VaLITines Tag – Let’s Share the Love! [CC]

VaLITines Tag – Let’s Share the Love! [CC]

Hello and welcome to the channel. My name
is Annalisa, and today I am doing the vaLITtine’s Tag. This tag was created by
Novel Sarah-ndipity and it is to go along with the vaLITine’s read-a-thon, which
is going all February long. And I am really enjoying it so far. I have actually been in
a really good reading place lately and I’ve read so many books already and have
checked off so many of the 25 prompts. The only ones I haven’t finished yet are
ones that I’m saving for the Demonathon, which is taking place from the 14th to
the 28th. And so right now I’m just shoveling in some extra reads and really
enjoying them. So you’re gonna have a lot of book reviews coming in March. But
anyway, this tag is all about love for books and a love for the bookish
community. So the first prompt is: Show your love for the books – what is your
favorite book of all time or your favorite book from 2019? and we’ll start
with favorite book from 2019 because that’s a little easier. Favorite book of
all time is a little bit of a hard question for most people, I think.
But for 2019 my favorite was Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier. I raved
about this when I first read it and also I think when I reread it for the Snowathon
right after I got it for Christmas. It’s a super creative Beauty and the Beast
retelling, and I like Beauty and the Beast retellings in general. This one
specifically handles a lot of issues in a really sweet and wonderful way and I
really appreciate that. Also the main character is a scribe, and those are
some of my favorite people, being a writer myself. And the whole reason she
is in the Beast’s castle is to transcribe his latin scripts into, I think Irish is
what she’s translating them to. So that’s just a really really, really cool concept
for a bookish person to read a book about somebody transcribing a library. Of
all time – I can’t really pick one because they would have to be series, because I
don’t like stand-alones nearly as much as I like series, because I don’t feel
like you have enough time to get to know the characters or the world that they’re
in. And so my favorite series are the Deltora series, they’re there, the
Fairyland series there, and J. D. Robb’s In Death series, which
is mostly on Kindle. Oh, I might put in a little shot of our J. D. Robb bookshelf
because we do have a number of her paperbacks that we got for cheap. And my favorites
of those – when I do a full J. D. Robb episode I’ll have to pick out some of my
favorites of the whole series. But my favorite of the series tends to be the
final ones – you get the happy ending in that one. And the reason the J. D.
Robb series doesn’t have a happy ending yet is because it’s not done. She
just keeps writing them. So, you know, that’s pretty cool.
Second prompt is: A longtime crush – what is a book that you have been ogling
but haven’t picked up yet? For that I’m gonna pick one of the books that I am
about to read for the Demonathon and that is Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik.
I’ve been wanting to read this ever since I heard it was going to be a thing after I
read Uprooted, but I just haven’t picked it up because at first there was a
really long wait at the library, and then I was just – I don’t know, wanting to
get other things read and feeling like it would be spoiling myself to read
this instead of other things. I don’t know, sometimes my thoughts about
books just don’t make much sense. But now, because one of the prompts for the Demonathon was to read something indulgent, I have decided to finally indulge myself
and read this and I’m so excited about it. In addition to just having high
expectations for Naomi Novik, I have also heard really good things about this
specifically. Next is: Not my type – what is a book that you liked even though it is
not in your comfort zone? Also, sorry about the lighting changes during this
video. It’s a sunny day but the sun is going down, so it’s moving, so that’s
just gonna happen during this video. I recently did a whole video that was just
about books that I have liked even though they were outside of my comfort
zone, and the only reason I read them was because other booktubers recommended
them to me, so I’ll link that below. But besides those, one that I read last year
was The Golden One by Elizabeth Peters, and that was out of my comfort zone
because it was historical fiction, and I pretty much never read historical
fiction. I like fantasy. I like books with magic in. I read that back in November
and loved it, but it was like the ninth book in the
series, and so this month I have been reading Crocodile on the Sandbank, which is
the first book in the series, and it had me cackling! The main character is so – not just spunky, but she’s very strong-willed
and very bossy, and she’s also very knowledgeable. She kind of has has a
right to be bossy because she tends to get things done better that way when
other people are standing around not getting done things that need to get
done. And she has a love interest who is also very bossy, and he’s usually pretty
knowledgeable and is used to being the smartest person in the room or even the
country, and so when he comes up against her, it’s really funny the conversations
that they have. Because suddenly he’s not the smartest person anymore nor the
bossiest. But I was very surprised to enjoy historical fiction this much, and I
am very excited to continue on with this series. Next prompt is: Love at first
sight – what’s the book you got for the cover, and if you read it, did it live up
to expectations, and if you haven’t read it, what are your expectations? And for
that I’m going to use the same book that I’m using for that vaLITine’s prompt,
and that is The Magic Thief: Lost by Sarah Prineas. I was looking
through all of my shelf of unread library sale haul books, because most of
those are cover buys, and I kept finding ones that were sequels or the third or
fifth book in a series, and so I finally found this one, that I thought
was the first book of the series, but no, it’s the second book. But fortunately
things were explained well enough and characters were redescribed so that I wasn’t
confused and you don’t have to read the first book first.
So at some point I’m going to read the actual first book of this series as well
as the next book, because there’s at least one more of them. It’s because I
really enjoyed this cover I bought it, the little orb and the salamander and the
wizardy-looking people and the young protagonist, and how this cover looks
like a old magic book, and it’s got a nice spine. it’s got those ruffled
edges. And I also believe I saw that there are illustrations, and
let me show you my favorite one if I can find it. There’s my favorite illustration,
and this is my favorite character. She is our protagonist’s best friend and she is a
Duchess’s daughter – because in this country or place, the land is divided up
into duchies, and each duchy has a main town, and so she is the daughter of the
local Duchess. And she learned sword fighting – there’s also a female sword
fighting captain and several of the other guards are female, and I just
really like that and appreciate that. But I will tell you more about this in
my vaLITines/February wrap-up, so look forward to that. The next prompt is: One
man’s trash – what’s the book you’ve seen bad reviews for, but personally
treasure? And for that I’ll tell you that the one I’m using for this prompt in the
read-a-thon is Howl’s Moving Castle, because I’ve seen several people not
like it because the plot is totally all over the place, and that’s totally
understandable – it is all over the place. I just happen to like that type of plot
structure. And also this series, these ones, people have strong
feelings either way, people either love it or don’t really don’t like it, because
the writing is kind of iffy, and there’s a distinct lack of not-white
people in it, also a distinct lack of not- straight people in it, and the plots are
also pretty terrible. I read them for the characters. Then we have the community
prompts, love for the booktube community. And so the first one is: Sharing is
caring – who is an individual creator – can be across the platforms, like
Twitter, Instagram, etc. – but who is one who inspires you? And for that I decided to
pick two – Claudia from Spinster’s Library, and Cara from Wilde Book Garden, because
they’re quite different, but they both make really interesting, creative videos.
And both have inspired me to make different types of videos myself. I
especially like Cara’s videos where she uses something not bookish to talk about
a certain set of books. Like she did a Get Ready With Me makeup-look while talking
about Beauty and the Beast retellings, and she did one recently that was
finding books that went along with the vibes of a certain painter’s paintings. That
was really cool. And Claudia is the one who inspired me to make my reacting-to-a-
certain-book-as-I-read-it video. So I really find them both inspiring,
and want to make cool and interesting videos like they do. Next is: Lift them up –
who is an individual creator you want to see grow? And for that I picked Naomi’s
Bookshelf. She is a fairly small creator, but she has great content and
she comes up with lots of ideas and does lots of tags. She’s very community
oriented, and she reads a pretty wide variety of books. Then we have an
interestingly phrased question, which is: What if another creator or viewer of
booktube/consumer of bookweb stuff asked you who they should follow
if they felt like they wanted to diversify who they were following? And so
I picked Blaine from The Starlight System channel. She has Dissociative
Identity Disorder. She actually made a whole series on it like a year ago, I think. And she’s also a booktuber. And she left
off uploading for a while, but she is back now and making lots of content, and
I think it’s really cool to watch various neurodivergent people. Then we
have: Love for the book community – what is your favorite part of the online bookish
community? And for that I think my most favorite thing is how much better my
reading has been since engaging with the online community. Because from what
people say about it I’m much better able to find books that I will enjoy rather
than what a publisher says about it. Because a publisher obviously has an
agenda and wants it to sell and is trying to cater to a certain audience,
whereas another reader wants to help you find what you will like and doesn’t have
the motivation of wanting you to read this certain book. So I really appreciate
how many more good reads I’ve been able to find because of the people online. And
I also really appreciate how sweet and lovely everyone is. People really like to
support each other in the book community and are really supportive of people who are
different from each other and people have different bookish tastes. Obviously
there are also a lot of people who are not nice, but I’m pretty good at culling
the people I follow, so I tend not to run into a lot of negativity. If people are
super negative I just cut them off and then I don’t have to deal with that
anymore and I just get to hang out with the fun, happy, positive people. So I’m
pretty happy with the bookish community. I guess this is a tag, so I have to tag
people. I’ll tag everyone I mentioned, including Cara if she wants to, even
though I just tagged her in another tag. But the people I
mentioned, as well as anyone who would like to do this tag, or who would like to
get involved with the read-a-thon. It’s a really great readathon. This tag basically
just picks out several prompts from the read-a-thon bingo board and has you just
answere those specifically. If you’re not feeling like not taking on the whole
read-a-thon, this is more of a little digestible thing. I think it’s a really
fun way to just dip your toes in if the whole read-a-thon is a bit much. Happy
late Valentine’s Day – I think this is coming out on the 17th. I hope you had a
good time, whether you are mainly a platonic-based person or are in
possession of a romantic relationship at the moment. I pretty much celebrate
Valentine’s platonically, but I still really enjoy it, and obviously really
enjoy decorating. I’m definitely going to go to some post-Valentine’s decor sales
on the 15th, and I’m gonna have a good time! Thank you for watching, I’ll see you
in the next video. Bye!

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  1. The plot for HMC is definitely all over the place but I love it too!
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Spinning Silver! It’s one I put off reading too because I wanted to love it and expected to love it and I wanted it to be the exact right time to read it haha
    Ah thank you for the lovely words! So happy you enjoy the recs! ❤️
    I love these questions so I’ll try to get to the tag before February ends! If not I’ll plan for next year lol

  2. Working my way toward Juliet's "Daughter of the Forest" book. Do your mom reads Robb, too? If so, what it is it about them that keeps her reading? And yay to Elizabeth Peters!

  3. You review some really interesting books, love the fantasy books. Great job at reviewing i must say Annalisa : )

  4. Love your positive energy, Annalisa. I really enjoyed listening to your thoughts and reading plans. I love books, too! Big like! 🙂

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