TOMMY HART - Alabama Artifacts

TOMMY HART – Alabama Artifacts

Tommy this Tommy heart he's from mobile no one call – nope I'm a retired mobile you're from where Alabama Carlton twelve miles south of Jackson I mean it's not gonna rain long the Tommy has all these artifacts here if you wouldn't hold up one more someone tell me some about these things I just was a fist acts as is this one this is made out of agate see the white in it that's limestone it precipitator are you find all this yourself all this stuff and all that come to the river this is a spade women use that in a dig wheel to the hand guard this is a green stone cell these are all all up here a paleo points it's probably eight to ten thousand years old all burners doing the paper on this because nobody's ever found a cache of paleo place before well you found a cache of these you're finding them in bunches did well all that came out of one place hands did this is a wrought iron and we didn't have any tectonic activity in South Alabama the closest of mountain building Appalachian chain up they never found any copper here copper this is a Megalodon well he got him about 64 million years ago when that that meteorite hit down in you connect Yucatan and kill all the dinosaurs this is an ochre is what you paint himself with Vidia chestnut you just don't find things like that it's a beautiful piece of fossil I all this came out of the rib yeah several rivers or one main river yeah to connect a river well one of these things about three months ago sold for one hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars one of what well will pay they open all this is pay deal well that's your retirement right there how do I keep it all the way all this stuff I've given to a museum in Clark County well you can always work for them in retirement peace bet that little rare somebody reach out of I know well let's not slide out about 1903 well thank you for getting some some insight on your collection here all this stuff to pay the Oh here this this is a pictograph you find that cave cliff overhang you don't find them on riverbanks I found out the river later hmm that's a rattlesnake motif these are airheads hurts no this is real thank you very much sure my place is we're at birth borne out in Brewton Alabama Bert corn reenactment today

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  1. Sorry, I disagree. Those were not Paleo points. I am not trying to be critical but I know my points. This was nice indeed but not the real deal. It was still cool.

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