The Sight Words Rap | Sight Words Song | Scratch Garden

The Sight Words Rap | Sight Words Song | Scratch Garden

It is time to sing the Sight Words Song
See if you can follow along 100 sight words are in white
How many can you get right? If you need more practice that is fine
Watch these 4 videos and come back any time The song is a little bit fast. Ready? Yo Mic 1 DID ya C-A-L-L CALL? Ya many sight words Let’s try THEM ALL WELL NOW you’re NOT scared ARE Y-O-U YOU? NO way, I’m IN, I got nuthin’ else TO
D-O DO! You gotta LOOK OUT for these rhymes I invent
Others always WANT to follow, WHICH way I WENT OK RIGHT let’s begin IT T-H-E-N THEN
I’m JUST waiting FOR YOU TO say W-H-E-N WHEN OK I’m UP FIRST I’m NOT A HE or a SHE Together WITH Mic 2 it IS how WE BE THE Factory THIS is WHERE I CAME FROM
Next time I visit MY mom maybe you CAN COME Mic 2 I SAID where are you A-T AT? I got your BACK Mic 1 I’m good AT T-H-A-T THAT Ya please don’t think how it WAS or how
it WERE Keep rocking, moving towards the future OTHER MCs wanna battle and JUST don’t SEE
OF course THEY think they MUST be AS good as ME I say YOUR rhymes are OLD, and ONLY ours are NEW You’ve BEEN wondering WHAT did you GET INTO? BY now you should know we are ON the
G-O GO And IF it is good just can’t say N-O NO I got AN idea not LITTLE no its a BIG ONE
Break it DOWN Mic 1 and just HAVE fun SO MUCH HAS been MADE ABOUT us TWO
You COULD say your name BUT I’ll say WHO? We WILL rock the music no matter where HERE, not THEIR but OVER T-H-E-R-E THERE OUR rhymes are sweet let’s make some M-O-R-E MORE We will do it again LIKE we did BEFORE With words like HIM HAD HIS HER its hard to
find a rhyme I brush my teeth and turn OFF before my bed

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  1. Is this song too fast? Practice your sight words here:

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