Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Lainey and today
I’m giving you guys tips on motivation. This video suggestion came from doowopshopgal and when I saw this comment I thought this was a great way to give
some more advice on motivation because inspiration and productivity… and
motivation are three things that I’m constantly thinking about when it comes
to my own writing. So I want to help with some tips to help motivate you for your
writing. These are tips that I have found helped me. When I think of the word
motivation I’m thinking, for some reason you’re not able to sit down and write
your story. There’s nothing there that’s making you want to write it. Some of
these tips might be a little bit more on the harsher side, just because these are
tips I think will help you get up and get going on it instead of just like, not
doing it. I think the first one maybe is the most obvious one and that is you
need to make the time to write. That doesn’t mean you have to write every
single day. Ways that will help you make time to write is when you actually
schedule off days or time to fit it in. Whenever I sit down to do my plan for
the week, I always think what is my goal for writing every single day. It could be
right now because it’s Camp NaNoWriMo so my goal is to write every single day, if
possible. You can start small. Even for me, most of my daily goals have to do with
like, an hour I want to spend on my project, or maybe a thousand words
I want to write in my project. And it fluctuates, it doesn’t–it’s not always
the same, but at least it’s there for me to know that this is something I have to
do. Also because I treat writing like a second job. This has helped a lot with my
motivation just because like, I have such big goals for my writing in the future
that I want to make sure I’m doing everything I possibly can to get it done.
Now also going into that one is my productivity planner. This has motivated
me a whole lot to get things done and I actually did an entire video on my
productivity player that I will link up above there. The short version of this is
that I use stickers to track my productivity so I can look at like, my
monthly spread and see all the times that I’m actually doing work for my
project and that has been really motivating me because I want to see as
many stickers as possible on my monthly spread and then I feel bad when I don’t
do it. And to immediately go off of that, one is you can create a reward system. I
tried doing this during Nano of last year, but I ended up writing way faster. I
was like hitting milestones like, every couple days so it wasn’t
really beneficial to me. My plan was like, reward myself with something for like
every milestone hit .5,000 words, what do I get? I get to watch a movie on Netflix.
When I hit like 10,000 words, what do I get to do? I get to go to Taco Bell. I was
going to get my hair done when I reached 50,000. Like that was the big reward
at the end. Doing this and the productivity planner, it helps with like,
a competitive side with me. I’m a very competitive person, so competing against
myself is the best opponent that I have. That also helped me write more
consistently. Another tip for motivation that I have is setting deadlines for
yourself. This kind of also feeds into the previous tips that I have been
suggesting. It gives you a set date of when you need to finish something, so that you
can work towards it. Like for me right now, my Sharp Hollows rewrite is due at
the end of the month. I also have deadlines coming up in May because, I did
this to myself, I’m sending Sharp Hollows to my critique
group in the middle of May. So that means I have to finish the rewrite by the end
of April so I can spend maximum of two weeks editing it–self editing it. I’m
fine. I’m fine with these deadlines right now that are kind of stressing me out.
Stressing me out in a good way and now I have people that are counting on me and
I hate disappointing people. So, I know I’m going to finish it because I have to.
Going off the deadlines with other people, my next tip is actually to find
your people. It helps so much when you have someone that is going along in this
journey with you. I’ve talked about her many times in my videos, but my critique
partner Amanda is one of the reasons why I’m always motivated to write. We’re
constantly collaborating with each other for our own goals, so I know what her
deadlines are, she knows when my deadlines are. So that really helps to
have at least someone or people that are aware of your deadlines and of your
goals so that they can hold you accountable for it. My next two tips have
to do with the community as a whole. One thing that really motivates me is when I
read other author blogs, or their newsletter, or tweets, or their Instagram
stories, or their website. Seeing what someone else has that I want, in the
least envious way possible, that really
motivates me to get going because they’re doing what they love and that’s
what I want to do so, seeing them be successful
drives me even more. The other half of that is definitely writing vlogs, or
advice, or writing tips on YouTube. I love finding new people that talk about their
writing on YouTube. Seeing them work hard makes me work hard. I love watching other
people talk about their craft and seeing where they are at in the writing process
definitely motivates me to get my butt back to my computer to write. My
last tip has to do a little bit more with you are already writing, so what
motivates you to get back into your writing the next day. I try very hard to
always end my writing sessions on an exciting part. Whether it’s about to be
exciting, like if I’m really excited to write this next scene of these two
characters you know, having some banter. I won’t write it yet, I’ll write it
the next day because that I’ll be really excited to write. Or if I’m in the middle
of an action scene, I’ll sometimes stop there and I’ll pick up again the next
day because that will keep me excited to keep writing it. Those are my tips for
motivation. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. My name is Lainey. I make videos
every Monday and Friday on books and writing and all my social media links
will be down below if you’d like to check me out elsewhere.
I hope you guys all have a really great day and I’ll see you guys very soon, bye!

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