Universal's New Epic Universe Park Revealed! Concept Art May Confirm Super Nintendo World + DK Area

Universal's New Epic Universe Park Revealed! Concept Art May Confirm Super Nintendo World + DK Area

[Applause] hey everyone Andre here with a quick news update about Universal Studios Orlando and Super Nintendo world so Universal just wrapped up a press conference where they finally revealed that they're building a brand new third Park or fourth of account volcano Bay and it's called epic universe yeah I doesn't have quite the same ring as a fantastic world rumor that was going around before but hey LS we have a name now now unfortunately that's pretty much all we have as there were no other concrete details given about the park during the press conference it really was just to announce that's coming and here's the name however as part of this it did reveal some concept art for what the overall park will look like now unfortunately the details are pretty vague on the whole as in it's hard to tell anything specifically but if you look close we can see what we're pretty sure is where Super Nintendo world is going confirming the will impact be part of the new park and we can see it just on the left not too far for the main entrance now again the details are a bit vague but the layout does roughly match the link on some models from a few weeks ago so first up is that split into two portions and in the back is what's almost certainly the Donkey Kong section you can see the ruins on the left or the rollercoaster will go and they're just a little bit in front of it on the pathway are the tiki huts now the sections of the right of that is a bit harder to make out but we're pretty sure it's a Mario section for a couple of reasons one the massive show building just behind it matches up with where the Mario Cart entrance ago and we can see the emblem on the ground opposite of it which matches up with the one in front of peaches castle which seems to be missing in this concept art and then the rough multi-tiered layout with a dip in the middle again seems to match up with basic design of the land but again I want to stress that this cop Siddhartha's made intentionally vague so while these details seem to be accurate by and large it's not quite the full picture with obvious landmarks being missing but hey at least we now know for sure what Super Nintendo world seems to be going and where it roughly is in the park again being left at the entrance and to back me up on this theme park insider Alicia Stella posted an image where she actually marked where she thinks every land is going to be and sure enough she places Nintendo in the exact same mark that we predicted however if you're curious she also lays out the other lands – so going counterclockwise we have classic monsters fantastic beasts a Dueling launch coaster which of my question will and that's part of and then how to train your dragon and the course of the middle year the hub with a bunch of shops and dining and stuff and in the far back as a hotel connected to the park itself which would be a first in the Orlando area unless you count the upcoming Star Wars hotel but I think that one's a bit different so there you have it that's pretty much all the details we know of so far so not a whole ton of new info here but it is good to see the superintendent world again pretty much confirmed with a third Park now and on top of that that the DK section wasn't cut here at least again going by the concept arts but everything is subject to change so what do you guys think about all this let's not be posting in the comments below and with that thanks for watching and of course stay tuned to GameXplain for tons more on super nintendo world and everything else in ten do as well we'll catch you later bye

25 thoughts on “Universal's New Epic Universe Park Revealed! Concept Art May Confirm Super Nintendo World + DK Area”

  1. Unfortunately, we still don't know when the park's opening in Orlando, but best guess is at least 3 years away. =( Hollywood's version of NSO should open well before then, and Japan's is next year!

  2. Thats it? Thats how big nintendo world is? Oh man im kinda disappointed. I thought it was going to be way bigger than that? With alot of nintendo themes all over the area. That concept seems to be lame for nintendo being a small part of the theme park.

  3. Andre, you and Josh seriously needs to do more theme park discussions now that this finally got announced. I really miss you guys talking about this stuff. I still enjoy the theme park content that you guys did and made in the past, but it would be even more amazing to do more discussions about the theme park industry's potential future especially with Super Nintendo World possibly being a part of this Universe.

  4. Does anyone know if the Pokémon section will be part of the Nintendo land or will they have stand alone land. I’m hoping we can get two different lands !

  5. Yeah, Nintendo kinda made the right choice. I hope Illumination lets Nintendo do whatever they want with the movie.

  6. Nintendoland is great and all, but are there any other Potter fans royally upset that they’re doing Fantastic Beasts? Those movies are trash 😭 also I got excited when I saw what’s marked as the “classic monsters” land here because I thought it was the Potter area, and that arena looks just like a Quidditch World Cup kind of area, if that would be at all possible somehow

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