The Pet Performers Who Get Paid to Act Like Animals

The Pet Performers Who Get Paid to Act Like Animals

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  2. How embarrassing, the owner was taking a video of them while they laid on the ground and pretended to be dogs

  3. This can't be real, what the actual fuck am I seeing. These people are clearly not sane and have some mental disorder. If I saw these two I'd lock my fucking door.

  4. People r getting this to close for their hearts.
    I don’t really see anything wrong with “pet performing” cause firstly they don’t hurt anybody and secondly u can pay them as much as u want. + we cannot really tell if animals r getting entertainment out of this or not, maybe they r just intrigued by the performances and just don’t show that.
    People need to calm down and let these performers do what they r good at, even if it’s that weird or uncanny.

  5. I would never trust a guy with a bowl cut and a female's cheetah-patterned shirt to have a seizure on my floor in front of my dog.

  6. This is so stupid on so many levels. Dogs and cats grow up by their human owners side; they learn to read human body language and facial expressions their whole life. They learn to understand our human ways and are extremely good at guessing our emotions. Now when you get humans behaving like animals they only get confused and they can't appreciate that they're trying to be like them. To the dog it just seems like you would be talking to a person who is always saying completely random sentences everytime you talk to them.
    At least they're not harming them permanently or anything lol

  7. That Krõõt Jurak girl is just the type of girl that you look at and say "she's been nude for an art performance on stage".
    So I google it and it turned out to be true.

  8. Ok I am just wondering where the "whale" comes into this, who has a pet whale that these people are going to "perform" for?

  9. Please know that these type of people have always existed, it's just recently they've been getting a lot media attention whereas before they would've been placed in an asylum

  10. No joke but, this is art i guess.
    Europeans are weird, i saw some short hair exhibitionist chick pooping an egg to her butt or peepee in france, that's even considered as an art.

  11. Yo I just came here from Ethan's video

    I can see this is really kinda Dumb & nonsensical and absolutely Ridiculous. But Hey they're not hurting or extorting anybody or harassing people with Cancerous pranks or something like that.
    So yeah I don't think this deserves all the hate that is coming at it's way

  12. pay what i want huh, i will pay them -1000 to do this for me because thats my price to watch for them they would have to pay me to watch this shit lol

  13. You can call anything art… I got a very famous person to close their eyes ad take a brush and put a single splat of paint on a canvas and then I had another famous person do it again and again till the canvas was sorta covered so each splat was from some random celebrity and someone would think that's art, its not art its random shit for the sake of being random and people would probably pay alot of money for something that stupid and I know they would cause of the shit they put in art museums, they can look at a canvas with nothing but a dot on it and say wow take all of my money that is an amazing piece of art… there are some truly amazing pieces of art out there and alot aren't even in museums they are just online by some very talented people.
    in short You can call anything art… not all "art" is really Art

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