17 thoughts on “Video: Albuquerque driver crosses into ART bus lane, causing crash”

  1. "Oh my god " "really I don't believe not in Albuquerque""no way no one seen this coming""this was such a great idea how could this of ever happen"
    Sad this project ain't even full open and already

  2. "Reality time" ABQ can't drive lol. And yeah let's dedicate a lane to only buses, an expect people not to abuse it or be dumb.

  3. It is never legal or safe to make a u-turn in the middle of a road. Crossing four solid white and two solid yellow lines is no exception. This has nothing to do with ART. The driver did something illegal and didn't even check their blind spot.

  4. It's not that hard people. Stay in your lane, leave your anger and frustrations at home while you follow the simple rules of the road. Let the buses do their thing in their own lanes and embrace the benefits of the ART system. Very simple.

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