32 thoughts on “Top 10 of Place Artifacts Part III”

  1. BS on the spheres! We know nothing about who created them so how can the creators say they had a potion that softens stone.

  2. From what I have researched of the horned skull of Pennsylvania, it didn't exist. I am not sure about the skulls from other locations though. That story has been floating around for about 100 years, but comes apparently from a misunderstanding about horns or antlers buried on top of a skull. A message from one of the men involved in the dig tries to clear this up, but has not.

  3. Is it possible that human are the one who are responsible for having dinosaur in this planet by breeding different kinds of animals mixed and evolved to we called dinosaurs.

  4. The horned people are descendants of Cain. Jewish secular history says that the mark God put on Cain was to make him look like the animal he was in killing his brother. He founded a city and had descendants, and some of them were found here.

  5. You usually narrator your videos. Why no narration in his video? You do sound a little intoxicated in them and you sometimes mispronounce some words, but I enjoy your narrations none the less. Please don't stop narrating–I hate reading youtube videos!!! Currently, I am binge watching Ben Miller videos.

  6. I wonder about the Costa Rica balls
    What would happen if you had a map where they all were found & you tried to do the Connect-the-Dots game?
    Would it form a pattern?

  7. 10 : Asteroid from outer space that hit the Earth in the past.
    8 : It could be represent anything, like a flying divine crown.
    6 : Magnifying lenses. Made of polished glass.
    5 : A con artist masterpiece.

  8. there is a brilliant book called; 'worlds in collision' by immanuel velokovsky , and he postulates that mankind has reached a high civilisation numerous times but then gets thrown back to the stone age when there is a huge cosmic upheaval , which is why these machine parts are encased in rock , or lava and it explains why human skulls are found deep inside mountains etc and it explains why venus spins retrograde to all the other planets, which is odd.

  9. The herb thyme & water lilies are amongst the plants drawn in the Voynich manuscript. They're from Earth.

  10. what if we did reach out to "other life", but our message sent reached the "space time continuum", and they did reach out to us and we received there message thousands or even millions of years ago… we already encountered and interacted with the other life!!! deep within earth covered by trillions of years of sediment and soil are the remains of "The Aliens" which slowly we are unveiling… they were here this has already happened can't you see

  11. The Baghdad battery is not an out of place artifact, they used electricity for electro plating metals. You only need a tiny voltage.

  12. Actually the Voynich manuscrit isn't that mysterious, even though it is a marvelous artifact. The plants depicted are indeed from earth, south america to be specific. lots of them don't exist anymore, or are rare, that's why it took a long time to realize it. Concerning the language, it is in fact a language spoke by south american at the time. Since they were no writing for it, he sort of borrow to another one and made his own stuff. I don't remember everything so, if you want to learn more, i found those informations quite easely on google. That manuscrit is a wonder, that's why i wanted to know so bad !

  13. the voynich manuscript code has been broken, happened last yr or the yr before……it's presently being decyphered now

  14. and what about "The Milenium Falcon of Baltic See"? found last yer and soon after discovered it's see area was closed by Swedish navy, but the keep a perimeter of 1mile from it.

  15. Awesome, as usual.  That book with the plants is MOST fascinating.  Clearly the knew what he/she was writing, yet no one can read it.  This to me is the most-interesting bits of all three videos.  And that's saying something because all of these things are interesting.

  16. I don't know about anyone else, but if I had that "sky stone" I'd be doing everything, from subjecting it to electricity and heat and other tests to find possible uses for the material, to tying it to the end of a stick and swishing it around shouting "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" at the top of my lungs. Because, why not?

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