(Weekly Idol EP.308) SEVENTEEN Random play dance FULL ver.

(Weekly Idol EP.308) SEVENTEEN Random play dance FULL ver.

we will be doing random play dance Honestly because we’re doing so many 2x speed dance you guys may have practiced before come here So, if you guys can complete the random play dance within 3 chances you can do the 2x speed dance Okay we’ll start the random play dance are you ready? yes *we are ready* we give you 3 chances it must be verse 1 music cue!! Song: Seventeen – Don’t wanna cry succeed to find their place in once these guys are good… success in 5 seconds Song: Seventeen – Manse S.Coups is confused He still can’t find his place S.Coups we’re watching you Song: Seventeen – Pretty U Ah… S.Coups again…? Jun helping S.Coups to find his place Leader failed… I think he’s doing that purposely If he did that purposely it won’t be no fun like this sorry… So, the first chance had been used you still have 2 chances left music… cue!! just stand wherever Song: Seventeen – Don’t wanna cry pretends to not wrong once again Song: Seventeen – Adore U Lemon Angel’s sense has comeback Song: Seventeen – Boom Boom it’s not like that… my place should be there but i think someone took my place So, it’s our studio’s fault No no it’s not like that It’s cable broadcast Weekly Idol’s studio fault no… We’re sorry because our stage is small So, here is your last chance Seventeen Fighting!!!! we don’t want to…cry music cue Song: Seventeen – Very Nice Song: Seventeen – Manse you’re doing good Carats are you watching y’all doing good Seventeen!! Seventeen random play dance SUCCESS!!! Manse!! Honestly it’s hard to success this random play dance with 13 members

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  1. 本番じゃなくてもジョシュアカッコイイ

  2. omg im so proud of them, it mustve been so hard with 13 ppl triple h couldnt finish and they only had 3 ppl like wow

  3. Random play is challenging for them cz theres so many members.. Random play is even hard for a 5 member group sometimes..

  4. I don’t really know SEVENTEEN, but:
    – 0:14 who is he?
    – who made these choreographies?
    – and why do they look so beautiful???

  5. バーノンの左目のしたらへンの頬の辺り擦り傷かあざがあるのは気のせい?どっかぶつけたのかな?

  6. Someone help me… I looked at woozi and i wanted to say "awww look at woozi" but instead i almost said "awww look at yoongi"

  7. Can SomeBoDy TalK ABOut JuN For onCe
    He IS SO HlepFuL And CarIng bUt No oNE sEeS Him
    My bis NeeDs MOrE lovE causE heS AMaZing

  8. woozi's mind : Who am I?? Where am I?? What am I doing??? What is this song ??? It so good Maybe that people make it. Is he an Idol??. Wow, I met Idol. What I'm going to do??? Follow they dance or just stand here???

  9. Poor woozi he is short so he can’t see when people taller then him are standing I understand you dude☹️

  10. How do y'all find biases I've been watching this for an hour trying to find my bias but I don't even know their names-

  11. i love how there were moments where the camera zoomed at wonwoo’s face ANDDD AHHH HE’S SO HANDSOME THANK U FOR THAT

  12. Just now starting to get into SVT and so far, I love S Coups so much. Him and The 8. Those two are definitely my biases but all of them are so talented and lovable. I cant wait to see more from them.

  13. SEVENTEEN is the BEST Kpop dance group well it,s my opinion…I think that their dance is really really impressive and it,s hard to do but not for thoso idols(SEVENTEEN s members)"

  14. And I also want to tell that even if there are any BTS fans , it doesn't mean that they like BTS so they cannot like or comment on other groups or soloists. Okay

  15. So happy that WOnwoo got to have some screen time uwu and see him do that pelvis move in Very Nice oof my bias biaswrecked me

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