To Cup or Not To Menstrual Cup? – Scratching the Surface | Vitamin Stree

To Cup or Not To Menstrual Cup? – Scratching the Surface | Vitamin Stree

Periods The monthly subscription that’s been flooding women’s inboxes since puberty. Discussions around how to deal with periods are moving slowly from blue-inked sanitary pads to green alternatives like the menstrual cup. And although the menstrual cup has been commercially available since 1937, women in India are still suspicious of it. So… To cup or not to cup? That is the question. And we’re gonna clear a few things up to help you answer it! Does it hurt? Pain is a big concern when using the menstrual cup. But the cup is made from medical grade silicone, and is soft. All you have to do is fold it and insert it right below the cervix. Once it’s inside, it opens up and stays in place due to suction. Then you pinch, twist and pull it out. The entire process can be a bit tricky at first. But after a few tries, it gets a lot easier. And before you make the switch, you must do your research! Is it hygienic? No matter how hard you try, changing a sanitary pad in a public bathroom stall will sound like a shark ripping into plastic bags. But with the menstrual cup. STEALTH MODE! Just remove it, wash it with water and place it back in! And if there’s no private wash basin around, you can use paper towels and some water. The cup can be used for 10-12 hours on average. At the end of your cycle, just boil it in water to sanitize it, and the same cup can be used for 5-10 years. Imagine the number of sanitary pads you’d have to buy in that time! Seeing or touching the blood can take some getting used to. But unlike with the sanitary pad, you’re not walking around with a funky smell all the time. Where do I get it? There’s hardly any advertising around the menstrual cup. So, women don’t know what to buy… where to buy it from? and how much to buy it for? But don’t worry, we’ve got the lowdown for your down below! Menstrual cups come in different sizes. And since pharmacies don’t have them, you can buy them online. Brands like Boondh, SheCup and Diva Cup cost anywhere between 500 and 4000 rupees. You can also switch from the cup to a cloth pad at the end of your period, when the flow is not too heavy. Every month women have to deal with their own personal Red Wedding. And yet there are so many options to deal with menstrual health and hygiene that rarely get discussed. Thanks to misinformation, less information and general taboo surrounding the topic. But the menstrual cup doesn’t need to remain a mystery. It is eco-friendly and cost-effective. And if you feel the sudden urge to run around, climb a rock or wear white shorts… JUST GO FOR IT! We hope this information helps and that your next period is more civilised! For more helpful content Like, Share and Subscribe to Vitamin Stree!

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  1. Do you use the menstrual cup? Tell us about it!
    If not, do you plan to make the switch? Tell us about that too!
    Let us know in the comments below what you think! 🙂
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  2. This channel is great! You guys are doing a wonderful job of talking about all these issues that need to be talked about, and that too with such creativity! I think this is the best way one can use platforms like YouTube, kudos to Vitamin Stree❤

  3. Hey! Just a piece of advice
    I came to know about your channel from a yt ad
    But I had to watch the whole ad just to know the name of your channel
    But most people will be too impatient
    For more subs try putting your name throughout the ad 🙂

  4. Mm it's still confusing…are our public toilets or restrooms in offices equipped to allow us wash these cups discreetly and hygienically..?

    Luv the fact that it would have a huge impact on the environment though, by reducing plastic waste .

  5. Just curious Questions
    Isn't it more stinky when you take it out full of blood not to mention the drops it leaves with the sudden disposal?
    Also it does stay in for a long time soo like isn't the blood actually clotting inside the vagina. Isn't that toxic?

  6. I really like your channel very much useful…. Thank you so much its very understanding and not boring at all… Every information in other channels are too boring .. But this is entirely different.. Literally loved it 💕

  7. I did tried to switch on it & bought it too but it doesn't go inside😭 I even bought the right size but no avail😞

    Edit: It finally happened I was trying to get it in randomly & it actually went inside.So I realised that it would only happen easily without any lubricant when I'm on my periods.I don't know whether it opened or not 'cause there wasn't a pop sound but I could feel the suction.It leaked a bit the second day when I didn't insert it fully inside but it worked.I just wanna tell u guys to give it a try.And thanks @Shivani Soni & @NoopurSharma

  8. Very interesting!! Thanks for making this ad. I have a doubt though… what happens while sleeping??

    Does the cup stay in place and not soil the bed? How will one know how far up is one supposed to place the cup for it to have the right amount of suction? And lastly how does one buy the right size? I still get confused with bras, these i can still try in the trial room.

  9. Please tell me what is the ideal age for someone to start using menstrual cups. I'm almost 18 y/o and I'm actually really scared to put anything inside myself.

  10. Love how creative Vitamin Stree team is! Information never gets boring with them.
    Keep the fun and facts up!! 😁🤘🏼❤️

  11. Hi vitaminstreee 😁i really loved ur concept to explain In details about womenarrian😝😙thanks for ur videos😊my doubt and fear about cup is half now 😃

  12. I think its really a dangerous gross and unhygienic idea. Cant even think of inserting some foreign object inside my body how dangerous is dat. U people are saying use a cloth pad wen the flow is less. I mean its sooo unhygienic. Who does dat.

  13. I have been using the cup for the last 6 months. And I ain't turning back. I love it. And got it for one rs.299 on Amazon

  14. Isn't it unhygienic that the collected blood stays inside? Do we get any infection? And while removing it, blood doesn't get spill off?

  15. Though it's very comfortable once it gets inside but removing the cup is very difficult. I panicked when it went inside a bit far. I almost thought I would have to go to the hospital to get it removed. It was my first n last use of menstrual cup.

  16. Best thing that happened to me! It took me 4-5 cycles to learn how to put it in, or take it out. But now it is really really easy, and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing anything! No rashes, no wet soggy feels, and no stink!

  17. I started using the cup about 7 months ago and I was terrified. It took me a loooong time to get used to it(I fumble about for it even now) but I'm glad I made the choice. U hardly feel it when its placed right and NO SMEELL!!! (Also I'm 18 rn. So u can get the cup whenever u want.)

  18. Could you please make a video on leaking while using menstrual cups? I've been a cup user for 2 years, but I usually get leakages and use a cotton cover sanitary pads as protection. I initially thought the leaking would disappear when I get more used to the cup but it still persists.

  19. Heyyy! I m new subscribers…. I want to know something about these cups, is it safe for teenagers??? Plzzzz reply…..

  20. i bought the cup
    i can't just insert it . there is no hole . im 18 and i never had sex or masturbation neither do i fell like doing . please anybody help me out

  21. I use cup since 2 months ,the major issue i feel it i insert cup take nob outside but after sometime nob cup insert deeply and its very hard to pull out eaisly? Guide me for this

  22. I have been using it past 4-5 months, its amazing.. No Smell, No leakage, no pads and no tension of disposal.

    Yes, getting it right might take 2-3 tries, but it's all worth!

  23. Hello Vitamin stree. I ordered a menstrual cup of medium size and tried putting it in before my period. My vagina was dry and it wouldn't even open and I couldn't put the cup in. I'm 15 years old. Is it too early for me to try it? And does it break your hymen?

  24. you guys are doing such a fabulous job. and the amount of thought that goes behind each frame is evident from the videos. keep up the creative work a d great content !! 🤗

  25. If d stem is long n totally nt geting inside cn v cut that…if ve cut vil der b no leakage na..plz reply me

  26. i dont know why but when i think about insertion of cup …i feel pain..thats why i scared to use to this…

  27. I purchased a cup almost a year back still i just couldn't make the switch, this damn cramps just doesn't let me think about anything else 😑 and i also have a question.. What happens if you lay flat with the cup in ?? Will the blood flow back and front ??

  28. After this video and my research on the topic , i wish i had such information earlier 🙂 Thanks Vitamin Stree for educating me on various spectrums of various subject ! Thank you and great work 🙂

  29. Umm… Would it be weird if I say I don't exactly know where to insert the cup. I mean even though I'm 23, I still have no idea where I bleed from.

  30. Hey I'm 16 years old, can i use a cup ?? because i think the size of the cup is quite big to fit in down there

  31. I was skeptical at first but the embarrassing stained bedsheets, awful stench got me to switch happily 💖💜💖

  32. I have been using the menstrual cup for a year, I choose to switch from pad to cup due to rashes I used to have after each period, and after I did research it comes out to be cost effective and environment friendly as well. I think I have taken a ri8 decision. My sister and my mother is also using the cup too. 😊

  33. Thanks Vitamin Stree …… such an amazing channel …… before buying the cup I watched ur channel for the final decision and I really feel that everyone should switch to it …… loads of love to u guys 😘

  34. Hi watched ur information for using munstural cup scared n having some questions in mind. Firstly how size of munstural cup, is it safe can go to office n do regular work with out hesitation or tension will be all around After using u said we can wash with hot water does smell comes how hygiene it is want to try n advise my daughter before her I want to use be sure so that with hesitation I can advise my daughter as her periods started recently

  35. Hey is it hygenic to use that material again nd again? Like we need to just wash nd use it again… so tell me abt it! Plz
    I told my mom regarding this she said it will make ur vagina braud😐 i said what?

  36. Actully i'm planning from few months to switch into menstrual cups because pads are very irritating during periods some time and i got rashes and i cnt walk properly bcz of them😣😣😣
    Is it safe and easy to use cups ?
    And how to insert them and if we insert them how would i came to knw that its at right place😑😑😑
    Help me please

  37. I had bought one for myself. I was all excited. But when the time came to actually use it, I freezed.

    Till date I don't have the guts to go back to it. It lays in my cupboard as it is.

    I bought the smallest size, yet I had problems. Can you suggest?

  38. I asked my mom if i can buy one. At first she was curious but when i said one has to insert it in, she refused. I don't know if it's because of her lack of knowledge about cups or bcs it can break my hymen.

  39. Yaar i use it first tym …….it was painful and confused about the place to fit ……although did digging before but after 1st use i switch to pads ……..could u tell what could possibly i was doing wrong??

  40. I have been using the cup since one year and now I'm not worried about those days… I can sleep like a queen👑💍👸💅✊ and run like an athlete… Any season ☔ ☀

  41. My sister said it makes hole bigger 😂😂i bursted out laughing …. but still in the confusion to buy one or not ??

  42. I've been using menstrual cup for a about half an year now and nothing feels more liberating than this 😍
    And kudos to you guys.. The way you present the contents is amazing 💛 lage raho

  43. I have PCOD and I get my period once in about 4 months and very very less flow. I watch these kind of informative videos and feel happy and pray on the inside that I get my period frequently.

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