THE Princess Diana Makeup Look - with Guest Artist Mary Greenwell

THE Princess Diana Makeup Look – with Guest Artist Mary Greenwell

34 thoughts on “THE Princess Diana Makeup Look – with Guest Artist Mary Greenwell”

  1. I cannot believe she passed a day after my birthday..
    As someone who lives in wales I’m saddened that I did not get to witness all she did

  2. This is so lovely. The way she talked to the model…”my darling”, “my angel” so heartwarming

  3. Wow! Gorgeous beautiful look. My goodness the little contouring and highlighting she did lifted and defined her cheek bones beautifully. Goes to show you do not need to do so much contour and highlight that makes the overall look too harsh! Simply lovely and elegant! 💜

  4. thank you for this video Lisa. for many of us who remember Lady Diana Spencer means a lot. you know what would be great? A princess Diana Makeup look with her niece Kitty Spencer as a model….

  5. Gorgeous recreation of a classic look. I'm impressed with the delicate way that Lisa & the featured artist paid respect to Princess Diana. Lisa is a true class act, & so are the guests that she features

  6. I so hope they use Mary Greenwell as the makeup artist for Emma Corrin in Season 4 of The Crown (you guessed, she will be playing Diana). That would be amazing!!!!

  7. I’m sorry but since when angrily pushing people around by their face considered a massage? That poor model’s entire body was being pushed around with the force and sheer brutality of that skincare application (I also can’t fathom how someone can’t manage to spread a lip balm) and her discomfort was very visible. This was cringey.

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