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The WH Sound | Phonics Video | Scratch Garden

Hi. I LOVE SOUNDS! Like (sound), (sound),
and even (sound). Let’s look at this sound! This sound has two letters. W. And H. We all
know that W says wwwww, and H says hhhhh. But when we put them together, WH say (strange sound). Just kidding! Actually, when we put them together, the H becomes silent. That
means that it makes no sound at all. I’m serious. So… even if we throw tiny bananas
at H and H gets angry and yells at us we won’t hear anything! Watch! Isn’t English just so silly! So… if the H is silent, W and H say exactly what the W says: WH. wh wh wh wh wh Many words start with the W and H, the WH
sound. For example: Wheel
Whale I don’t want to eat my vegetables. Whining Can you think of a word that starts with the
WH sound? Ready… GO! Why are you so loud??? Please WHISPER! TIMES UP! OK, don’t forget the W, H, WH sound, which again, is really just the W sound. Until next time (strange sound). Whoa!
Whoa!! Whoa!!! Why?


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