32 thoughts on “Trying Art Supplies I'm NERVOUS to use! 😤”

  1. Could you do road Dahl inspired art or characters. In another video Adam said Steph really likes the author and I do too

  2. Okay so like, I have nothing important to say but y'all are SUPREME™️ and I adore your relationship dynamic

  3. The paper makes the biggest difference! Also palleting on smooth plastic is a great technique! Overall very fun video. Thanks.

  4. so hun, what did ya learn today?

    I learned thar sharpies are not, in fact, meant for drawing, but for measuring guinea pigs.

  5. Adam: "Steph, how many times do you want to let our art friends know that I'm colorblind?"
    Steph: " Yes. "

  6. so cute! Next time use Bristol Smooth paper with the Zig Clean Colors. It is the best paper for blending these.

  7. The rat guy’s name is Linguini like the pasta. Also GOOD👏🏼 CRESTON and BUMBLE👏🏼 CONTENT👏🏼

  8. Creston is so cute I'm going to S C R E A M!!!!! My oldest hairless guinea pig (called socks) refuses to eat lettuce….he only eats kale, he's trendy

  9. Creston’s such a cutie! Also, thanks for all the joy and peace you two bring to the internet. The world needs you two.

  10. Hi guys, I'm a fellow brit, living in South Wales. I love your videos. You guys have such great chemistry together and I really adore you both. Please can you let me know how you spell the name of your mixed media/watercolour books you were using. You said the name on the video but for.some reason, no matter how I spell it, I can't find them and I am hugely frustrated! If you could give me a link to where you bought them, that would be superb! Thanks in advance. Keep on keeping on art peeps. I think you're simply brilliant! God bless you both and your guinea pigs.

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