(upbeat dance music) (screams) – Oh my gosh. – [Both] Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. – And today you’re going to see us go on a major adventure to Six Flags with our friends during senior year. – Yes.
– Very end of it. – But before we get on to the video we are so excited to finally kick off our year-long journey as brand ambassadors for Arizona Jean Co. which
is only sold at JCPenney– – Yes.
– And we are just so excited. We love that they stand for individuality and expressing yourself, and I, oh. I’m just so excited to finally
be able to announce this. – Yes, so while we partnered with them we were able to create and design our own? – [Both] Miniature backpacks! – [Brooklyn] So here they are,
they’re perfect for weekends. They’re perfect for– – [Both] After-school activities. – Perfect for everything.
– They’re the perfect size. So I’m probably just going to end up using these for like my college classes. – You know you don’t wanna carry the big, bulky backpacks but you still want it to be cute. Well this is the solution
to your problem right here. – There you go guys. – So the reason why I like my backpack is you guys know I’m
obsessed with rose gold. And so this one is rose gold
which is just totally fitting for my personality, like completely. – And I like mine, I’ve
always had a black backpack. You guys know that, so it’s so great that I was able to design my own and it’s like, I’m finally carrying this and it’s perfect for me and I love it. And there’s some fun stuff inside of these backpacks as well. So we each designed our own T-shirt. So this is mine. – And this is mine, and
you guys have seen us wearing these and
actually asked about them. So now you know where they came from and where you can find them. – So when you buy the backpack you’ll get everything inside and that
includes these t-shirts. And we each picked some
rings and some jewelry that also goes inside the
backpack, which we love. Mine’s just some silver rings
and hers are fun earrings. It also comes with a dry shampoo stick, which is super cool, I’ve actually, like, never really heard of these
and then I heard about it and I was like, “This is the
most brilliant thing ever.” – Whoa, dry shampoo stick,
I need that in my life. – And some Sephora
samples which you can get at the Sephora inside JCPenney which we’re really excited about. And then the backpacks of course. – Woowoo! – Which is just great,
and guess what y’all, the best part of this whole thing, it’s only $25 to get these backpacks. – That’s a steal guys. – $25, holy cow.
– That’s such a steal, woo! – So you guys, stick
’til the end of the video and we will tell you how
you can get these backpacks. Super cheap, $25, you gotta get them so stick to the end of the video. – What’s up guys, we are here at Six Flags we’re gonna vlog the
whole day for you guys We have our JCPenney’s
clothes on and our backpacks and we are ready to go. – Woo!
– It’s gonna be extremely hot. – It’s like a 103 degrees
today so lots of water rides, lots of water.
– Lots of water. – Lots of sunscreen.
– Lots of food, and ice cream. – Yes!
– It’s gonna be crazy. – But we’re ready to go! – Okay you guys, so we
decided to hit off onto Titan. We are so excited, it’s gonna be so fun.
– Woo! – This one has the biggest drop so some of us are a little bit nervous, but it’s honestly going
to go so well, we love it. Update, you guys, we
literally just basically walked onto Titan. Check it out, there’s no line! What is this miracle? – Heck yeah!
– I don’t know. But it’s a miracle and I am okay with it. – The breeze, then everything got a fan, and the mist.
– It’s utterly perfect. – So nice! – I love Superman, like
the ride itself gives you such a weird feeling,
like free-fall feeling in your stomach, I love that. It’s one of my favorite things,
some people don’t like it but I like it, do you like it? – I love it, so I mean. (upbeat music) (screaming) – I am burning so she’s
getting me sunscreen. Why thank you. How does this work? She knows. – Good to go. And I love this backpack
’cause it just holds everything that I need inside. Sunscreen, umbrella. – It’s not like heavy and uncomfortable. It’s like light. – Which is easy to carry around the park. Ready to go on the rides.
– Let’s go! ♪ Please set me free ♪ – Guys what are we about to go on? – Bath!
– I don’t know. – Water ride!
– Roaring Rapids. – The Roaring Rapids to cool off because we’re all sweating like crazy. – I’m so excited.
– Crazy. – We’re sweating like pigs over here ’cause it’s so hot
outside, and check it out. They have these little,
platoons that you all sit in and you get splashed by the water. And so we’re gonna feel amazing. – It’ll be like a dream.
– So hot. – So ready. (screams and shouts) – Chris and I got nothing over here. – Me!
– I did! – All of us did.
– Completely all the way soaked.
– Over here this is sopping wet, look at
this guy, what a champ. – [Bailey] All right you guys, lunchtime! Chowing down on our food, what’d you get? – Salad, chicken tenders,
a roll, corn and water. – [Bailey] Yum, you guys, look at all the
yummy-yummy delicious food. Y’all, we’re not kidding,
it’s almost like what, one? – Yeah. – And there is no lines.
– No lines. – Nothing.
– This is awesome. – [Ride Attendant] All clear
in front of Titan, have fun. – [Bailey] That’s where the line is supposed to be.
– No line, where is it? – [Bailey] No line,
literally everyone here, all of our friends from school. All just going on. – Oh we’re about to ride the Batman ride. So excited. – Whew! It is warm today, we
are sweating like crazy. Just got some waters,
hydration is important. – And I’m getting some sunscreen. – These backpacks are
awesome, can I just say? They’re comfortable and not heavy. Like you know how you usually
you wear backpacks all day and they start rubbing for
me, these ones do not do that. And they carry everything, so yes. Pretty good! (funky pop music) – Woo, we’re next! (screams and laughs) – Update, you guys, first of all I have a bug-bite right here
and it’s really bothering me. I think a bug bit me.
– Can’t even see it. Can’t even see it.
– And it’s like, itching. But we are sweating like
crazy, it’s so hot outside. – Ugh, so hot.
– It’s very hot. – It was a mistake wearing my hair down, I was trying to think about
brushing it, it’s a no-go. – No.
– Yeah, but I think we’re gonna take a break after we go. – Take an ice cream
break here in a minute. – I think we’re gonna go on The Riddler and then do an ice cream break
– Yes! – Because we’ve been seeing
all the ads for ice cream – Yes.
– But I’ve been like, hmm, I want some ice cream.
– Want some ice cream. – [Bailey] Brookyln’s
over here like, yeah. – When is it a bad time for ice cream. – Maybe we’ll get some
Dippin’ Dots or something. – Heck yeah. (upbeat music) – [Bailey] All right it’s treat time. Got our treats here. Everyone over here has
water for their treats. We all have Dippin’ Dots. – Oh yeah. – [Bailey] Yum, yum, yum. – All right guys, we are
going on a water ride. It is about, what, three
o’clock so it’s kinda hot. It’s like about 97 degrees so
we’re going on the water ride. And then you stand on this bridge and this huge wave of water
just kinda crashes into you. So we’re gonna get soaking wet. I’m excited, they’re excited. – We’re excited!
– We’re all excited! – Ah woo-woo!
– Let’s do it. (screaming and laughing) – Oh, oh man! (waves splashing) – Okay you guys, we’re
about to go on the swing. – On the swing.
– That goes super high up. – Super high, super fast. – Gonna be very interesting.
– But it’s awesome. (screams) – This is so fun! Update, this is like the first semi-line we’ve had to wait in all day, and it’s five o’clock in the evening. So we got pretty lucky today. It was like a golden day. – It was a good day to come to Six Flags. – No lines, hardly anyone here.
– There have been zero lines. – This is the first
like line we’ve been in and it’s literally 10
people long, not bad at all. – Okay let’s be real,
you can never go wrong with an amusement park during the summer!
– Oh no no. – It’s like the definition– – I love amusement parks.
– Of summer. – Like roller coasters, everything. – Oh my gosh we had so
much fun with our friends. Obviously we love amusement parks. We love roller coasters. We love the adrenaline that comes with it. – All of it!
– It’s so much fun. – So don’t forget you guys,
check out our mini-backpacks and other Arizona favorites
by clicking the link in the description box below. – You guys go to jcp.com
or if via the JCPenney app on July 30th to get these backpacks. There is a limited
supply so check them out. – And they are only
$25, I’m being serious, $25 for this.
– Bargain! – Everything that comes
inside of it, it is amazing!
– Amazing! – Click the link in the
description box below. – Also don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel by hitting the button right over there. And if you want to see more of our videos click the boxes over there. Now we’ll see you guys next week. – [Both] Bye! (lips smack) (dance music)

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