VLOG 23 | Drawing My Outfit & Going to the Art Supply Store

VLOG 23 | Drawing My Outfit & Going to the Art Supply Store

I did not really plant them today but I thought it might be interesting because it is Dom's birthday tomorrow and I painted him and Flynn for his birthday and and I wanted to show you how it was like so this is the illustration and now what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to print it and I didn't print anything for ages feel like and now I sent the illustration over to my phone and to print I use this app called cannon print and then it should say something like this let's see if it works so tomorrow we're gonna have some friends over and we're gonna do some barbecue on the balcony okay okay this is the print it is a three and I really love it I actually painted it on an a4 our canvas so I'm actually surprised that the quality is still really good now I'm gonna find it Oh God you can't even see it with anything because of the mirror oh now I can maybe see it a little bit so that is his birthday present number one I still have to wrap it I don't really have the only wrapping paper I have either this one or this one which might be a little bit too girly so I'm probably gonna take this one but I'm gonna do that tonight because I don't have time anymore right now I think by the way I'm always covering my printer with his blanket because every time I spray my fiddly fig with the water with this one some like wet drops come on the printer and I'm really afraid that this is gonna make the printer break one day so I better cover it Oh [Applause] so I wanted to show you what I got today in the art supply store because I I don't know if I really if I was really showing it that well so I'm going to make a little hole so the other one decided not to sleep in his bed anymore in the daytime so he only sleeps in his carrier which is totally fine for me I actually have to say that I prefer that because I am more free I can go out and about and as you just saw he was napping the whole trip in the art supply store and also in the West rung after that so it was really convenient if he sleeps in this carrier thing I'm not gonna complain and he sleeps pretty well at night so I don't know why but in the night time he has different he's just different so he in the night time there are some other rules I have their feeling so in the night time it's fun for him to sleep in his bed and he will go down and fall asleep right away kind of but in the daytime no chance so I think that's great it it fits really well um to my daily routine and I can pretty much do everything now let's go on to the art supply hold so the first thing I got are these pastel Tumbo twin tone markers I really really like the colors next thing I got was a brand new sketchbook I had like I recently started a sketchbook but I wasn't happy with the quality of the paper and I remember that way back home and I used to use a sketchbook I always really enjoyed these Moleskine sketchbook ones pretty pricey but I really love the paper it's actually really really good quality and since I don't go through these in a month something and I take a lot of time to actually fill up a sketchbook I thought it's okay to spend the money and then I got another SD card pretty boring and then I got a couple of pencils um with the first one um less you so this is the first one that I got this it's um it's a mechanical pencil I don't know if it's a good one so let me know if you have these I don't know how to pronounce the brand name but you can see it here okay the next pencil that I got is a to be basic black pencil from I don't know I cannot really pronounce the name again and then I got three colored pencils as well these are all polychromos by Faber Castell and I'm gonna leave the color names here on the screen somewhere and then I also got to highlight highlighters this is just to make this sketchbook a little bit more interesting I started this illustration based on a picture of me I usually don't do this but I just wanted to draw my heart food basically so this is what I what I wore for Tom's birthday and this is the illustration that I did for it and now I'm gonna it's almost finished the only thing I have to do is add more shadows I think I'd sit them this is the final illustration I'm not sure if you saw it properly you can see it probably just gonna put it on the screen okay so I think I'm going to end this vlog here and hope to get back into vlogging more frequently again I hope you enjoyed this vlog if you did give it a thumbs up and leave a comment down below and I hope you have a lovely week ahead thank you for watching and I'll see you in my next book bye bye

46 thoughts on “VLOG 23 | Drawing My Outfit & Going to the Art Supply Store”

  1. This vlog is something new for me. It's really unique. I adore your effort while taking care of your baby 😊😍

  2. Die Wohnung, die ihr euch angeschaut hat war ja geilo 🙈 Aber die hätte bestimmt tausende Euros gekostet oder? Wunderschöner Vlog ❤️

  3. Thank you for making this video. I'm going to be a first time mom in a few months and I'm so nervous about balancing my art with taking care of my baby. It's reassuring to see you balancing things and still having time to create. <3

  4. Anyone else verbally went "Aaaaaawwww" when she showed us the illustration of Dom and Flynn? no just me? 😀

  5. I recently got Tous les jours mes styles and they're AMAZING. They don't break while drawing and their shape and wooden material that was used for their making make this pencil feel very natural in your hand. Great purchase. I really adore them <3

  6. So excited your posting again! Your videos are so creative and inspirational, they just make me want to create all of the art I possibly can 😊 p.s you dom and Flynn are a gorgeous family x

  7. Is it just me or has she a German accent? Haha im german too but yah i just thought she has a accent?! Sry for bad english

  8. Hi Sara! ♥ I love the present you gave him! omg so so cute! ♥ I loved this vlog so much! Your baby is beautiful! ~ And Copper how is dealing with the new member of the family? ^^ Which song did you use in this vlog? It's very relaxing! I love it! Hugs!!

  9. Finally you are back!
    We will wait the time that’s necessary until you upload a new video. They worth it. ✨

  10. Would you mind sharing the reason you are moving? Your current flat already looks spacious and stunning alhamdulila! I don't think I would want to leave if I lived there!

  11. I really love this video! Your videos are so calming! But one question, what music did you use? It was very beautiful! Keep up the good work! 💛

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