The PH Sound | Phonics Video | Scratch Garden

The PH Sound | Phonics Video | Scratch Garden

Hi. I LOVE SOUNDS! Like (sound), (sound),
and even… (sound). Let’s look at this sound! This sound has two letters. P. And H. We all
know that P says pppp and H says hhhh BUT when we put them together, PH says (funny
sound). Just kidding! Actually, when we put them together, PH does something crazy. Are
you ready to know? PH makes the same sound as the letter F. I’m serious. Isn’t English
just so SILLY! So… P H says f f f f f f Many words start with the P and H ffff sound,
or have the P and H ffff sound in them. For example: phone, alphabet, phew Can you think of a word that starts with the
PH ffff sound or has the PH ffff sound in it? Ready… GO! Times up! OK, don’t forget the P H, ffff sound. Until
next time, (funny sound). Arachnophobia… phew!
Philosophers… phew! Ralph… phew!
Graph… phew! Phonics… oh wait, I like phonics.

27 thoughts on “The PH Sound | Phonics Video | Scratch Garden”

  1. 1:29 Scratch Garden can your next happy cheese sound video be about the alphabet and their sounds please?

  2. Cheesy: P-H says *laser*.
    Me: This is great! A bit hard to pronounce, but it's still the best sound out of the combos, and-
    Cheesy: Just kidding!
    Me: WHY NOT?

  3. Btw I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!! I love your I like cake video & All of the different salamanders in the world XD πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’–πŸ‘§πŸ»

  4. The ph beginning words is
    And ph end the words is
    And sorry no ideas for ph in the words

  5. @Scratch Garden, I got examples!
    Elephant… phew!
    Physical Education… phew!
    Morph… phew!
    Philadelphia… phew!
    Pho… phew!
    Philosophy… phew!
    Phenomenon… phew!
    Philippines… phew!
    Microphone… phew!
    Zephyr… phew!
    Phonological awareness… phew!

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