The Real Secret Of Elon+Musk=?  Case_Study  Part+2  Create From Scratch

The Real Secret Of Elon+Musk=? \ Case_Study \ Part+2 \ Create From Scratch \

Hello Friends Welcome Back To Business Ideas In My Old Video I Told About Elon Musk’s Half Journey In This Video I Will Complete Full Journey So Let’s Start Elon Thought That Pollution Is Increasing Day By Day On The Earth So He Started Tesla Motors Company Which Manufactures Electric Cars And Tesla’s Electric Cars Can Be Charge Also It Is One Computer On Four Wheels And Our P.M Mr.Narendra Modi Have Met With Elon & He Will Try To Bring Tesla Cars To India Very Soon And To Reduce The Electricity Bill Elon Started Solar City Company, Which Is The NO.2 American Solar Panel Manufacturer Company! And To Reduce The Time Elon Started The Hyperloop Company Which Is One Vacuum Tube,With Passenger Sitting Facility Which Is Faster Than Bullet Train ! And To Underground The Hyperloop, Elon Started The Boring Company Which Is Doing Underground Digging To Hyperloop Then Elon Not Stopped, He Started OPEN AI Company Which Is Working On Artificial-Intelligence, Means Robots Related To That Elon Started One More Means One More Company By The Name “Neuralink” Which Is Working On A Device, Which Can Transfer Or Recieve The Body’s Data From Human To Robots Like These Innovative Dreams Only Elon Can Watch If We Get 2 Or 3 Elon In Our Earth They Can Change The Whole World! And In Forbes Billionaire List, With 22.3 Billion$ He Is In 40th Position And Elon Says “I Do That What Is Needed To Be Done” I Will Not Do That What People Are Doing When A Reporter Asked Elon, How You Managed So Many Companies So Elon Told, “I Want That If We Think About Our Future We Should Feel Great” This Thing Motivates Me To Work Everyday Friends I Have To Leave Now I Gave All Business Ideas From The Book Called “Elon Musk” By Ashlee Vance I Hope You Have Enjoyed The Video So Plz Like,Share,Comment & Subscribe Our Channel And Once Again Thank You For Watching!

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