hello everyone and welcome back well yeah this is actually me uploading twice in a week woohoo so into this video I'm gonna try something quite difficult for me but I was just sitting around one day and said I want to do this so why not film it and also share it with you so whenever I'm about to create a painting I always plan ahead I'm always sketching or looking up references to use for the portraits and also always making sure that all the composition and the coloring and lighting is ready for me to start adding the color and the world colors and the painting when I want to start the painting but for today's video I decided to try and create a portrait just from my head with no references no pre sketching and oh boy the start was rough I mean what what what what what is this this is a monster head with a small forehead I mean can't I see that the four hurt for forehead I can't even speak that the forehead is small I mean look at it it is so so small and the eyes and the proportions are all out yeah this this is going to be a struggle and let's see what happens also one extra hard thing about this whole video is that I am painting with watercolors and watercolors are not really known to be forgiving I mean if you place down a color yes you can lift it up and actually be able to correct many things but it's not like you can take an eraser and just erase it so I have never done this before trying to just create a portrait painting right ahead with no planning and I was kind of stressed anything you can see it I mean if you can see in through time like how slowly I'm moving my brows and what small strokes I am making because I am so so not sure where to place anything but I knew that I had to start from somewhere I had to make some decisions and see how it will go so I just placed the eyes and the nose and the lips wherever I thought that they might be right and just got ready to make mistakes and correct them so as I was just kept pushing and just adding more details and trying to think what is right or wrong everything just started to actually kind of work I also of course chose pose a front-facing pose cuz it's much easier for me to create a face like this I just had to make everything kind of symmetrical but again as you can see the whole approach wasn't too realistic I mean yes it is kind of realistic so would call this portrait same realistic because you can clearly see some stylizing and the way I drew many features of the face I don't think they are ideal in any way but in the end all that matters is that I can actually see this face and say that yeah this actually kind of works so after I made the big change of making the forehead bigger everything just felt much much better and then I started having problems with the eyebrows the left eyebrow didn't want to be okay with my eyes I mean I was trying to place them and the right one felt like it was in that great height but then the left one just didn't work with the eyes and I just kept erasing it and just kept tapping it off and also this happened with a chin area on the left down side whoa this this one the team I have to say must have been the hardest part because something is still not working a thing I mean something little bit too small or I made the jawline maybe a little bit too low I'm not sure but thankfully later on when I'm adding the white details I tried to kind of correct it and it kind of works so yeah this video is basically me just coming with all the wrong things I am making but also me feeling really proud and really nice and much more confident after finishing this painting that this is a practice that I should be doing more often because it might be hard but dealing with your difficulties and with your hard spots is a really hit nice to overcome them and basically the only way to overcome them of course also studying references and portraits and photographs and all that will help you to get your place where you can actually then draw your own characters and you should always practice and study photos and other artists but also once in a while you should practice your weakness and just have fun and not be too harsh with yourself right now I'm not being harsh with myself and now I'm critiquing every move I make but this isn't me being harsh this is just me observing everything I did and taking a video of my process really helps it's the same way when you make a drawing and then take you take a photo of it through the photo you can actually see so many mistakes cuz it's like another person is seeing it when you paint and draw for so many hours you kind of get used to what you're seeing and you can't see your mistakes so throughout this video I was always looking through my viewfinder of the camera it helped a lot to see many mistakes I made and for some reason and especially after adding the curly hair Milan Porter started to look like FK twigs if you know this singer she's an amazing singer and artist and for some reason it just looks like a baby face of FK twigs also this was an amazing exercise for me to kind of find my style and what I loved and liked to draw and what I realized through all this is that I just kept drawing and adding elements that I actually always add in my painting so this painting is a full combination of things and parts that I always add on my drawings and I can say that this is really me it's all the things that I have gathered throughout everything I do and then I just added them in one little painting and maybe not all of them but for sure most of the things I usually add and that is basically how you try and find your style your art style and after having a face and a result that I was kind of satisfied with then I said why does not keep going and let my creativity flow just burst out of me so I decided to add magenta reddish splashes and make it even more bloody looking and tried to give a little bit emotion plus I wanted to just do some splashes and kind of dripping techniques and I'm really happy made this decision because right now the painting looks completely different and it's like a whole other thing at first I really loved how simple an earthy it was looking it had an elegant kind of vibe and a moody old-time vintage type of feeling but now it is like I don't know how to express it in words it feels like the character is strong and of course I couldn't leave out some gold details as I always do I mean every time I say I will not add the code but then everything just any image in my head is so much better with a little bit of gold and Here I am adding gold let's see how we got from this to this to this and then to this I mean this is a pretty good process and Road so you should always trust the process and keep going cuz at first might be frustrating and you say I will fail and not exceed but if you keep pushing and keep believing in your skills then something good will turn out anyway guys this was it for today and oh my god today is actually my birthday I am turning 24 and this is crazy us the way to my 25 years it's starting we are actually 25,000 here on this channel and this is crazy and I just want to say a big I mean a huge thank you to all of you I can't believe we have reached and we are so many I mean 25,000 people here watching and being with me throughout this journey I mean this is crazy crazy crazy crazy and just thank you so so much so if you like this video please don't forget to subscribe and like and you can always find me in my social media my only art profile is named Calliope yaki and my personal one is kind of yucky all the links are in the description box down below as per usual as also for my Etsy shop where I have originals and printables for journals where you will also be able to find this little painting and since I want to give back to you also I am planning to create a giveaway for the 25,000 gold that we read so very soon I will let you know about everything probably in the next video thank you so much for watching and until next time have a super-duper day bye

10 thoughts on “Watercolor Portrait ♡ WITHOUT REFERENCE n NO PRE-SKETCH ♡”

  1. Wow this is really beautiful. Happy Happy Birthday and please let us know if you're coming soon to Berlin, would like to get a tattoo designed by you <3

  2. Whenever you talked about "wrong" things I really didn't see it? :'D It looked great throughout the whole video. To me at least 😉 ps: lol at the random fly walking past

  3. I reallllly love this
    So beautiful !
    You are such an inspiration ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Just curious, I've been watching your videos over a year now. Would you know what number I am out of the 25,000? If you can't that's fine, I'm still in awww of your creations.

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