This Incredible Painter Is Only 15

This Incredible Painter Is Only 15

Your right brain is your creative and artistic side and your left brain is more your analytical and scientific side. My left brain is definitely more focused on the more science aspect of my life and my right brain is more focused on kind of like tying and fusing together in the art and fashion world through, various mediums. I'm Evan. I'm an artist. I'm an entrepreneur and I'm 15 years old. I went to Paris when I was around 9 or 10 and we decided to stop at the Louvre one day. It kind of just hit a hue with me. Not only the composition of the paintings, but just the feelings that they resonated within me. And so when I got home, I just really wanted to recreate that feeling that I had there. Probably by the third or
fourth canvas, he was creating things that had really interesting composition,
really interesting coloring. Even before I grab the canvas and do a couple of weeks of research about the personality, about their life. About the culture of that specific location and I try to combine those elements into the painting Once I actually approach the canvas, I keep on thinking about the landscape and that person until the last moment when
I put the brush to the painting. One of my main inspirations, kind of what got me into being interested in art in the
first place actually, was DaVinci. He's a scientist, he's an artist, he's a writer. So they're multiple different components and influences and inspirations into one piece. He watched Jackson Pollock paint,
he watched Jean-Michel Basquiat paint, and he watches scientists do things. He's always had I think a pretty broad understanding of different things. I have a $6500 bid, last call. Sold! When I sold my first painting it was just a super cool feeling knowing that someone out there supported my art and was willing to pay money for it. What comes to my mind is the same thing that comes to everybody else's mind which is you can't believe what you're looking at.
A 12 year old painting such an incredible piece. In the world of technology and everything. I think it's just super important that we stay true to who we are. Go outside and experience nature. I think that nature is definitely one of my big inspirations both in life and in my creative process. There's a lot of people who work in a job nine-to-five and they're dissatisfied
and they come home and they spend one or two hours maybe on something their passion project and I don't think that's a good way to live. So I think whatever he ends up doing, he comes home from work, and he just goes man,
I just knocked it out today. It was a great day.

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  1. Everyone is defending the kid because of an art style. Paintings dont have to look less appealing because of an 'art style'. I just think the kid needs more practice. But I do congratulate him for presenting work to media. I dont like it when people use the excuse of art styles when it clearly needs some work. I have nothing against the kid but the paintings could be better. I hope this kid has a much brighter future for years to come

  2. Is He UsING a StREacHed cANvAS. eeEWWWWwwwW those things bend underneath the painting surface when presure is aplied. like get yourself a nice smooth mdf board. Im only 12 and I know that .

  3. Yo I went to school with this kid. It's amazing to see him doing so well for himself. This kid was actually smart as fuck. Rock on Evan!

  4. No hate but he isn t a child progidy at all just a rich kid who scrables some paint in a canvas living in a good country who support him but the thing i like about him is that he is so confident i need that !!

  5. Do you think he’s an artist at a young age? Wait till you see my friend. 8-year-old artist drawing dragons, dinosaurs, Godzilla and the Space Needle being crushed.

  6. Let's hope he doesn't end as with the same fate as Basquiat. Too many dealers hyping him up. Too much exposure. Too much money and too much promotion too soon. Sure, his art still lives on, but he's a corpse in a coffin nonetheless!

  7. You guys need to cut this kid some slack. I doubt he genuinely thinks of himself as a “child prodigy”; I’m sure Shopify just used that label for clickbait purposes. For a 15 year old, his art is amazing. Maybe not the best, but he’s 15! Give him a couple of years and I’m sure he’ll improve — both in painting and in artistic expression. I’ve also noticed many people bring up wealth. Money helps out, but it can’t buy talent. He’s not some rich kid who bought his way into recognition — he’s a young artist who had the means to be recognized. Using his wealth as a way to disregard him is wrong.
    It really upsets me to see so many ‘amateur’ abstract artists being demeaned by others because “Oh my friend does realism and she’s so much better”. You’re missing the point. Art isn’t a competition. There’s no definitive goal. Simply put, I see art as a means of expression and communication. We should celebrate different styles, not reject them.

  8. Calm your paint brushes. He okay but not that good to be labled as a prodigy. You should have seen some of the other kids i went to school who painted. Even my absract painting is just as good.

  9. Art is subjective and no one will paint the same way as another. Even if people are painting the same subject, it will look different from each canvas. If someone looks at this child's painting and sees complexity with the use of colour and techniques used, that's how that person views it. Abstract is not about just smearing paint on a canvas and calling it a day. It's hard not to muddy the colours together and to create depth and interest. So many people say they could do better, and in your eyes, or others, maybe you can. However, saying and doing are two different things. Art is about emotions, how someone feels looking at your piece. It's a tangible experience and it's up to those viewing it to decide what they feel. Most artists don't make money, and the famed ones didn't until after they died. Art is an escape for many that create it and those who enjoy it.

  10. How do u sell my stuff

    I have paintings more on the realistic side, all portraits, but i domt know how to sell them and no mom, im not gonna sell it for like 20 dollars on facebook

  11. Modern Art is a terrible example of what we should consider as Art. And I say that as an Art student.

    A prodigy is determined by their skills. The pretentious "meaning" comes afterwards. But obviously that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

  12. Wait… @2:26 did his father say that, spending 1-2 hours on something is not a great way to live?! What the actual fuck. Does he even know what the definition of passionate means? If someone wants to spend a lot of time on a painting, it means they actually put effort into it and care what it will look like as the end result. Unlike your disillusioned child here who is throwing paint onto a canvas and making portraits with whatever shitty color he happened to have on his palette (and just didn't feel like mixing a new color).

  13. Nein he is not. I'm sorry but these people are just taking advantage of him i like the art but cmon, like

  14. Wooow amazing work you very intelligent boy well done excellent beautiful wonderful at this age i love it

  15. Poor kid is gonna end up in a dark place when the bloated parasite that is the art world has had its fill and moved on to the next child prodigy.

  16. Im 10 years old
    I cant paint good, i paint landscapes pretty okay, but i draw very good, eyes are my specialty heh..
    I want to be known for my art and i might make a channel soon…maybeeee maybe not
    Im kind of a coward ;-;

  17. Every artist a genius period. Lmk what you think of my art if you got some time on ya hands you don’t know what to do with🤘🏼🥴 this is just one of my videos

  18. ohhh my god who the fuck cares if your 15 and do good art so do other 15 year olds… Now get out of my recommendeds

  19. He’s a great artist. But prodigy? No… His art are what my sketches can sometimes look like. What my friends maths books doodles look like. Don’t get me wrong good art is good art and I wish all the best for him, he’s talented. But he’s not a fucking prodigy. Stop overhyping shit.

  20. Man, the kid's voice sounds so abrasive to the ears. I initially thought it was the sound quality but the other person sounded okay. Also, were 4,276 shots of his shoes necessary?

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