TIDE POD… Challenge???

TIDE POD… Challenge???

Hey guys! I’m Jessi and today we’re gonna
learn how to make a Tide Pod in Photoshop. For a backdrop to work from I
think I’m gonna use this candy dish, a place where your Tide Pods don’t belong
and should never reside. I got this image courtesy of Holy-Winn on deviantART and
I’ve linked her down into the description. The first thing I’m going to
create is that plastic skirt thing you see on the edge of the tide pod to do
this I’m gonna take the rectangle tool and make a rectangle filled with white.
I’m then going to set the Blend Mode to Soft Light to make it translucent, just
like your ghost after you die for eating a tide pod. Now I’m going to
distort it a bit so that the plane looks like it’s retreating back into the
distance, you know perspective stuff. Now I’m going to create the white gel part
by taking the rounded rectangle tool and filling the shape with white and doing
the same perspective distortion as before. Now you know the plastic skirt
thing isn’t straight like this all around so I’m going to add some more
anchor points with the pen tool and warp the edges. I’m going to go ahead and mess
around with the white gel layer too. Actually, I’m going to go ahead and make
this green just for now to make things easier to see. Time for the swirly bits
on top. I’m doing this with the pen tool and looking at a reference photo. What?
Did you think I was just doing this crap from memory? No! Don’t let me fool you
guys, I’m seriously sitting here with my phone next to me with a Pinterest board
full of reference photos. Always look at reference photo, seriously. And now we’re
going to make the blue swirl. Blue, like your mom will be when you die from
eating a damn detergent pod. Yes I went there, don’t eat the damn tide pod! You
know while I adjust all these layers this would be a good time to explain
what happens while you eat a tide pod. Due to the high concentration of the
detergent in the Tide Pods, the moment you bite into a tide pod you will feel a
burning sensation is the liquid spills into your mouth. This is because the high
concentration of these chemicals are literally burning you. You may also
receive chemical burns on your skin and eyes. Then, as the liquid
inevitably drips down your throat, your esophagus and possibly your airway will
also receive chemical burns, causing extreme pain and severe breathing
problems. And all that’s really gonna hurt once the vomiting starts.
Assuming you don’t pass out first… So yeah, fun. Now I’m going to add some
shadows by making a new layer with a blending mode of multiply. To select just
the blue swirl I’m going to ctrl+click the layer. And now I’m going to take a
blue and shade it with a round soft brush, blending it out with a speckled
brush with a smudge tool. I then repeated this on the orange swirl. For the
highlights I’m basically doing the same thing only with lighter colors and
setting the blending mode of the layer to screen. Now as you probably noticed
when using Tide Pods for their intended purpose of cleaning laundry and not
eating them, each little gel pocket has an air bubble inside. To create this I
first grouped all my orange swirl layers together and added a layer mask. Then I
use the pen tool to create the shape of the bubble and made my path a selection.
With the layer mask selected I painted inside the bubble to erase the orange
and reveal some of the white gel layers below. To get a more realistic look I’m
going to duplicate the plastic layer and place a layer mask so that only appears
over the bubbles and I’m gonna go ahead and lower the opacity of this to 25%.
On to the highlights. Speaking of highlights, who knows how
many highlights of your life you would miss if you died from eating a tide pod?
Probably a lot, don’t eat the tide pod. I created a new layer and filled it with
white with a blend mode of screen. I then added a layer mask, lowered the opacity to 50%, and just started painting on the layer
mask to reveal the highlights. Similar process for the shadows. New layer filled
with black, set to multiply, 50% opacity, and a layer mask to paint in where I’d
like to shadows to be. The colors aren’t quite right ,so I’m going to add a
hue/saturation adjustment layer to each swirl. After I do that I’m just going to
adjust everything a bit more before I group everything together. This needs a shadow. To do that I create
a new layer behind my group and set the blending mode to color burn and painted
in the shadow using a soft round brush at lowered opacity. Next I’m adding a photo
filter to paint some of that bounce light color from the dish onto the tide
pod. To give it a boost I duplicated the layer and painted over the layer mask
to cover the whole tide pod, pulling color from a darker part of the dish and
lowering the intensity. Now just a few more adjustments. I like to blur the
edges to make it look more like it belongs in the photo, because of focal
depth, resolution, and all that. And here we have a tide pod. Now I could leave it
like that, or I could make an entire candy bowl of death. Hope you guys
enjoyed this tutorial, and seriously don’t eat Tide Pods. Don’t do the tide
pod challenge, just don’t. Even if you don’t die from doing it you could wind
up with severe chemical burns or even wind up in a coma. It’s just not worth it.
If you or someone you know is thinking about doing the tide pod challenge, don’t.
Instead, share this video to spread awareness of how dangerous this
challenge really is. Also check out these lino prints from Petra Daniels. If you
want to see more from her check out her links in the description below. Also, if
you’d like a chance for your art to be featured just submit your work to me on
social media, all my links are down below. Today’s video was inspired by The Silent
Ghost Reaper’s Tide Pod video. Would Batman really do the Tide Pod Challenge?
Well you better watch his video to find out! Click on the video to the left to
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  1. Love me some tide pods on the morning. Best way to start the day!

    That being said, Great work! This looks legit enough to go on the packaging!

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