The real reason there aren’t more female scientists | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The real reason there aren’t more female scientists | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Everywhere we hear about massive gender bias
against women in fields like physics, technology and engineering. But what if it’s just not
true? That’s coming up next on the Factual Feminist. There’s a class at Harvard called
Math 55, which is advertised in the catalog as “probably the most difficult undergraduate
math class in the country.” Math 55 does not look like America. Each year as many as 50
students sign up, but at least half drop out within a few weeks. In 2006 the final roster
was “45 percent Jewish, 18 percent Asian, 100 percent male.” Some annoyed reader of
the Crimson added “And all virgins.” As a rule, women tend to gravitate to fields such
as education, English, psychology, biology, and art history, while men are much more numerous
in physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Why? Unfortunately, there’s
no simple answer. When professors were asked why there was a relative scarcity of female
pro¬fessors in math, science, and engineering, 1% believed it was due to women’s lack of
talent in those areas. 24% believed it was because of sexist discrimination, and 74%
chalked it up to differences between men’s and women’s interests. Let’s delve into each
of these explanations. Only 1% said scarcity of talent. I am surprised ANYONE agreed with
that –even to a pollster. These days it is politically radioactive to deny that everyone
is good at everything and that no one is better than anyone else. But consider this inconvenient
finding: According to an analysis performed by my colleague Mark Perry, for every 100
girls who score 700 points or higher on the math section of the SAT, 184 boys do the same.
The SAT performance gap suggests there may be more boys at the highest levels, but it
doesn’t adequately explain the dearth of women in Math 55 or university physics and engineering.
There are still many gifted females who could succeed in mathematics or computer science,
even if the pool is somewhat smaller. So let’s consider the second possibility: sexist discrimination.
This is hugely popular with some women’s groups. Over the past decade or so, there has been
an avalanche of literature claiming women face hostile environments in the math, tech
and engineering programs. Here’s the first problem with all of this. Why is there so
much alleged discrimination in math and engineering, but not in biological sciences or agriculture
or veterinary medicine or law– where women are flourishing? There are indeed many studies
that purport to show bias against women. But when anyone outside the STEM-equity universe
reviews them, they turn out to be flawed or sometimes, shamelessly slanted. So let’s turn
to the third possibility: different interests. There’s a lot of evidence that men and women,
taken as groups, have somewhat different propensities, aspirations. Women earn more PhDs than men
in the humanities, social sciences, education and life sciences—but men prevail by large
numbers in engineering, physics, and computer science. Does sex role stereotyping or patriarchy
explain these choices—or could it just be in the pursuit of happiness, men and women
take slightly different paths? When asked on a vocational preference test how you would
prefer to spend your time, more men than women say they would enjoy manipulating tools or
taking apart a machines. Women are more likely to say they would prefer to working with people
and other living things. And here is one last intriguing finding. Male and female math prodigies
they differ in a significant different way: Males are more likely to have what’s called
an asymmetrical cognitive profile. That means that their proficiency at math is not accompanied
by a proficiency in verbal expression. On the other hand, females who are gifted in
math are often just as gifted in verbal expression. That gives them more career prospects that
the gifts men don’t have. My guess is that girls with the talent for Math 55 are just
too interested in other pursuits to spend most of their week on linear algebra. Well
what do you think? Are there any explanations I may have missed? Please leave your answers
and questions in the comments section. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for
watching the Factual Feminist.

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  1. The main reason is that many more men have abilities in science and math that women do not have. People tend to gravitate to areas that they have the most abilities. I worked in I.T. for about 25 years. Back around year 2000, the number of women in I.T. was about 1 in 9. This was about right but pressure has been put to bring that to about 5 in 10 with bad results. Or you could say that math, engineering and physics are sexist and racist. And you can also say the moon is made of blue cheese on the back side.

  2. when i did my bsc in computer science we had roughly 50% females in the classes in the first semester.
    in the final 2 classes i took there were 2 and 0 females.
    now while a large percent of that decline in female students was due to the fact that many of them had taken computer science as a minor and thus did not require to take the later classes you can sure as hell take my word for it that the others didn't quit due to discrimination.

    the nerds there treated the few woman in computer science like goddesses by readily offering any help they could possibly wish for, be it for the assignments or understanding the problems.
    because believe it or not. even computer nerds actually like to have at least some women around.

  3. It is interesting that we are talking about sexism in STEM fields, but all of my male colleges wish there were more woman in engineering to study with us… IT'S BORING WHEN ITS ALL MAN!!! So women come on.. we are not judgmental

  4. I took a high school course in engineering, there already weren't that many students to begin with and from the few that were there only one girl was present and she was given the same treatment as the male students, we all got along very well and she even went on to complete the three full courses and received a certificate with the rest of us.

  5. Women face hostility in other fields too, the difference is that when you have other women in your field to support you it's not so overwellming. Also wanted to say that in many of the other fields mentioned the percentage is still far from 50/50. And talking about interests, shouldn't we be asking ourselves why are women not interested in these fields? Is it maybe because of the gender stereotypes that are ingrained in us since childhood. Also what are the implications for society of having so few women in these fields?

  6. Maybe the sexism doesn't lie in women's role (or lack thereof) in STEM fields, rather, the fields with typically feminine interest are not regarded as important as fields with typically masculine interest. Thoughts?

  7. I’m in an engineering class at my high school and there’s about 3 girls in a class of 30 students. That’s saying something.

  8. Hard to measure, but there could be a difference in the way we raise boys & girls. What am I talking about? Of course there's differences. Parenting is a confusing dance between the temperament of the child and the skills of the parent, choreographed by well meaning relatives and neighbors. I don't care how hard you try, you will not raise any two children exactly the same way.

    Back to my point though: In the primary grades, I was told (by more that one person) girls like English and it should come easy to me. "Just pretend that you are talking to the person and write it down." apparently they didn't notice my painful shyness. 🙄 In my teens, I took a record player apart to fix it. When my Mother walked into my room and saw this, she suggested I wait for my Father or Brothers to get home and fix it for me. Now I am not blaming all my shortcomings on sexism in the family, there are many factors, but I also know my experience wasn't a complete anomaly. Well meaning adults sometimes push children in one direction or another.

  9. I am very glad that I came across your channel. We are so lacking logic and common sense in this frightening era of the obsessed SJW and radical feminism. Women like you, or Dr. Fiamengo, bring some light to our dark times, and hope for the return of sanity…

  10. I have been a mathematics teacher for over 20 years. I've seen nothing to suggest that men are intrinsically superior at mathematics, some of the smartest students I've taught have been girls. I studied science in the early 90s, and there was no anti-female attitude amongst male students. 

    Why is it assumed that it is a problem that there are more male students in STEM subjects, is there some reason to expect a perfect symmetry in the careers chosen by men and women? Nursery teaching and early years teaching is overwhelmingly dominated by women, no one seems to think that's a problem. If there is anything holding women back, it's not male attitudes towards women doing science, it's female attitudes towards women doing science. Women in general do not like science, they perceive it as boring and nerdy. If you are talking to a women and you bring up anything scientific, her eyes will glaze over. It's no coincidence that there are no chat up lines that involve physics. Whether women's dislike of science is cultural or not is another question, but if they are taught to not like it at an early age, then who is it that's instilling a negative attitude in them towards science – female teachers, that's who.

    At some point women have to stop blaming men for everything. Even if there was a vague unspoken atmosphere of disapproval from boys towards girls studying STEM subjects, so what? Are women so spineless that they can be dissuaded that easily? If men tell you that you aren't good enough, then rise to the challenge and prove them wrong.

  11. Try telling your wife/girlfriend about something in space or climate or problems in the oceans and the blank look on their face is the reason there's only a few women in these fields. Most women don't care about these things, doesn't interest them. And I've seen this with almost every women I've known. It's not a gap just different interests. There's a huge gap in part time waitstaff that's predominantly female

  12. I am a biologist. Most of my colleagues are female and most of my students are female. What strikes me is the lack of good male students. I have not had a good male PhD student for 25y. Undergraduate classes are >75% female in mainstream biology, >85% female in biochemistry and microbiology. Where are the males, particularly ones that are any good?

  13. I'm a Sr. Software Engineer, it comes down to interests and what you're passionate about.

    In the early 90's we had a programming manager resign, and so I reported directly to a Sr. V.P., She was an older lady – and very bright.

    I remember this one particular meeting with her, I had finished up on a project – which incorporated a very dynamic and data driven interface – and going over a code review with her. After going over my design and the code with her… she praised and thanked me, She said that I captivated her thoughts from the start with the sparkle in my eye and it'd been so long since she had designed and coded anything that she had forgotten how exciting and exhilarating designing and implementing an algorithm can be.

    When I was a teen, one of my nephew's friends – a preteen at the time maybe about twelve years old – said something to my sister about the Eric Clapton song which was on the radio.

    "I get off on '57 Chevys, I get off on screaming guitars."

    "That's stupid, Who get's off on a car or a guitar?" is what he asked her… and she answered "Well many guys do, their eyes light up and they're into it…" – which of course I could relate to because I play guitar.

    In the later mid 90's I built a network in my home… I had set up four unix servers, and wired up four workstations (my pc and all the kids) to them, Every system involved I put together from motherboard up… plus coded much of the server architecture. I was particular in the scope of hardware – given what I could afford, but when I was through I had a system sporting three terabytes of just disk-space, and enough power I could actually support the systems I worked on at work ion them if I wanted – I could have been a disaster recovery site for them.

    When conversations came up at work about hardware and such many people came to me – even though I'm a software person. The typical guy would show tons of interest, and I recall some female colleagues ask me… "Well why would you be interested or even want to do that?" I said to them… well look at it like a toy, a hobby, and of course anything I wish to learn in the field … new language, a new frame-work, new technologies I may do so on my own.

    "Boy and toys" people wonder why guys get excited over power tools, automobiles, home electronics, guitars and amps… and it beguiles my mind that few understand "interests".

  14. I am a retired analytical research chemist from corporate america with IQ 157…I found that the best women chemists were focused on chemistry and not so much people…I am also an INFJ-T personality type…hope this helps

  15. sounds to me like some of those women that are good at math and have verbal skills would be excellent math 55 teachers. God knows both men and women mostly zone out on math because the way it is taught is boring AF. I only got a gifted, fun math teacher when I was at the end of high school, too late to salvage hahaha

  16. Equality is about giving everyone the same chance to succeed or fail.
    Equity is about producing the same outcome regardless of other factors.
    Bottom line give women the opportunity to become scientists; if they decline the offer well then, it's on them.

  17. My daughter goes to an all girls school with a population of 1200 girls. They don't run an ICT GCSE course because there was such a small demand for it. I think this is a real shame, but nobody can argue that it is fault of the boys for pushing the girls out. Ironically if my daughter had gone to a mixed school then ICT would have been available as the demand to do the subject would have been there allowing the course to be viable.

  18. It has been very abusive being a women in STEM (pharma, medical device, blood banking):

    There is definitely a subconscious bias against women. Here's what happened to me!

  19. Honestly think there has been enough time to pass by to give more women enough opportunity to gain the interest in certain scientific subjects like physics in chemistry. I don't mean to sound like an sjw but what Christina is suggesting is that women have a set way of thinking and being so much so that it will never change and I feel like that kind of encourages a sexist mindset.

  20. Consider that there are studies that show while women rank intelligence in the top attributes they desire, it is not the case with men, who often rank intelligence as a low requirement. You could argue that a man who is insecure about his intelligence may be turned off by a woman excelling in a STEM field. And as a consequence of this, many women avoid such topics because of this.

  21. Honestly, as a kid engineering was a "boy job". Thank goodness for cartoons like SciGirls, programs lik ed BlackGirlsCode, and more. A profession shouldn't be gendered, a I think the children today will pursue the job that most interests them, not what they believe they can't do.
    My freshman year there were three girls in my intro to engineering course. Last semester one class had 12 girls. Just encourage kids to be who they want

  22. woman, you are right about your views. I as a male say that : biology , chemistry, medicine, law, agriculture, economy, office, banking , veterenary , designers are all good jobs for women. However stuff like math , physics , astronomy, engineering , computer science are all for men. So women, please don't be angry but rather accept it.

  23. You know what is ironic? Women want their future husband to make more than them. Of course this is generally speaking, but on average, women want their husband to make more than them.

  24. Well guess what! The “big” secret is that we want different things for our lives. We are all individuals!! Shocker I know. There are some exceptionally brilliant and bright people (individuals) on both sides(men and women). Why the sides? As humans individuals we excel at different things in life. Grow up and realise that there will always, Always be and imbalance! After all want different things out of life. We need super successful and intelligent people in our world. It doesn’t matter how we view them. It matters what they bring to the table.

  25. Men are good at physics and Engineering,
    but they suck dicks at explaining it.
    Trust me, i'm an Engineering student, almost all of the textbooks i have to read are written by Men,
    and they all suck at explaining things. There is not a single book that i read that i actually liked reading and managed to grasp the concept from. I had to watch tons of online videos, tutorials, and blogs to understand many of the concepts.
    So yes, i do believe men are geniuses in STEM, but suck dicks when it comes to explaining all of those concepts.
    I really do wish more women join and excel at STEM, so at least i would have fun learning and reading humongous textbooks.

  26. But feminists still wish they could put their hands on young female students' backs and shove them into engineering classrooms.

  27. I challenge anyone to show me a STEM career or field of study in which women are discriminated against because they are women. Spoiler alert: it doesn't exist. Men and women have different interests, and for that reason some career and academic fields will be short of women, for the very same reason that some fields are short of men. Why are the fields of nursing and teaching grade school mostly composed of women? Are those fields actively discriminating against men? I think not. Men and women are different and show different cognitive interests. Why is this so hard for SJWs to understand?

  28. Finally someone to clear away the cobwebs! Man, woman, trans or otherwise; everyone is amazing and unique in their own individual way. Be different, be diverse! And don't demonise variety and divergence.

  29. Women are really common and thriving in law, but it wasn’t always like that. When women were not going into law it was said they have no interest and their skills didn’t match the profession. Same ole same ole. I hate it when people try to assume what I’m interested in, my interests vary just like everyone else’s.

  30. You didn't consider the fact that, when women say they want to work with people and life, it's because those things are associated with "caregiving". Saying that women are simply not intedested in physics or math is like saying that you are not interested in having Brad Pitt as your husband, but because he is unachievable, not because you don't like him. You completely skipped the influence that society has on young girls and boys and the lack of examples of women scientists that could inspire young girls to pursue scientific careers.

  31. Women just spend from Male credit card. They can't calculate, they just spend. They're just bad at math.

  32. Part of the reason women do not go for STEM or Business is that they are smarter. They understand that they just need family, friends, and love to be happy, which is why you see so many of them going to college to find a husband and make friends.

    Guys, however, know that their families will shit on them if they do not earn a lot. They will have neither friends nor a wife if they do not make money. This is why guys tend to want to make more money. Their self-esteem rests on it.

    Now, why are women smarter? Well, ever noticed they grow up before guys do. In 7th grade, they were tall as hell. In 8th grade, they had already become so sexual while guys were discovering their sexuality. At any age, women are a few years smarter than men. That is just biology.

    This is also most of friends are girls. They are just more grown up.

  33. Woman are supposedly Better at Multitasking, I'm Sorry, but. That's Probably Due to the Fact they find a Difficulty in Thinking Logically

  34. The history of human achievement in western society is all male…
    Men are mechanical thinkers.
    Men are materialist thinkers and women aren't.
    Women are nurture, men are nature.
    Men grasp the material world in ways most women cant.
    This isn't about IQ as much as material logic.
    Women simply dont have logic in their makeup

  35. As an engineering employer I can tell you we bend over backwards for women. Probably too much so. They get paid more and promoted earlier than men of equal talent/experience. When several young men quit recently they told me it was because of the unequal treatment.

  36. Wow, that‘s what I call an objective, non-biased and fact based analysis of the topic, well done! Just a shame that our media and politicians simply seem to lack these skills.

  37. My favorite mathematician of all time, Emmy Noether, was female. Noether's Theorem is one of the most beautiful results in math and physics. Unfortunately, she lived in an era when there was true discrimination against women.

  38. I’ve been an engineer for nearly 40 years. Sadly in that time I’ve met very few female engineers although the ones I have met were outstanding! Equally I’ve met lots of maths teachers who were brilliant mathematicians but bloody hopeless at teaching the subject. Perhaps courses should be tailored more? Quite like the idea of having a central subject and then more peripheral supporting subjects depending on interest and aptitude.

  39. There was an experiment where they put 10 women on one deserted island and put 10 men on another. They were filmed and comparatively studies on how the attributes of physical, intellectual and relational skills influenced the rate of survival. The results were astonishing. Not only did the males use physicality and intellect to advance their survival rate far above the women, they also demonstrated a significant advantage over the women with relational skills with better communication and compromise in order to form a community that was far more capable than the women. If this experiment was a real scenario, all of the women would have perished while the men lived on making safety and living conditions better and better. While we see credit given to women for relational skills that are supposedly better than the men, it does not hold true under a scientific lens. While relational skills may very well be what women to the best for themselves, it still does not compare to the level of men.

  40. i believe and have believed this for quite some time, but then ,to the modern feminist facts are irrelevant, if they don't go with the narrative your trying to push,
    because women choose not to take up the baton it is a continuous battle to get more women into stem, women choose not to, so the battle continues indefinitely.
    which is very like modern feminism, strive for the untenable and your battle doesn't have to end, feminism will always be needed if those things which they strive for cannot
    be gained, gender pay gap, debunked if you skew the data of any perceived wrong doing by men / patriarchy the solution can never be reached because the false conclusions
    from false data cannot be reconciled. modern day feminists need to be red pilled before they become wizaned lonely depressed middle aged women a that too late actual real life has passed them by while they were so self absorbed with twisted data and down right lies. the passion and determination of theses women could really be put to good use, if only they weren't so busy being offended by everything and vilifying everyone, well men and boys anyway.

  41. If individuals don't want or gravitate towards a career they shouldn't be forced to.
    And the whole population shouldn't be attacked because of it.
    All b.s from people looking for something for nothing.
    All driven by political motives

  42. Sorry,..there is no such thing as a rational feminist,..or intelligent idiot,..or conscientious thief. Good day!!

  43. Hey feminist go fuck your selves shut the fuck up God damn the percentage of you make a small town compared to the rest of the United States fuck off😤🤬🖕

  44. I think I love you. You make the best points using facts and logic. Thank you for showing what real feminism looks like.

  45. Those women urging more women should take STEM subjects are mostly not interested or do STEM themselves. Worst, saying parents and society discourage them. Well in less liberated Asia more women do STEM than in the West and in the feminist Scandinavia the figure is worse not better. Stop blaming men and society and let people choose what they want to do.

  46. Liberals and radical feminists caught up in their lies and zoned in on their propaganda are tearing out their hair, gnashing their teeth and screaming obscenities right now. This lady is brilliant. Wait. Did I say 'lady'? I must sound like a hateful genderphobe, lol.

  47. Why don't you tell everybody how women who do go into those fields have a hard time dating and finding a partner to marry because men often reject them when they find out how smart these women are? In fact, successful and wealthy women, in general, get rejected by men as potential partners. There are social biases and negative costs for women who dare to excel in stem fields. It is both sexist bias and the natural differences in gender preferences at play here, a mix of both.

  48. At university one of the few women on the engineering course struggled with the math and other aspects of the course. She worked one year as an engineer but gave it up as she disliked the work, the hours and being on-site. She went on a year later to study for an MBA and has achieved a really important post, and pay x30 times that of an engineer, and credit to her. But with a lack of engineer's placing reluctant people on STEM courses is not good for the individual concerned, and reduces the active number of engineers from that year's intake. People need to follow were their vocations lie and not undertake courses they really won't practice. This applies to men and women.

  49. Because women are too stupid to do anything but make dinner and squeeze out kids. How many times must this be pointed out by reasonable folk until the rest realize it? The more female nonsense is allowed, the worse things will get. Society's success is inversely proportionate to the amount of political correctness.

  50. Its all in the commitment. I left my house, bikes and car behind and came 2000 kms across the country to live in India's largest slum with a pair of jeans, just for the right Programming job I wanted. Women won't work 50 kms away from home. I don't say there are no women,better than me. But I can say NO women in my town or similar place (even the best) ever climbed what I did in 3 years.

  51. "everywhere we hear about massive gender bias against women", because they keep being sexist narcissist psychos who want everything whilst offering nothing.

  52. Women have too much estrogen messing up their minds hahahahaaaaaaa if a woman is a feminist she is 99% of the time either fat or ugly or both

  53. The problem is whichever principle investigators I worked with women have been really bad.. sorry to say, it's just not bias, it's my experience

  54. A problem with the 3rd explanation is that it would call for the question of "why". Why do women and men choose different directions? The types of social discrimination feminists tend to adress is more than literally telling them they can't do math, but a variety of social pressures from birth.

    As for my own opinion, i doubt there's just one explanation. Evolutionary traits and social pressures probably work in tandem at least to some degree. I have three female friends who went into STEM though, and i can assure you it's not women's lack of capability (as a gender)

  55. iam taking drawing classes and the other day i commented to the model how a guys drawing is the best and she answered 'nooo all are good, everyone just has their own style'' to confirm 1:30 lol

  56. So many comments not based on reason, logic, facts, rationality, reality, history, and GEOPOLITICAL WARFARE WAGED BY THE KGB-GRU DURING THE COLD WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN FAMILY AND WESTERN FAMILY AND IT'S JUDEO-CHRISTIAN TRADITIONAL VALUES THAT MADE AMERICA AND EUROPE VERY STRONG BY SIMPLY TARGETTING-BRAINWASHING GIRLS AND WOMEN THROUGH 2SD AND 3RD PARTIES. Feminists Are Useful Idiots andDoomed. Must Watch. Published on May 22, 2013 Feminists and other leftists are useful idiots who serve only to destabilise the society. When the goal is reached, they will be "lined up against the wall". 1984 interview with a former KGB agent and Soviet diplomat, Yuri Bezmenov. Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)
    ShaktipatSeer21 year ago
    14:30 made my spine shiver "Teach them useless things like gender studies and 17th century Belgian lesbianism.." Where have I heard this before…?
    Feminists Are Useful Idiots, And Doomed. Must Watch.
    Published on May 22, 2013 Feminists and other leftists are useful idiots who serve only to destabilise the society. When the goal is reached, they will be "lined up against the wall".
    1984 interview with a former KGB agent and Soviet diplomat, Yuri Bezmenov.
    Reminds me of the many reports regarding American and Canadian daughters of a bitches in America and Canada which is an overboard political correctness cultural marxism country which we Russians created to destroy the American and Canadian family. destroy the family then you destroy the brick of society, destroy many bricks then the entire building goes down.

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    We Russians won the Cold War for look at your societies, over 50% divorce rares, out of control insane feminism, indiscrimination against the while caucasian male gender in all walks of life, the feminization of education in order to destroy the intellectual and mental potentials of boys and men by deliberately ignoring their educational and intellectual needs by ignoring the difference of thinking pattern between male and female, open and outright indiscrimination against male co-workers in the work place and places of learning, etc.

    Political correctness is TYRANNY WITH A SMILE. PC particularly serves mediocre politicians and the bureaucrats they appoint. It is used to hold on to jobs, silencing critics and threatening anyone who questions their abilities. If the offended party can strike back with accusation of racism, discrimination, prejudice, and hatred, then PC has done its job. PC is a way of covering up incompetence and corruption. It has worked well in the U.S. for decades: attack the accuser. Benjamin Jealous, president of the NAACP, wrote, "Let me tell you something about political correctness: when politicians start overdoing it with PC, rest assured they're either hopeless at what they do or have screwed everything up big time.

  57. The "real reason" is because men are smarter than women. Also, you have to remember that only losers go to college. College teaches you how to be an employee, how to work for other people. There are no college courses that teach you how to start your own business. Remember: winners work for themselves. FACT: most rich people never went to college, in fact, many never even finished high school, because grades 7 thru 12 are a waste of time.

  58. Thank you for providing this message from a female perspective. You gave a very real look into how men and women differ yet compliment one another. This video is 5 years old but I feel the message is more relevant in 2019 than it was in 2014.

    I'll give a personal anecdote…I've had 3 female managers all tough as nails and I respected them because they were my boss. I worked overtime every week and solved ever problem they presented me so they could look good in front of the board. I allowed them to take credit because she was the boss and ultimately took responsibility for the project whether things went right or wrong. I was proud to be a member of the team and to see her deliver success on our collective behalf.

    However, when these female bosses got the promotion they expected? These female bosses would find another female that had little to do with her success sometimes going outside of the department in order to fill her boss shoes with another female.

    Meaning, I didn't get promoted to her position even though I was responsible for her promotion. My female boss promoted another female to her position cuz GIRLPOWER. I was not given a raise nor a change of title and when I questioned this? I was told the following:

    "You're too valuable in your current position. We can't afford to lose you."

    My response (of course) was, "If I'm so valuable and you won't promote me then I deserve a raise. I'll accept 30% if you would like me continuing the work that I am currently doing."

    No response.

    Naturally, I quit and began working for myself. I'm now a self made man with my own business and I do have women that work for me that I treat respectfully via pay and scheduling requirements. However, I will never work for one again.

  59. I’m going to say some facts the reason why women are not in stem because their to busy exploiting thier body for clout and cash

  60. It's really quite simple. Men and women were designed differently by nature – deliberately! You can debate it for decades but nothing will change it. No need for websites, seminars, rights groups, law-makers or educators to complicate it.

  61. LETS BE REAL….Look around you and name one thing Women have created???, cause I bet you cant name a damn thing

  62. womens should respect men more .
    and be less selfish bitches .
    nobody is equal .
    evry men woman and child is difrent .
    but we are all humans and we should respect more . and respect more the planet .

  63. I wonder if I can share this video on my university student group on Facebook without being expelled for "sexism".
    I am not even being sarcastic here, this is actually a dead serious concern that I have.

  64. I think its lack of interest, not lack of talent. Course, I'm not into math, myself. I'm an exception to male rules.

  65. This is plain untrue. Y'all should do some actual research into it. I swear this is very misleading. Her arguments are called strawmanning.

  66. Let me explain why this is absolutely wrong
    By age 4, most kids already attributed qualities such as "brilliance" to men. They see these terms as gendered. And when they become aware than one must be reasonably bright to have a career in science, they get quickly discouraged because they weren't taught to believe that they're brilliant.
    Fast forward to university. Many women are shielded from sexist imprinting in childhood and go into college confident about their choices in STEM majors. Soon they realise that they have to prove their merit far more than men have to. Many of their colleagues and supervisors treat them like eye candies and trophies. This is dehumanizing. They get sick of this. Keep in mind that about 55% of all STEM enrollments in undergrad are women, and the number stays the same in postgraduate positions. But the number drops to 30% in PHD students. Where did we lose about 25% of these women? Well, things like bad recommendation letters, discouraging environments etc. We have to understand that it's not about encouraging women to go into science, it's about retaining women in science. And that's the hard job. It's almost too convenient to attribute gender disparity to biological differences. There is no research to suggest that women aren't as good or interested in science.
    Then we come to the point about IQ distribution and how men tend to be overrepresented at the top and bottom of the spectrum. This is true. But the key here is that, men tend to be MORE overrepresented in the top and bottom in NON-STEM fields. By that logic, there should've been a greater disparity in non science academia but there isn't. I see no one in the comments trying to refute her points. But trust me, these have been thoroughly debunked multiple times. Please, I beg you, do your own research.

  67. As a female who enjoys STEM subjects, there is absolutely nothing stopping me from going into stem. If there were more females like me, the gender ratio in STEM would be more even.
    Edit: I will add that I was into the verbal side too, however that was reading and writing in primary and intermediate school. I hated the more personal, human, social twist put on English in High School so much I didn’t do any work and flunked out.

  68. I used to be a secretary in two different engineering firms during the course of my life. Both firms were overwhelmingly dominated by male engineers, but there were women engineers too – and they were VERY highly regarded.

  69. I see a lot of lack of self-confidence in that situation. And also the bizarre fact, that girls thinks they will be less attracive if they look like a math nerds.
    There is also what the society and the parents values in a girl. (and for girls it is still a lot what they look like)_ Math was so easy to me…. but it never got me appreciation of my parents, like being able to sing, to look good and to write good songs.
    So this is what I did. Everyone want their parents to love them, don't they
    Still when people tell me that women are talented but the genius are males, I remember them that the only person that had two nobel prizes, (in physic mind you) is a woman.
    And maybe, they are not interested either, it could be. But I wonder how it could be if being good at math was valorized

  70. Where will all the women come from to fill these STEM places?

    There isn't an army of women sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Any women with the aptitude to do an STEM subject is likely already pursuing one of the many other science subjects were women do dominate (e.g. biological sciences, medicine, veterinary science etc).

    By encouraging more women to take STEM, all that will happen is that attendance by women in these other subjects will be cannibalised.

  71. I'm no longer willing to cede anything to women. From what I've seen there is literally nothing except giving birth that men can't do better, including language skills and nurturing.

  72. I believe this is also the reason why you don't see many women as grand master in chess. It's kind of extremely lonely type of study and apparently doesn't attract females.

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