The Plan to End HIV For Good: The Truvada Revolution (Part 1/3)

The Plan to End HIV For Good: The Truvada Revolution (Part 1/3)

we really needed a memorial that we really needed to tell bus that are still alive keep fighting look the effect of this much today on you I think it gives me a greater sense of community just to see the other people from the other states since it is it’s a beautiful thing it is a beautiful thing Oh Oh this is the first time that we have an approved drug by the FDA for the Prevention of HIV infection Truvada it’s been on the market for some time but now for the first time it’s been approved as what’s being called a prevention truck what does this mean in the overall fight against HIV and AIDS prep has been a godsend it’s been the ingredient we have needed for so long and haven’t had everyone should have a right to sex without fear across the world this is not a trivial matter just today 137 people in this country will get HIV and my question is what are we really doing today to stop this people have had an opportunity to hear about it and they’re not voting to swallow those pills if this generation puts his body on the line by taking a pill the virus is going to be government if there’s nobody to infect you then that the epidemic will be over we thought this was gonna be over in the 90s at least I did I thought this can’t keep going like this and when 2000 came and went and we were no closer to a cure and we were no closer to a vaccine that’s when this hopelessness started coming in that I I don’t think I’m ever gonna live without this being a presence in my life and I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to have sexual freedom without the fear of HIV that came to be something I accepted Oh thirty of these come in a bottle this is one single dose that I take every single day just one of these to remain HIV negative by taking this so Truvada was originally developed and indicated for people that are HIV positive for treatment mm-hmm good to the last drop so when people talk about this new medication they’re not really talking about a new medication we’re talking about medicines that have been around now for about twenty years but they’re indication is new so when I refer to prep that is what is called pre exposure prophylaxis when the fda-approved use of Truvada is prep I naively thought that that meant everyone was gonna learn about it and was sadly disappointed when that wasn’t true and then I decided that if no one else was gonna do this kind of work I’m gonna do it I started a group on Facebook we now have 5,000 32 members as of today 147 of which just joined in the past week so we’re on the way to lab here these are the people work at the gladsome Institute of biology and immunology and including my laboratory and other laboratories we study how HIV causes disease here and drug resistance we also study HIV transmission in the United States we have 50,000 new HIV infections every single year that has not changed in the last 20 years men who have sex with men are disproportionately impacted by HIV around the world having a 19 cold higher prevalence of infection than the general populations this is an epidemic that’s out of control so finding new ways to prevent HIV is critically important we have been interested in using antiviral drugs to prevent the acquisition of HIV for some time and so once Truvada became approved for HIV treatment we immediately proposed to evaluate whether it could work for prep as well Truvada is a single tablet that contains two medications one is called tanaka and the others called emtricitabine both of those medications block the HIV lifecycle so people can still be exposed to HIV infected fluids but the virus cannot spread inside the body because the medications prevent viral spread from South sound clinical trials are essential for knowing whether a medicine actually works or not I had an opportunity to lead the iPrEx trial the goal of the iPrEx trial was to show whether Truvada was effective for HIV prevention and whether it was safe when we first started presenting our data we always emphasized how well it worked and finally we started asking people why are you choosing to use prep or not and the people who chose not to use prep always said I’m afraid of the safety you told me all these things about how well it works but my concern is is it safe and people should feel assured that they can use it safely and and it’ll work if they take it so I’m about to see my doctor Howard Grossman for my quarterly prep screening have a seat so how’s it going pretty well well I’ve been involved with HIV since the beginning of the epidemic so when I was in training I easily usually say when I hit the wards for the first cases of HIV were hitting the wards as well first I’m gonna swab your throat and we’ll end up swapping your anus relax so my protocol for the prep process is I have them come in every three months and every three months I see them we talk about their sexual activity whether they’re taking the drug how often they’re taking it and we test for HIV we test their kidney function and we test for sexually transmitted infections so you make sure they’re not having some idiosyncratic reaction to Sharada you know you get big bird all right this is one of the biggest-selling and biggest used HIV drugs in the world it wouldn’t be if significant numbers of people had real problems the two main side effects are first a decrease in bone mineral density bone mineral density we know people get checked for osteoporosis it’s not progressive it doesn’t lead to increased fractures so we say that it is statistically significant because you can see on graph but it’s not clinically significant the more important side effect is a drop-off in kidney function and that’s something that’s been relatively common but generally in most people that drop-off still stays within the normal range the only other side effect is some incidence of abdominal upset it’s not very common but it has been reported then it goes away the secondary benefit here is that we’re doing a lot more STD testing if people are coming in more regularly they’re getting HIV tested four times a year they’re getting STD testing four times a year and we’re talking about sex a lot more which is really good once I had been using it for a year and the FDA approved it and more of the science came out I felt much more assured that trovato would protect me if I was exposed to HIV and for the most part gave up using condoms and now I don’t use condoms I’m using my sexual encounters okay not with people that are positive not with people who are negative identified do we worry about us two days at all I am concerned about STDs I’m not gonna worry about STDs I feel like I’ve spent enough of my life losing sleep over consequences of sexual behavior my name is Michael Weinstein I’m president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and also a co-founder and we provide medical services to 36 countries in 381 thousand patients across the world being in the hospice business so to speak I saw hundreds and hundreds of people perish as a member of an older generation that lived through the worst of it I feel like I have a moral responsibility to tell young people where things are at whether they want to hear it or not so the question about prep is does the scientific data support it as a public health intervention and that answer is conclusively no adherence is a huge obstacle getting people to take their medication every day is very difficult so when you’re looking to control the spread of HIV across a whole population group it has not been effective I mean I see really there is a war on prevention we we need to revive the prevention movements that existed in the 80s and 90s we’re gonna do that by tributing condoms and bars by putting out billboards this is an ad called what if you’re wrong about prep and this is an open letter to the Centers for Disease Control unfortunately there’s been so much controversy and debate about prep and it’s left many people confused one person who claims to be an expert says prep doesn’t work other people say it does work one person says nobody can take a pill a day other people say well of course you can take a pill a day it’s a personal choice I see you know more and more people saying that gay men have right to have unprotected sex the majority of gay and bisexual men gave up consistent condom use a decade before prep ever became available so for people to think that a message that didn’t even work in 1992 is going to work effectively in 2015 when the consequences of being HIV positive are no longer death it’s irrational you need to understand that people are coming in begging for this drug and they know they have to take it every day and so they do I think we could be sitting on something that could change the course of this epidemic I think it remains to be seen how well we can make preppin you

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  2. I used truvada for about 2 years with stocrin , but now I'm only taking a tablet per day , truvada for me was a nightmare 20 minutes after a take I was like burning inside, was 2 years suffering , now everything as change I never felt better .

  3. This drug will not work in the gay community until they stop being selfish fuck yards and use protection lime the rest of us, alot of the gay community just see this drug as a way out of using other protection which is not what it's for. kits a second line of defence, the only reason why hiv is so rampent in the gay community is because many of them are irrisponsable, selfish dick heads, that's the truth.

  4. Let's not forget that Truvada doesn't stop all HIV strains, which will undoubtedly increase dramatically.

    Part of the problem here is HIV'ers wanting to feel negatives d this is being used along with the aggressively defended 'undetectable' story to turn condoms into an insult against someone with HIV if you request to use them. Undetectable does not mean negative, and despite the partner study does not mean non infective as there are virus reservoirs in saliva and in various body areas. Condoms are safe and are the most effective cheapest way to protect yourself. Truvada will leave you wide open to HCV, HPV, Syphillis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Herpes, and most worrying here is HIV strains not covered and HPV, which leads to anal cancer, and is very common.

    If the partner study found a zero transmission for those on 'effective HAART treatment' why would you need Truvada in sero discordant relationships? Doesn't make sense.

    This will be cheaper than current HIV regimes and treatments, and there is currently moves to deny treatment for 'lifestyle choice' health conditions. HIV will undoubtedly be treated the same, as technically with condoms and Truvada there is no excuse for contracting HIV.

  5. It's some of the long term HIV'ers who are desperate to convince themselves that they are negative who have pushed for this. To many of these guys the mention of a condom is an insult to them as they wave their 'undetectable' status around as if it means they are negative, so requesting to use a condom with them is an insult. It's selfishness.

    If someone is undetectable, they are still potentially infective, and if they have HIV it is highly likely they also have an assortment of other nasties, so be wise and use condoms.

  6. people are so fcked up if they take him medicines must in order to have unprotected sex. the guy is clear, he gives no shit for STDs???? these medicines are so toxical.

  7. they fuck 10 dudes in one evening without condom and want our compassion? what kind of bullshit is that? sometimes I wish Islam takes over and more people are taught how to fly from tall buildings

  8. look at these moonies……..these retards can't even decide amongst themselves if truvada works……wat a load of hoax to make money

  9. If Truvada really 'work' why not mass produce it instead of praising and still commercializing condom….? I need more info

  10. The Truvada approach of ''starving'' the virus to death is a promising alternative to a vaccine, but there are obstacles. HIV is no longer a common virus in the west, so some people just wouldn't pay for preventive medicine if they're convinced they're safe, and you'd need everybody to take Truvada to be sure… Also nobody is going to supply Truvada to 3rd world countries. Fuck 'em, they're not our responsibility, the west is at least safe….. Except tourists in ''hot'' areas sometimes do have sex with locals, and, if infected, they will return the virus to western shores again.


  12. LOL, so predictable. The next, potentially even-more-lucrative-than-ever step in the pharma industry's scam. To awakened people this is entering the territory of cynical parody and placebo scam. You could just as well go to a medieval festival and get a psychic protective spell from a witch there.

  13. Great that they have brought a drug out that people can take along with their ecstasy, cocaine, viagra and poppers, before they go to that all night no condoms orgy to have sex with hundreds of complete strangers. Great use of taxpayers money to fund something that is a party drug, with only partial protection from HIV, but no protection from The other killer STD's?

  14. sir I have a question?
    can u please help me
    "I am a HIV+ve"
    can "Taruwada tab "
    really cured HIV
    in how many days it's cured
    please reply?
    help me sir!?

  15. What about the next disease that people don't know about yet?
    Or Hepatitis?
    The next pandemic is only ever just around the corner.

  16. Another million dollars marketing???? Everybody knows one's misery brings prosperity for others. Hard reality.

  17. The antihiv medicines have legitimate uses other than hiv.  They are used off label for hepatitis, ebola, nipah, hantavirus, and powassons virus.

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  19. I thought i was safe from HIV just by using condoms but this comment section just gave me super AIDS, hair cancer and hepatitis A to Z.

  20. Does anyone really trust big pharma? The drug will probably give you AIDS like AZT. All drugs are toxic. No such thing as a safe drug.

  21. I always use a condom. Wanna fuck but have no condoms? You're shit out of luck. Cant pay me enough to not use condoms

  22. Don't let this very expensive drug be your only means of protection, because my diagnosis included Hep A,B, and C and Nuerosyphillis and my current medication regimen for my HIV diagnosis retails in ballpark of almost $5,000 a month including Doctor follow ups with my case managers and the wonderful caregivers at Parkland Hospital here in the bustling Medical District of Dallas including outpatient services for psychotherapy for increased depression since I also take statins and other costly drugs to control my heart problems of high BP and elevated cholesterol and if you smoke, find a reputable smoking cessation group therapy and your Primary HIV doctor can approve any needed stop smoking aids to help break the addiction to Nicotine, which has been researched to show that built up levels of nicotine creates sticky build up of blood vessels and can cause serious deprevation of much needed Oxygen for the blood. I was prescribed Chantix and have been smoke free since July 2017 (2.5 years after a very debilitating Isethemic stroke in February of 2015. Prior to that I was very active in the Gay scene with multiple partners that we're Obviously walking STD carriers unaware and uneducated about all the myths and complicated yet helpful regimens that can destroy your quality of life physically and can be legally criminal to unknowingly infect negative partners even if you're on Prep. Safe sex practices are always encouraged if your partner is not aware of their current status. I use the world renowned Parkland Health & Hospital System/HIV Services Department including (5) clinic locations staffed with dedicated professionals and world class healthcare as a international leader in the fight against the worst pandemic in the World 's history. And if you have underlying serious conditions like Cancer and/or Diabetes. I received my positive results laying in a hospital bed for nearly two months after constantly losing weight dropping almost 90#, and a total daily medicine count of 12 various drugs! If you are unsure of your status or have noticed huge changes in your overall health my T-cells initially spiked upwards over 200 consistently for the first year of my exhausting healthcare requirements and since I'm now considered temporarily handicapped due to my continued need to attend Physical and Occupational Therapy in the near future when some of my ailments are more dormant and less active and my T-Cell count falls to reasonable amounts less than 200. I'm actually currently "undetectable" and will be on my HIV meds for many years to come, and I'm 52 years old. I'm a a strong advocate of trying to reach out to as many people as I can, and have gone through 3 friends who lost their serious battle because of lack of beginning their HIV1 meds as early as possible the longer the virus goes uncontrolled brings you closer to AIDS the most dangerous phase of the infection. Please if you suspect you might have been infected, there are numerous educational websites to research all the facts of being positive. If you are or were a sexually active as a LGBTQ community member, You will see and know how far AIDS research has come since the 1980's and the current worldwide mortality rates as of 2017. Remember SILENCE = DEATH. visit, or my source for updates and helpful links at parkland Parkland is one of this country's leading and busiest Level One Trauma Hospitals. God Bless

  23. because vaccines always work. Never in the history of medicine has a virus mutated and got through the defences of a vaccine. 'Sex without fear…' clever, dare I say, catchy

  24. I think this is a GREAT idea if only the cost was less expensive!! I see so many comments about just simply having safe sex but half of the people I know who tested positive were married or in long term relationships. That goes to show you how deceptive people are !! Why would you have to question the person your supposed to be in a monogamous relationship with. This drug will save so many lives.

  25. What a fucked commercial .. .. Sorry if your such a stupid shit bag that you can't wear a condom .. then you get what you deserve.. including the many many side effects from this type of shit.. .. . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO STUPID FUCKS!

  26. How does HIV know someone’s area code sexual preference and skin color, how does an infectious disease like HIV not in fact the straight community anywhere near The percentage in the gay community, that’s not how infectious diseases operate. There’s something very fishy going on here.

  27. 3000 AD – 95% of US population has HIV. Truvada controls the US and the world. Only the elite can afford the pills. The poor get quarantined and even eliminated. Plus, the gays still have the very annoying, fake feminine voices.

    Not until 3023, will a baritone gay, come out and revolutionize the world and Truvada will be free to all Americans!

    The End.

  28. Love how everyone gets HIV through sex… It can happen with a bad batch of Blood during a transfusion at a hospital especially if the staff are in a hurry to save your life if you have a rare blood type, and sometimes bad blood slips the screening.

    Someone HIV positive gets a cut starts bleeding, you go to treat them and maybe forgot to use your gloves you either happen to have a cut and his blood connects with yours by direct contact… or you aciddently stick yourself with the needle after using it on your patient.

    There are a number of ways you can get the virus so do some research and look them up, and stop calling it a completely sexual only virus.

  29. Wtf man…. Hillary is behind this one… that bald assholes in the beginning says " everyone has a right to have sex" !!!! Not if you have aids you fucking savage piece of shit!!!!!

  30. What was the name of that preacher in the US that said God will need to invent another way to kill gay people if we find a cure?
    What a sick and twisted way to look at the world. He's the guy who said gay people had special rings filled with HIV blood to infect people. What a wonderful fellow.

  31. Irresponsible f*gs who like to engage in tons of unprotected sex without condoms are the only reason there is still an HIV epidemic in the USA. PrEp will never be a replacement for condoms and neither will be testing. These things can only help reduce the risk in addition to condom use.


  33. Trupada the same with arv. But myfriend have a cheap solution to treatment from indonesia just $50 kill n sweep away the virus on yourblood among two month whatapps him +6287878567291

  34. Women need to be careful with this, because the other STDs people get besides HIV can do a lot of damage to a woman’s health and reproductive system. Even though many diseases are curable with antibiotics, the antibiotics themselves are very hard on the body. I had a high-risk life as a street youth, and was treated for several STDs. Many years later, I still have chronic yeast infection that never goes away. Women don’t need to go through all that just so a guy will be a little more excited with you. I know I never felt a bit more pleasure or sensation with the condom off. Using a condom even makes some guys last longer. If I could go back I would make sure a man stayed strapped up.
    And yes, I take Truvada, but that doesn’t change a thing for me. It’s just extra protection, because condoms aren’t foolproof and shit happens.

  35. Queers cant be responsible so they have to be given a pill. Its awesome that the pill is medically screwing them up. Get it, sex pill screwing them! So funny!

  36. Truvada side effects:
    strange dreams,
    trouble sleeping,
    stomach pain,
    joint pain,
    back pain,
    itching or skin rash,
    changes in the color of skin on your palms or soles of your feet, or
    changes in the shape or location of body fat (especially in your arms, legs, face, neck, breasts, and waist)

    ———– I think this drug i great, it changes a lot for a lot of people, and its a big step in a great direction BUT I think its probably way better use a condom if you can. Dont use truvada if you really dont have to. I meet a lot of peolpe who stoped using condoms because of this, not because they couldnt get hard with a condom or whatever. Taking a fucking pill a day sounds sketcy af in my ears, just saying.

  37. Don’t forget your permiscious lovers a bring careless and now can get gonhrheea syphillis chlyamrdia herpes hepatitis

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    I pray may the God heal you too as you contact him.

  39. Unfortunately the fact remains the same: Truvada may eventually help to possibly eliminate the spread of the HIV, but keep in mind the following, that if Truvada is used without condoms (aka da dong glove)

    1. you may not get HIV, but you can still get an entire host of other STDs (e.g. Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Thrush, etc etc – hey how about skin to skin contact pathogens?)
    2. But you may say, "But hey bub there are medications to treat those other STDs!" – The answer to that is simple da. Such diseases are evolving, and finding innovative ways to infect you. There are reported evidence of newer strains of STDs which are incurable with conventional use of current drugs e.g. antibiotics. (dont you know the WHO is sounding the alarm bells on these?)
    3. But then you may say ,"Then we simply have to find new drugs to treat these new diseases!"- Well it takes time and alot of money and at the rate which it goes; these new diseases simply win the race!
    4. Condoms do not guarantee 100% protection against STDs

    5. Lastly, i feel that HIV is simply avoidable by proper behavior.

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