The Special Red Uniformed Imperial Officers and Their True Power in the Empire [Legends]

The Special Red Uniformed Imperial Officers and Their True Power in the Empire [Legends]

Imperial Officer uniforms came in a variety
of colors which all related to the wearer’s branch within the Empire. The most common colors were the olive green
and gray colored uniforms, which belonged to Officers in the Imperial Army and Navy. The less common white uniforms were given
to I.S.B and Imperial Intelligence agents, and the rare black uniforms to Stormtrooper
officers. However, the rarest Imperial Officer uniform
by far was the red one, worn only by two people during the Galactic Empire’s reign. Unlike the other uniform colors mentioned
earlier, the red uniform was worn as part of a powerful Imperial family rather than
in relation to a specific position in the Empire, however both members of said family
were Directors of the Imperial Intelligence while they wore the red uniforms, so it can
be associated to that position as well. The red uniform was initially worn by Armand Isard,
who served as the first head director of the Imperial Intelligence upon its creation following
the declaration of the Galactic Empire. Having been a close ally of Palpatine for
years prior to him becoming Emperor, Armand quickly rose to become one of the most powerful
men in the Empire, among the likes of Wilhuff Tarkin and Sate Pestage. Working alongside Darth Vader and the Inquisitors
on a frequent basis when it came to hunting down surviving Jedi, Armand was almost the
bridge between the dark side adepts of the Empire and the traditional branches of the
military, transferring and maintaining vital intel between the two groups. While it is not exactly known why Armand Isard
decided to wear a red uniform, it wasn’t uncommon for high ranking Imperials to greatly
alter their standard issued uniforms. Seeing how he worked so closely among the
Sith of the Empire through their Inquisitors and other dark side servants, it’s possible
the red color of his uniform reflected the traditional color of the Sith. When it came to serving as Director of the
Imperial Intelligence, Armand’s duties involved spying on enemies of the empire as well as
signing off on assassinations, exposing and hunting down traitors, fighting corruption,
and maintaining vital intel among the various Imperial military branches. Despite being given the duty of fighting corruption
within the Empire, Armand understood the importance of having historically powerful and wealthy
families and houses in support of the Imperial government, often giving members of said families
minor punishments over corruption in hopes of maintaining the order their power helped
cement. Armand also involved himself in numerous noble
house conflicts, typically siding with the house and family that was the most pro-Imperial,
and then using his power to ensure they were the ones who came out on top. One of the most notable examples of this was
his efforts in influencing the position of the house of Dooku on Serenno, by ordering
the assassination of the current head of the family who was the nephew of the former Jedi
Master Count Dooku, and later ensuring that house Malvern took the title of Count of Serenno,
effectively making them the leaders and most powerful family within the Serenno system. Fully understanding the importance of political
power an influential family held within the Galactic Empire, Armand did everything to
ensure his own blood, the Isard family, would remain on top for decades to come. This involved him bringing up his own daughter,
Ysanne Isard, as an agent within the Imperial Intelligence and grooming her to take the
mantle as head of the family when the time came. But he ended up grooming her a bit too well,
as Armand began to fear for his own position within the Empire following the Rebel Alliance’s
capture of the Death Star plans, as protecting them was one of his duties. This failure in protecting the Death Star
plans made Armand vulnerable in being replaced as Director of Imperial Intelligence, and
he feared his own daughter was making the moves to replace him. Because of this, Armand ended up sending her
on a mission he knew she would fail in, in order to make her look incompetent. But while she was on the mission, Ysanne figured
out the true purpose of it and her father’s attempt to ruin her career. So she instead flipped the script on him and
went to betray him, by manipulating Imperial intel behind his back and making it look like
it was he who gave the Rebels the Death Star plans, and that Armand was attempting to use
the Rebel Alliance to overthrow Palpatine and take the throne for himself. Ysanne was able to get this manipulated information
directly to Palpatine, who later called in Armand and had him arrested and slated for
execution. Ysanne herself was rumored to have been the
one to execute her father, promising him before his death that he shouldn’t worry, because
their family legacy was in good hands. The Director of Intelligence position was
then given to Lord Cronal, a dark side agent of Palpatine, but his stay there didn’t
last too long and the position was later taken by Ysanne, filling in the shoes of her father
and wearing the red uniform like him before. As Director, Ysanne transformed the organization
into one that would more effectively combat the recently formed Rebel Alliance, putting
resources into capturing and torturing rebel prisoners, in order to turn them into unwilling
sleeper agents. She also attempted to manipulate Palpatine
a bit, by making him question and suspect his other close allies, all in hopes of placing
herself closer to his sphere of power. But Palpatine always knew not to take the
bait, even calling her out once that out of everyone she mentioned, he trusted her the
least. It’s even possible that Palpatine knew all
along of her manipulations over her father, and that the only reason he allowed her to
succeed him was due to her ambition, and that the true punishment of Armand was in his failure
in protecting the Death Star plans and attempting to cover up his failures on blaming his daughter. Nonetheless, Ysanne’s real rise to power
came following the death of Emperor Palpatine during the battle of Endor. Although the Galactic Empire fractured into
multiple territories held by warring Warlords, Ysanne remained at the center of the power
vacuum at Coruscant which at the time still held the greatest power over the remaining
Imperial resources. Acting as an advisor to the newly recognized
leader of the Empire, Sate Pestage, Ysanne quickly realized how incompetent the man was
as a ruler and manipulated him in allowing herself to eliminate her own rivals. Once that was done, she had the Imperial Ruling
Council on Coruscant turn on Sate Pestage, forcing him to flee from the capitol. She then turned on the Ruling Council itself,
assassinating its members until the organization itself had lost its power on the capital. Following her purges on her political enemies,
she quickly became a dictator of the remaining Imperial territory that still recognized the
Imperial capital’s authority, having some refer to her as the Queen of the Empire, and
effectively making her likely the second most powerful Imperial warlord at the time, second
only to warlord Zsinj who held the most territory and resources. But her hold onto power didn’t last long,
as only a year after her rise to power, the New Republic invaded Coruscant in an attempt
to liberate it from the Empire. Fully understanding she was going to lose
the battle, Ysanne took a hidden Executor-class Star Dreadnought buried within the planet’s
deep levels and blasted out of there as a means to flee from the New Republic, killing
millions in the process and likely making it the largest single incident on the planet
to cause the most deaths. Her escape with the Executor-class Star Dreadnought,
known as the Lusankya, only bought her a short amount of time. As only months following her departure from
Coruscant, she was tracked down by a rogue squadron of the New Republic and ended up
losing the star dreadnought to the republic special forces, which were able to capture
the warship for the New Republic, making it the most powerful ship within the N.R fleet. Despite this, Ysanne was able to avoid capture
and escaped into Imperial friendly territory. However, after losing both the Imperial capital
and an Executor class Dreadnought, many under her leadership began to question her ability
to lead and even started to abandon her. As more time passed, Ysanne simply fell into
irrelevancy and even accepted that fate, as by the time Grand Admiral Thrawn had returned
to combat the New Republic, she decided to stay out of the conflict and just watch it
unfold from the sidelines, fully believing at this point that the Empire was dead and
could not be revived. By the 5th year following the Battle of Ender,
Ysanne was killed by Wedge Antilles’ wife, Iella Wessiri Antilles, when the woman attempted
to capture Ysanne but was forced to kill her after the former Director resisted. And with Ysanne’s death, the Isard name
died with her, as she had no children and all relatives of her family had died decades

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