The Ultimate SewingBox!

The Ultimate SewingBox!

hi welcome to our showroom we are so excited to show a brand-new product we have coming out for 2017 this is our Ultimate SewingBox. It has silver hardware and just like our WorkBox It comes all on wheels. Let’s take a peek inside. One of the most exciting new features that is available in our Ultimate SewingBox is the center sliding table. You can just sew right along, the back is open, your fabric can trail down. It comes with a drop-down insert for you to place your sewing machine and it can be level with the surface and because we know you want everything you see here we have actually partnered with a company called sew steady if you send them the model and the brand of your sewing machine they will make a template to fit exactly around your sewing machine to fit in our insert and in our table. There are pads in here, so you can actually raise and lower your sewing machine because not every sewing machine is going to be the same. If you don’t like that and you want your machine raised we also have another option for you we didn’t forget. We have this board insert, which you can put in and your sewing machine can now be raised to a height a little bit higher for those of you who prefer that. And we listened! You guys asked for more work space. We’ve given it to you here. I love this sewing setup because with the 3 workspaces, I can actually pull my serger out. I can be doing serging and all of that here. I can turn around and sew right here and then I can do all the ironing I need to when I’m quilting and sewing. It is for everybody. For sewers who craft, and for crafters who sew. Now many of you have waited for a year at least to learn about this announcement we have awesome totes! They’re hard, plastic, clear you can see everything you have they will last you forever. The great thing with The Ultimate SewingBox is you will get 9 of the shoebox totes. 15 of the 12 and a quarter by 12 and a quarter totes and 17 of the notions totes. All of your notions totes come with 3 dividers in each one. They are removable and adjustable, so you can put various sizes of notions inside of them. Your shoebox totes also come with 2 dividers So you can divide smaller items in these as well. You will also receive 5 of these notions inserts to go inside of your 12 and a quarter by 12 and a quarter to sort all of your notions. On our right swing door we have made it deeper in this Ultimate SewingBox for more storage. It comes with 2 spool holders for a total of 64 pegs for storing spools and bobbins and hanging other items if you choose. There is a deep pocket here as well so you can put your rulers and quilting cutters. I’ve even even put my envelope punch board in here for great storage. When you do close the door part way we have this awesome sheet metal that you can put your patterns, your instructions anything you need while you’re sewing that you can look at and put all your fun magnets and anything you want to display here. We also have a left swing door. So come with me over here. It is also just as deep as the right-hand side. There are 3 pockets you can keep all kinds of tools in, hooks that you can hang. Your scissors, cutters rulers anything you can hang from here and we have all these shelves, which are quite deep so you can fit whatever you want on here as you see we’ve got displayed. On the back of our left hand swing door you can add one of our white magnetic board accessories. Perfect for storing die-cuts and other items. One great feature that you should note is that all of our shelving is adjustable. Underneath the tables, these shelves are also adjustable. You can fit all of your fabric and if you do have bigger tools like a cricket or a silhouette it’s perfectly stored. And this isn’t just for sewers, if you do any other kinds of crafts we can store other tools in here as well we’ve stored our big shot here you can bring it out and use it very easily. We also have this wonderful accessory you can add to your SewingBox. It’s called a crown and it comes with this custom-made LED light which is a double LED light so it gives wonderful light to your work surface here. One of the accessories you can purchase with us, is this Ribbon Box. We’ve actually removed one of the shelves here to fit the Ribbon Box in here. And the Ribbon Box can fit Up to 27 spools and if you double up even more. Once you are done crafting we at The Original ScrapBox with all of our furniture, offer this great thing where you can put it all away and have a beautiful piece of furniture when you are done. We are so excited about this Ultimate SewingBox and bringing it to you. It was created with your feedback and local craftsmen to create this beautiful piece of furniture. Here at The Original ScrapBox we want to help you organize so you can simplify and create.

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  1. Por amor de Dios me acabo de enamorar 😍.Por fiss regalarme uno así de igulito con todo equipado y se lo pago con costuras gratis 😁

  2. Very Nice!!!! I stumbled upon a video of the WorkBox 3.0 the other day. That was the first time I heard about your store and products. I must say, I'm impressed! I was all gung ho to get the Work box but i think i like the SewingBox better because you have those 3 work surfaces.

  3. Love this. I would really like the 3 sided table from the ultimate sewingbox added to the WorkBox 3.0 to have multiple surfaces to work on. Could that be a possible incarnation in the future??? pretty please!!! 🙂

  4. It says that they only do curbside delivery? Do you have an option that will drop it off inside your home?

  5. Hola que tal. Me encantó este mueble como puedo conseguirlo. Porfa ayúdame vivo en Colombia muchas gracias. 😍😍

  6. Although iam over sixty but ilike sewing very much idonot even dream to have asthis fantastic and nice thing

  7. Awesome ! But not enough room for my fabric/lace & over 400 sewing patterns ! ( It's really a hard job to manage that 400 + patterns ) & the cutting area is not big enough if I want to cut night gown dress .

  8. This ultimate sewing box is every crafters`s dream- The only thing I don`t like is the shoebox containers. That shape isa waste of precious storage space! Why can`t you just make them square like a real shoebox? That way you could fold fabric into squares and fit more into one container …
    Also why can`t you put magnetic sheets under the table and on both doors? That way you could store more waferthin dies for cutting fabric.

  9. Can the middle table come out more then that? Like so its flush with the two side tables for projects like making jelly roll rugs so the rug stays on the tables instead of trying to fall off?

  10. I'm tearing up, this is amazing. Your product is inspiring me to get back into sewing and crafts! I told my husband and we're 100% going to get the ultimate sewing box and the dream box eventuallu!!! I really hope you ship to Canada! what an amazing product, thank you so much!! 😭

  11. its on my wish list! i am still baby in the market but one day!!! thanks for sharing beautiful product really beautiful !!!

  12. What the hell is this. Who even needs that! U gotta use original and the sewing box. (metal circle shaped cookie box)

  13. I still do not have a answer from you what color do you have in stock?? I am hard of hearing please text me back …Thank you 😊😊

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