Vegetable Biryani Traditional Indian Food – By VahChef @

Vegetable Biryani Traditional Indian Food – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you vegetable biryani. lot of you have been
asking ok you showed vegetable pulao in the rice cooker showed chicken biryani
lamb biryani how about vegetable biryani so today I’m
going to make that. To prepare vegetable biryani we have to understand one thing very
important you have to make sure your vegetables are done right because that’s
what gives a very nice flavor to your dish so to do this add some oil in a hot pan I have some whole garam masala. I’ve got
cinnamon cardamom cloves everything once you saute your whole garam masala add shahi jeera ok add some ginger-garlic paste add vegetables for vegetable biryani do not cut vegetables into small pieces make them little bit bigger pieces so that when you cook it
you want these nice vegetable pieces to come while you eat the birynai so I’ve
got some carrots some cauliflower and I’ve got potatoes look at the way I have cut these potatoes into nice sticks ok so when you actually cook them you
can actually see these vegetables are not mashed up I’ve got some paneer also but i’m going to add this little later when your vegetables are frying in this ginger garlic paste add salt in this preparation we are going to
cook the vegetables till they seventy percent done and then
you add rice on top over it now if you see this potato it is slightly brown you know you want your vegetables to be
nicely sauteed this sauteeing of vegetable give very nice flavor i’m going to add fried onion on top of
it later I want all the vegetables to have
slight brown coating on the vegetable and then i’m going to let them steam and
cook i’m going to add half of the mint and
coriander see this mint gives very nice biryani flavor to the rice dish and
then I’m going to add some green chili I’ve cut them really big pieces you want
this green chilli to be big pieces because you don’t want them to disappear into this
preparation every time I add chilli powder turmeric
and coriander powder cumin powder and I make my own biryani masala but today i’m going to use the
store-bought biryani masala so that you know a lot of you can use this way just use just one packet of the biryani masala powder ok so now if you notice all my spices
are coated very well on these vegetables okay so that is what you want you want
your vegetable to be flavorful in your biryani you don’t want them just like boiled
vegetables which don’t taste at all so to this what I’m going to do I’m
going to add half of the yogurt i have not too much i’m going to add very little yogurt so at this point of time i’m
going to add some of the paneer i have to be very effective always use a biggerr pan like the nonstick pan like what i’m using and that way the water operates
faster and you get your vegetables very nicely coated with the masalas
whether you take a piece of potato or you take a piece of cauliflower or
carrot or even paneer see all of them have very nice coating of this masalas and
I’m going to keep it aside I have soaked rice for almost one hour now usually if you soak it for 30 minutes
it’s good also remember you know you should buy basmati rice which by
itself smells really nice so I’ve got here some water boiling i’m going to add some oil to it if you
want you can add some garam masala into it i’m going to add shahi jeera and some cloves
and cardamom so it’s up to you if you want to add you
can add i’m going to add to this preparation bring to boil but remember
one thing since i have soaked this rice so long this rice is going to just cook in less
than three four minutes vegetable has seventy percent . so I’m
going to cook this rice also till it is seventy percent done rice is almost getting done so we’re going to drain this rice check
this this is a you know almost seventy percent done you know I take some of these half of these vegetables okay i’m going to divide into two portions and i’m going to spread the first portion in bottom of this vessel and then to this bottom portion i’m going to add some more yogurt ok
and then I’m going to add some nuts some cashew nut some almonds and then i’m
going to heat it up a little bit and check the seasoning if you want to add a
little bit more salt you can add ok and then sprinkle some of
the fried onion ok make sure the flame is very sim and then half of this rice ok excellent and then on the top i’m going
to use a little bit of these vegetables a little bit leftover vegetables okay look at this all these vegetables have a very nice
flavor and they’re going to remain so flavorful you add some of these fried
onion see this fried onion gives very nice sweet flavor to your rice biryani ok and then sprinkle the rest of the
rice. On top of this we’re going to put some more chopped
coriander and the mint leaves that is left at the last what we’ll do is we’re
going to sprinkle a little bit of saffron color while I was a kid you know
my mom always whenever she made vegetable biryani you know she’s to add some fried bread
you know from the double ka meetha I kept some of these bread so what I’m going to do I’m going to put
on top of this ok so after you done adding the color
the bread everything just cover this with a lid ok now i know a lot of you are getting
this chicken biryani lamb biryani without getting burnt but but some of you are still unable to figure out and you’re thinking maybe you know there is
something wrong with the recipe trust me professional chefs will never have the
bottom burnt you know because they’re very careful but a lot of you if you’re just starting
off you know it is a problem that you all face so I found one more method how we can avoid that completely so to avoid this burning we have
something called as hot baine marie that is what we do to keep food hot and lot of times when we make desserts in bakery we use a baine marie so that it doesn’t
burn the bottom Baine marie is nothing but a bigger vessel
in which there is some water what you do you take this biryani container and put it on top of that when you put water in the bottom in a bigger vessel and then you put another vessel on top this is your VahChef guarantee that it will not burn. I have been cooking this vegetable
biryani in the baine marie for the last 30 minutes ok now the biryani is almost done so
let’s understand this baine marie one more time the top vessel is sitting in the bottom
level with little water in the bottom vessel and with the heat from the water like a steam it is cooking you can do another thing you can put this whole
vessel in the oven and it’ll makes a perfect biryani look at this look at this look at
this wow..look at this. green chilli also full of nice flavors now check this biryani..oo…wow..look at this bottom of this vessel and when you put on a double baine marie you know the bottom will shine as when you started the cooking process so let’s take this briyani…Wow see an another thing I cook this bread
over top of it and the still it is crunchy it is you know kids love especially when
you add you know fried bread to biryani ni and that gives a very nice sweet flavor
to you and even if you look at these potatoes they look as if they have been
roasted you know that’s beautiful they look up so dear friends i hope you enjoyed
learning to cook this awesome vegetable biryani but remember vegetable biryani needs more attention than both non-vegetarian biryanis because if you want to retain a nice
flavors and make each piece of vegetable very tasty you know just follow the procedures I have shown and do not forget that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your cooking tips and recipes so others may benefit from your great cooking. Thank you.

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