHWI: Are you sure? DONI: Alright, good luck! This is the last chance! Music, please (Another masterpiece by dem sexy hot boys) *Busy* *They got into formation in less than 5 seconds* PARK JIHOON: Nice! Nice! *They dance comfortably* *We’re watching you* *No more mistakes* (“Another one”, DJ Khaled said as he watched dem talented boys perform) Lol soz I got to take a break XD *Where are you going?* *He’s helping him with the position* DONI: Are you alright? *Sorry* *Bewildered* *A different gaze* *Wanna One, burn it up!* (“Another one,” DJ Khaled repeated as he couldn’t help himself but demand another song from them talented children) *Quickly* *Dancing with skills* *Wanna One still looking good with Random play dance challenge* *He made another mistake* *A sudden freestyle dance* (DJ Khaled was bout to utter the sentence “another one” but the DJ of the show got him covered ith this legendary track) CONI: Daehwi we’ll catch you making a mistake soon! *Excited with the song intro* *Heart beat* *Familiar music* *We’re proud of you!* I’ll spare you the DJ Khaled story :p *Pleased* *They got used to this* YASS THAT’S MY BIAS Y’ALL

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  1. I'm watching this on October 4, 2019 and I can still smile (and sad) at the same time. This video is gold and I'm gonna watch and cherish this moment forever. Wanna One is the only group I stan.

  2. You know what kind of made me sad?.. when Daniel had to dance open up by himself and never missing jonghyun…and jinyoung and jihoon dancing to oh little girl by themselves.. it made me sad when Ji-Sung and sungwoon danced to showtime by themselves too.. I miss the members of the original songs even though I love wanna one members and miss them so much

  3. Why am I still stucked with Wanna One ? Not to compare them with X1, but the vibes belong to Wanna One, those goofy personality, X1 somehow looks more to mature and idol like. Wanna One feels like a friendly idol withh unexpected charms.

  4. L
    Lai G
    Lai Gu
    Lai Gua
    Lai Guan
    Lai Guanl
    Lai Guanli
    Lai Guanlin

    Lee D
    Lee Da
    Lee Dae
    Lee Daeh
    Lee Daehw
    Lee Daehwi

  5. Ksni cuma mau guanlin orng korea apa china😁😁😁… Korea y…. Ckep nya bkin meleleh… Mulai sk bru tau Dr film trbaru nya Ama si cwe krting Kta Tmn nya rmbut mie

  6. Hi wanna one happy customer day 🎄🎁🎀 and I. Miss you so much baby I love you so much baby wer are you boys want to be my boys friends kiss me 💋💜 Wanda ko 🎄🎁🎀

  7. ตามมาดูควานลิน🤗 น่ารักก😘😘…A little thing called first love(Lai Kuan Lin) brought me here.Thank you for Thai subtitle 🤗.Lai Kuan Lin so cute😘😍😘😍😘😘

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