100 thoughts on “Tiësto, Mabel – God Is A Dancer (Official Video)”

  1. Practise for English listening and speaking skill: listen to Mabel's songs (basically- means you may listen to another singers/ songs).
    Practise for English writing (+listening) skill- I mean here low frequent vocabularies: listen to Taylor Swift's songs.
    Practise for English speaking, writing, listening and watching combine more than one artist, so you can improve your English, and don't forget: practise makes perfect!

  2. How dare you sing about God like that, your going to hell for infinity. Bet you will be sorry then, even if you don’t believe in God do not disrespect the people whom believe in God.
    May God NOT have mercy on you.

  3. So :
    Tiësto & Rita Ora : Ritual
    Tiësto & Mabel : God is a Dancer
    Tiësto & David Guetta : 🤔
    Tiësto & Ariana Grande : 🤔
    Tiësto & Angéle : 🤔
    Tiësto & Bebe Rexha : 🤔
    Tiësto & The Chainsmokers : 🤔
    Tiësto & Billie Elish : 🤔
    Tiësto & Selena Gomez : 🤔
    Who want one of these celebrations?

    (Edit : I edit this comment if there's one of this new celebrations maked (SENTENCES WITH 🤔).)

  4. God is a dancer.. Yep Nataraja नटराज, a depiction of the Indian Hindu God Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. And Lord Krishna कृष्णा is a musician 🙂

  5. Ariana Grande:God is a woman
    Mabel:God is a dancer

    God: I’m a 5million BCE old MAN and I can’t do a sh* on the dance floor


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