Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2014 (Best Superbowl XLVIII Ads)

Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2014 (Best Superbowl XLVIII Ads)

boys gonna get some help I don't know can you guess you don't want Doritos top ten best Super Bowl commercials of 2014 I think I like this little guy I love this one you know you could always compromise and breed them together dobra Wawa know what I mean I've never seen a breed like this Lorelai I don't know what to make of the Franklin it's unsettling it's disturbing to look at it directly how did this dog get past Regis that's what I weigh I'm Sarah McLaughlin will you help is mr. Dennis I don't like the fact that it's looking this way much better hey tim tebow here still no contract but it's all good without a contract I can do my own stunts I could save these puppies and back in tour the world you might want to hold on to those donuts bottom line contracts hold you back switch to t-mobile and we'll buy you out of yours hey mr. Smith wanna try out my time machine it runs on Doritos sure you really did have my perfect car I'm so glad I started here tim tebow here everyone thinks I want a contract but without one I've done so much this year nervous father's demise about a contractor attack with the unknown gotcha I've answered tough questions save the whales we can talk to animals and we can bring world peace Iceland ice here bottom line contracts are limited yes they are switch to t-mobile and will buy you out of yours [Applause] he coaches asturias the other subway as nacala the butter should tip jar of milk equal search game but the tongue was more HEPA Scipio you know by future shows I have no idea what you're saying but count me in peanut M&M for everyone wait what you got something on your right here oops I did it again Oh got your pants creek boy huh you heard the man take those pants off that's gonna stain Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt fuel your pleasure no no no please don't leave me alone with him she wasn't good for us anyway like most actors my real job is saving the world start with plain water I'm bubbles mixing the perfect flavor look soda that's better for you and all of us less sugar less bottles if only I can make this message go viral you do this garland yeah you do it change the world once it retired I just love helping people oh yeah she done nice ride nice try nice acceleration detonation nice hand like scram brain I gotta go to the John I ate some kind of clam through the GPS our files you know I'm gonna help if you want to see more interesting top 10 lists like this one in the future make sure to hit subscribe and if you find yourself enjoying or being informed by this video hitting thumbs up let's YouTube know the video doesn't suck plus every time a thumbs up is clicked a lost puppy finds its way back home [Applause]

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