Touring the Artisans Asylum, 40k Square Foot Makerspace in Boston

Touring the Artisans Asylum, 40k Square Foot Makerspace in Boston

you gotta have a lightsabers Ben oh yeah and buckets of 3d printing progress hey greetings fellow makers built here in Boston or Summerville technically without buddy Jacob aka rocket rocket you may see this guy running around with a giant sign I like to fix costumes repair the mobile costume repairman yeah in fact we saw you at PAX East it's doing something did you help him I did actually and this is the first year I actually wore a costume while fixing every good meta yes what was that what is the most common thing that needs fixing on a costume it's not really one thing necessarily but it's usually needs tape glue or sewing anything from tearing foam to seem to apiece net fella awesome all this Jacob is the hero that the cosplay community deserves I think I think where are we right now so we are at the artisan's asylum in Somerville mass and it is a 40,000 square foot community makerspace you call it that I call it a 40,000 square foot wonderful play land of Awesomeness it's pretty much fun it yeah it's like our shop that we have except 40 times bigger and oh and in ten of every tool and all those tools are bigger and better yeah yes it's a I don't think it would be very easy to move no oh goodness no so not only is this a place where people can come and use tools but you have like this is your space like you rent this space right here yep and there are lots of those types of spaces around here yeah so we've got over a hundred and forty different rentable areas that you can make your shop basically and then you can use all of the remaining probably like 20,000 square feet I think for shops so what job metal shop steel work isn't like an Iron Works welding machine shop full CNC area you see more than one CNC thing and they're all gigantic laser cutters so you printer your screen printing I'm we're getting things up bike shop all sorts all sorts of things we shot a bunch of button will show all that off it's wicked cool like that stomach boston get wicked clicking cool it is really extraordinary it's not only amazing because you have access to these tools in the space and everything but all the other creative people around here yeah so we were saying earlier how you may have a specific thing you need done for your costume they really particular thing and if someone here doesn't know how to do it they probably know a guy that knows how to do it absolutely like I actually don't really show that much yeah I mean there's a couple people here who do so so they don't pay that complex yep I'll build them a crowded area soon it feels like there's a lot of pre-trade going or a lot of TRACON some of the guys back here I believe if it's trading for those dry gun yes a couple of these guns I made a lightsaber for trading space guns for lightsabers like one does yes it kind of feels like a like a weird Depot of not only goods and services but people in knowledge it really is and it's not just the access to the tools that I love is that right so if anyone at home is in the Boston area they ought to come check this place out absolutely you can to get at brought props or Instagram me or any of those things I'm on Facebook as well I'd love to show you around we actually just started having open possibly nights so basically it's like once every few weeks now we'll have an open night where you can just come in and bring your project and teach you things will help you out figure out problems you might be having and pretty soon we'll be having some classes like homework a vacuum forming and reservoir that's right you've got a yeah it's almost done and I it is in operation but there's a few tools that need to be at it excellent so yes if you're in the Boston area you want to make stuff this is the place to cover to learn and have to get access to pull people in cool tools please come visit yes and of course if you're not in this area look for a makerspace near where you live in Seattle we have two of them that are super cool to check out but you never know as soon as you start poking around near where you live you may find one of these places existed you didn't even know yeah I mean just in the last two years in Boston there's one this one has been around for a while there's now one in Worcester which is basically an iron working makerspace Tower hammers and forges may all sorts of cool stuff and there's another one in coal that has none fantastic homework guy when bunch of woodworkers and metal workers yeah keep your ear to the ground you'll be maybe surprised that people the tools you need to make that next project become a reality or larger than the end absolutely thanks for this round yes yeah thank you guys for watching we'll see y'all in the next bill damn hey thanks for watching if you're new to the channel please subscribe so you don't miss any of our new weekly prop and costume tutorial videos for more goodies head over to our website where you'll find blueprint tutorial books articles and more we also have a second channel for our Q&A show and extra behind-the-scenes videos thanks again and happy crafting

26 thoughts on “Touring the Artisans Asylum, 40k Square Foot Makerspace in Boston”

  1. Hey, I just made my first prop! I used materials I found, so it's kinda scrappy. Wondering if I could send you a picture so you can tell me what I'm doing right an wrong!

  2. Wish there a decent one near me (Exeter UK), the only one here is at the library which is A) crap, and B) incredibly expensive ;^<

  3. Excellent video Britt, and Bill, and a big Thank You to Jacob for showing us around his work-space / MakerSpace 🙂

  4. I went to a panel at New York Comic-Con by Jacob Larocca! I recognize one of the props you showed off, I held it. I just had an "I know that guy" moment! There's gotta be a makerspace somewhere in New York, hopefully I can find some time to go to one.

  5. I wish I could go but it's so far away and Delaware has only one makerspace but it's far away from me! I guess my parents garage will have to suffice.

  6. I'm just gonna be another one of those people…. I NEED SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA! If anyone knows somewhere tell please

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