Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

I’m Kevin Hart,
your host of “What the Fit.” About to go pick up
a friend of mine–
Anna Kendrick. You may know her
from a lot of movies. Aww, she’s so adorable.
So adorable. – Kevin Hart.
– What are you doing, lady? Um, I’m just standing
on the street – hoping a celebrity
would come and pick me up.
– With your thumb out. Do you have, like, any idea of how much fun
you’re gonna have today? – Um, no.
– No, no, okay. It’s, like,
the most fun ever. Okay, I’m increasingly nervous ’cause you’re selling
this really hard. Kevin:
I’m selling it, because
if I don’t sell it and I don’t make you
feel comfortable, then I’m not doing my job. Yeah, and then
I’m gonna tweet about it. “Don’t go and work out
with Kevin ( bleep ) Hart.” No, you can’t
tell people that. You gotta tell people
the complete opposite. All right, here’s
what we’re gonna do. We’re going to
embrace the world of, like,
jumpy dodgeball. – Anna: I feel a sense
of solidarity with you.
– Kevin: Uh-huh. – We’re both, um,
on the shorter side.
– Great word, by the way. I thought that
we would also share, maybe a hatred for sports
like dodgeball, because– Why would you have
a hatred for dodgeball? Because I played it
in middle school! Was it not a good experience?
What happened? I don’t know if you know this
about being a small person, but, you know,
you get picked last for stuff. – You’re not thought of
as super athletic.
– Last? What? I’m like those baby gazelles
that are injured – on those nature documentaries.
– Oh, my God. I’m small with
the mentality of big. I was the kid that was like,
“I’ma ( bleep ) y’all up.” – A lot of smack. Okay.
– Yeah, that’s what I’ma do. And they was like, “Whoa.
No cursing at the teachers.” And I was like, “All right.” I was a Chihuahua.
( barking ) My Chihuahua is one of those
Chihuahuas that’s owned by a rich white lady
that gets their nails done. – That’s– okay.
– So they’ve got the manicure. – Now I get it.
– ( barks ) ( barking )
That was me. – Yeah.
– So that’s where I got off. – I could picture that, yeah.
– But you– you weren’t. And dodgeball
went bad because of… I mean, I guess you’re not
getting a lot of injuries, but there are
spiritual injuries. Spiritual.
Spiritual injuries, okay. Why don’t we stop
at one of them little
psychic places, you know, where they
can see into the future? What if somebody
looks in to what we’re
about to do to tell you– And they’re like,
“Anna, you’re gonna
get tall one day.” Well, they may not say that. But they may say,
“This thing that Kevin Hart has planned for you
is gonna be fine and fun.” People come to me
for three reasons– – romance, finance,
or hot pants.
– What does that mean? Where’s my money?
Are they coming back?
Is this the one? That’s why people usually
come to see psychics. I wanted to go see one
about a– an STD.
I didn’t know if I had one. – Yeah, yeah?
– It was confusing for me. And you thought a psychic
was the best way, – rather than a physician?
– At the time, I didn’t
have insurance. – Got ya.
– So you do what
you gotta do. So, I said to the psychic,
“I need you to look at this.” So you did
a physical examination. Well, I thought I could.
They threw me out – Gotcha.
– once they figured out
that they couldn’t do, – That tracks.
– yeah, what I wanted. But that’s the only time
I’ve ever went. – But it wasn’t.
– Okay. But, like, give me
a wink if he’s definitely
got a couple STDs. Kevin:
Well, it wouldn’t be “got.”
It would be “had.” All right, Paul,
this is my friend. I want to take her
to do an activity. This activity that you’re
doing is physical, yes? – Yes.
– It’s physical. It is also, uh– oh, it’s childhood concern. Is this playground trauma? – Well, school, yeah.
– Yeah, yeah? Yeah, yeah? Okay, draw a card for me,
please, Anna. – Great.
– Which card
do we have for you? Let’s see.
Oh, the Empress. Now, this
is about fruition. This is about getting
the better of this fear. – Mm.
– You no longer have
to be affected by it. You effect the situation. – Meaning, if it’s kids…
– Mm-hmm. …and she wants
to throw a ball in one
of the kids’ faces, – you’re now in charge
of the situation.
– I’m in charge of that. – You’re in charge of it.
– I can do that. – Absolutely.
– Great. – At one point,
you were the kid.
– Right. Really, we always get
both sides of every story. – You know what
this reminds me of?
– Paul: Hmm? Uh, it reminds me of
a little saying that I heard, and it really
goes hand-in-hand, which is,
“You can walk all you want. But, eventually, somebody
got to cook the hot dog.” – I love that saying.
– And that’s gonna be you. Kevin:
That’s gonna be your dream. Meaning, it’s your job
to cut the grass. I love that. My mom used to say that. Now, I know you’re probably
saying to yourself already, ’cause you’re a psychic,
and I didn’t want to tell her, but I have, you know,
I don’t have training, but I do have
the same ability… – Indeed.
– to tap into those places. I’m really on a quest
to do so many more things – in my fitness journey.
– Mm-hmm. And, uh, you know,
will I ever get “People’s”
Sexiest Man Alive? Will I ever get it?
What’s that? The unseen hand of good.
It’s a big yes. It’s a big yes.
The unseen… I feel like you’re
being really nice. So, is she
gonna be good today? – She’s gonna be great today.
– That’s the basic– Just remember,
stay right here.
Stay right here. – Okay. Great.
– You’re gonna be fine.
You’re gonna be fine. – Thank you, Jesus!
– Go win! – Thank you. I’m excited.
– You’re welcome, my darling. – We’ll see you.
– ( music playing ) Man:
Long shot, long shot! Nice hands. Out! – All right, come on.
– Whoo! – Tuck that in.
– Come on, Anna.
Come with me. Oh! Oh, wait.
Hold, hold, hold. – Hello, Saucys!
– Woman: Hello. – How are you?
– Welcome to professional
dodgeball practice. This is amazing. Hey, this is my team. – Got it.
– My name’s Mick. This is how we train
for ultimate dodgeball. – Okay.
– You’re small people,
so you’re good. – Is that– Small people?
– I’m not sure– – Is that a good thing?
– Smaller targets. – You’re easier to dodge.
– Oh, so it’s cooler
to be small. – Oh, absolutely.
– You hear that? – You hear that?
– Great. That’s great. – You see that right there?
– I think they’re ready. – You know what?
– ( both barking ) All right, all right.
We got practice.
We got practice, guys. – That’s our thing.
– Woman: Good, good, good. – Let’s go. Kevin.
– Can I see it? Don’t fear the ball.
That’s the number one rule. When a ball’s coming at you,
you gotta take that. You gotta take it, Anna. That’s the problem
with a lot of people out here. They’re not willing
to just take a couple balls. That’s it. Take the balls.
Gotcha. Let’s get Trey
on this pad right here. Let’s get some balls.
We’re gonna throw these at him. – Kevin: Yeah.
– Mick: All right. This is
what a real dodger does. Whoo! – Wow!
– Kevin: Oh, wow. – All right, Kevin.
– Let me go. – Now it’s
your turn to dodge.
– Here we go. All of Saucy,
we’re throwing at him
at the same time. – Okay.
– Everybody on Kevin
on three. Good luck! ‘Cause it’s
about to get loose– – One, two, three!
– ( grunting ) Mick:
You gotta dodge, Kevin. – Whoo!
– Goddamn it, you can’t
see ’em all. – You gotta be more elusive.
– There are so many of them. We’re changing.
Anna, your turn now. Anna, I know what
to do next time. – ( laughs )
– I know how to be evasive. – Are you out of breath, Kevin?
– No, I ain’t out of breath. – Let’s go.
– A little bit. – Anna?
– What? – ( both bark )
– There you go. We’re taking this throw.
One, two, three! – ( gasps )
– Kevin: There you go. – Whoo!
– Nailed it. She dodged all of those,
first try. Was that a dodge
or was that a, “Ahh”? – Mick: She’s on
a different pad.
– I was dodging. – Kevin: Okay.
– I’m a Chihuahua. All right. Yeah. – Woman: Oh, there you go!
– Woman 2: She can dodge. Okay, I know I missed. I definitely missed. – Not the best thrower.
– Here’s the big dodge. Are you– Well, I look like
( bleep ) out here. This is ridiculous. I look like
jack ( bleep ) out here. – She’s ready.
– Yeah, she– Woman: I think–
I think Anna’s ready. We got one more workout
for you right here. We’re gonna bring
some targets out for you. Okay, target practice. Who, actually, is, like,
your best arm on this team? Just so I know who
I’m throwing it better than. You want to compete
with Trey right here? Trey, is that your thing? This is your enemy,
right here. – I used to pitch.
– Oh. – This is Trey.
– Looks like I’m about
to take Trey down. – ( chuckles )
– We got a challenger. Kevin? It was good.
Look how far it went, though. Yeah, no,
it got pretty far. That’s too close for me. Mick:
Oh, all right. Come here, black guy! Hey, target practice, huh? Woman: Go, go, go! – Mick: Here’s another.
– Go again. Go, go! ( bleeping ) you. Kick your ass,
( bleep ) damn it! – Kevin, you’re missing.
– Come on, you son
of a ( bleep ). – ( laughing )
– Go ahead, Anna. Can’t you see
I’m tired over here?
Throw some balls. ( grunts ) ( cheering ) Mick:
It seems like someone’s
a natural at this. I’m a picture
of grace and athleticism. – That’s great,
Anna, good job.
– Thank you. Glad you’re
doing great, Anna. All right, you little
skinny red piece of ( bleep ). – Yeah!
– That’s that dirty cat. That dirty neighborhood cat! – Yeah, get it. Yeah.
– Yeah! – Okay. Get angry at this.
– Anna: Meow! Imagine it’s the Rock
right here. Kick your ass, ( bleep ). – There you go.
– Ooh, I see how
you feel about him. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah! Should I change
my nickname to Cannon? ‘Cause that’s
what I just threw. Mick: I think they’re
ready for this game. – All right, let’s go.
– Woman: Yeah! We gotta “Saucy” on three. Here
we go. Ready? On three,
“Kevin Hart’s the captain.” – One, two, three.
– All: Saucy! Kevin Hart’s the captain! Yep. All right, guys, you gonna
do what I say, all right? Everything goes through me. Welcome to the mega-exclusive
invitational of Vertically Challenged A-list
Superstar Celebrity Shorties Trampoline Dodgeball
Championship. – I’m Brittany Massro.
– And I’m Dave Benedetto. And get ready
for an onslaught of balls. Brittany:
Team Saucy adding
some short to the sport with two new rookies,
Kendrick and Hart. – You got this, right?
You’ll be good without me.
– I’m ready. Brittany:
They’re looking
really tough, Dave. David:
Yeah, they’d better
play tough, too. ‘Cause they’re taking on
the five-time world champion, all-time great,
winningest team to ever
play the sport, Team Doom! Boo! Boo! They’re the best team
in the flippin’ world. I’m sure you’re nice people,
but for the sake of today, boo! – Boo! Boo!
– Hey! Just, visually, I feel like
we’re real underdogs. – Size doesn’t mean anything.
– Yeah. I’m telling you, I have
a stunt double named Ashley. I could have her here
in 30 minutes. – Too late. Too late.
– Okay. Welcome to the match.
On my whistle, you will rush to get
that ball in the middle, and then the game is on. If you get hit, you’re out. If it’s a catch,
then you’re safe
and that person is out. You can block with the ball,
but if you block with the ball and it hits your body,
you are out. Everyone clear? Yes, sir? Uh, how do you cheat? – If I– if I were to–
– Oh, yeah. Dodgeball is one of
the only sports that uses the honor system.
It’s, like, key. So you just don’t cheat
in dodgeball. Well, I’m not–
I’m not going to cheat. No, I’m just going to say
that– like, if it hits me, I’m just going
to say it didn’t. – ( Anna scoffs )
– I’ll be watching you. – Mick: Oh, no.
– I got it. All right,
I’m clear now. I got it.
All right. – Saucy, you ready?
– Saucy, are we ready? All: Saucy! Referee:
Doom, are you ready? Doom! Oh, my God,
what was that? How come they didn’t say it
with him? That was stupid. Nobody else joined it? They just left him out there
by himself like that? That’s not a team effort. All right, folks. Best of three games
takes home the trophy. It’s dodgeball time! – On my whistle!
– Brittany: Here’s
the opening run. Game one is on. Hart is on the ball. Come on, Kevin, come on.
Playing smart. Brittany:
He winds up big… Catch, you just
threw a catch. David:
On the replay,
you can see Hart lobbed an easy catch
to Doom, so he is out. Well, y’all didn’t tell me
which way to throw it. – Goddamn!
– Referee: Doom, your throw! – Out!
– David:
Ow, Saucy gettin’ creamed. Brittany:
Great dodge there,
and Saucy bringing the heat. David:
Doom, which another
huge catch. – Kevin:
Anna, watch your back!
– ( screams ) – Anna!
– Brittany: Kendrick
dodging for days. – Oh, good dodge!
– Watch out, Anna! – Ah!
– Good dodge, Anna! – We’re still in it!
– David: Team Doom
with the triple toss. – Brittany:
Another Saucy goes down.
– It’s all you, Anna! Brittany:
It’s four on one.
Kendrick is solo. – You got this, let’s go!
– It’s all you! I’m not gonna lie
to you guys. This is literally
a nightmare scenario! David:
Yeah, I had
a nightmare scenario involving a trampoline,
a chainsaw, and a bottle of baby oil. Brittany:
Yikes, Dave. A little
too much of an overshare. Get him in his face! – Brittany: Oh,
big dodge from Doom!
– ( chanting “Anna” ) Anna, get the ball! David:
Kendrick makes the catch, which brings a Saucy player
back in the game. – Kevin’s back in!
– It’s go time. – Let’s go, Kevin!
– Ah! – Woman: Get ’em!
– I saw him do this. Brittany:
Hart slings a side arm. David:
Oh, he missed by a mile. Brittany:
Kendrick with
the sniper shot. – David: Oh!
– Brittany: But Doom
makes that snatch. David:
So, Kendrick is out! – Just you, Kevin.
– I’ve been here before, baby. David:
Doom fires. – Goddamn.
– David: Hart is hit,
and Team Saucy goes down. That was like
a heat-seeking missile. And game one
goes to Doom. One-zero, Doom. On my whistle.
( blows whistle ) Get back! Get back!
Oh, shoot! Brittany:
Doom coming out swinging. – Catch!
– David: And Doom
makes a catch. – ( yells )
– David: Hart with the
stop, dodge, and roll. Brittany:
Doom, with the long rifle,
takes out Saucy. – Referee: Out.
– Brittany: Hart pumps. Launches a rocket. But Doom back flips
for the dodge. David:
Saucy with a no-look
backhand shot. And Doom is out! Saucy is in the flow. Jesus Christ. Brittany:
Doom is down to one. David:
Saucy fires. – Referee: Out!
– David: And it’s over! Brittany:
Saucy takes game two
and it’s all tied up. – Mick: Let’s go.
– He was cheatin’. – You on steroids?
You cheatin’!
– Yeah! ( all laugh ) – One-one.
– We can count.
We can count. I don’t know if you can. Good comeback. David:
A lot of smack-talking. This is it,
the final match. Down to game three. Winner takes home
the trophy. Dodgeballs to the wall. All right, teams.
It all comes down to this. One-one, Doom and Saucy. – Here we go, on my whistle!
– ( blows whistle ) ( bleep ) David:
Oh! Saucy takes out Doom
right off the bat. Oh, God! Brittany:
Doom is out for blood! – Referee: Out, out.
– David: Doom dropping
a deuce on Saucy. Let’s go, fellas. Better back up. – David: She fires a laser!
– Catch! Brittany:
And it’s a catch from Doom. David:
So, Kendrick is out. – Hart fires a canon.
– Oop, got him. David:
And Doom is down. Get your ass out! David:
Doom from way downtown. – Brittany: Too slow.
– Referee: Out. – Down to four on one.
– All right, Kevin,
it’s all you! Hart staring down Doom. Mick:
Kevin versus Doom! Hands up, Kevin!
Big catch! – Kevin!
– Hey! Three, two… Brittany:
Doom calls for the buddy up. – ( cheers )
– David: Hart dodged those balls like a Chihuahua
in the big dog park. – I see you, Kev.
– Let’s go, Kev. You guys suck.
You guys suck ass. I’ll hit you with the old
K. Hart Wiggle. – Come on, Kev. Get fit.
– That’s called the Little
Swag Wiggle. Brittany:
Doom pumps. Woman:
Hit him in the face, Kevin! David:
Hart, staring down
the world champs. – Doom winds up.
– Brittany: Doom
with a sneak attack. – Doom takes it!
– David: It’s all over! It’s all over! Doom wins! Referee:
Doom takes it. David:
And it’s not so sweet
for Saucy. – Hey.
– Mick: Boo! That’s a different level
of fitness, right there. That’s real. But I don’t quit that– Ah, sorry, sorry.
Just trying to get
a hit. Sorry. Congratulations. Five-time national
dodgeball championship
team, Doom! You guys picked on
a bunch of celebrities who never played
dodgeball before. – Congratulations.
– All: Boo. I’ll be a man.
That’s a big deal. – Hey.
– Whoo! I knew it, I knew it!
You can’t trust him. – Saucy!
– You can’t trust him. Ah! Yes! Now, congratulations
to ’em. Nothing but fun. Ultimately, a game that
I did not only know about, but now that I get
to actually play it, experience it,
you gotta respect it. Come here, Anna! Here’s what
we will say, man. To everybody at home,
the biggest message about this is, hey,
challenge yourself. That’s what “What the Fit”
is all about. It’s about embracing
physical fitness, and that physical fitness
can be whatever you desire
it to be. – Anna, high-five it.
– Amazing. – You were dope as hell.
– I know. I had a good time. Another amazing episode
of “What the Fit.” All right. ( yells ) Hart:
Hey, what’s going on?
This is Kevin Hart. Now, I know we had fun, but right now
it’s time to get serious. So what I want you to do is start by watching
these videos and subscribing
to my channel, “Laugh Out Loud.”
Do it!

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