The new Microsoft Surface Pen

The new Microsoft Surface Pen

I’ve always been kind
of a tactile person, stuff that I could hold and
feel and interact with. I wanna be able to use my hands
the way they were built to be used.>>Growing up I learned how to
express myself through writing. My thoughts, my feelings
became naturally linked to the motion of having
a pen in my hands.>>In Eastern watercolor, every stroke is essential
to the spirit, the emotion. Each stroke has its
own personality.>>Learning is more effective
when you are writing than when you’re typing.>>So when a student finds
a way to push through something difficult, discover something
that they didn’t know before, we call those aha moments. Understanding the why behind
concepts can provide students the confidence that they need
in order to pursue the how.>>Math is something
that’s really challenging to do with a keyboard. How do you enter x squared?>>The convergence of
the software and the hardware, it’s bringing us back to
our origins of creativity.>>The pressure sensitivity, it makes it feel that much more
tactile, real and responsive.>>It really feels like
you’re holding a brush pen. It allows me to make strokes
of various wetness and also thickness.>>Expressive, gives artists
that organic feel as if their paint is actually absorbing
into a tactile material. The water actually does its own
thing, it flows and it spreads.>>The combination of pen and
touch really enables precision and control opening up an
infinite amount of possibilities for creative expression. Technology fades into
the background and users can really
focus on their work.>>The ability to convey thought
and expression is so important. It’s thoughts turning into words flowing seamlessly
through my hand.>>As a creative person,
it’s elevated us to be able to do things that
we couldn’t before. [MUSIC]

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  1. This numerology reading gazo shocking plan” (G00GLE it) is unbelievable. I`m completely fresh to Numerology and this simply is amazing. I`ve done analysis on birth charts and ruling numbers of 20 people. The results were very accurate and also on point. I am not joking! A lot better than anything I have read on the internet regarding Numerology.

  2. one problem with microsoft is that there less in making their accessory for their product such as pen protector, or pen grip, less range of surface casing.

  3. The new pen is nice but in combination with Surface Pro 2017 the cursor jumps under the tip from time to time so it is impossible to draw with it at all!

  4. Don't cheat customer. New surface pen don't work like that. It has many many problems. Jittering and parallax error and cursor jumping. And Microsoft say nothing about this problem.

    Never buy it.

  5. behindert – wenn die Lineal und Zirkel nutzbar machen würden und das mit exakten Winkeln und Übergängen von einer Form in die nächste

  6. This literally doesn't talk about what's new with this pen. "It's like a real brush"/"the water flows…" that's all the software!!! >___> how is it different than the pen that came with the Surface originally?


  8. Is this pen can be use on Surface pro 3? I know surface pro 4 pen can use on surface pro 3 but what about this pen.

  9. search for Microsoft surface pro 2017 pen jitter and inaccuracy issues… there is a problem in Microsoft forum for which there is no answer when after a year

  10. How did she do that with the human body? Is that a website or app? I’m in anatomy and that looked awesome for studying

    We need your support practically and urgently please
    [email protected]

  12. I have IPhone but I don’t use Mac because it’s overrated and expensive and there’s lots of other better computers than Mac!

  13. "how do you enter x squared"… I don't know, how about x^2? or x²? Who knows, it's certainly very difficult.

  14. They make a product video like they finally did it, to safe the planet so everyone on the planet could finally achieve what they are working for lol

  15. Can you please make this tilt function compatible on surface pro 4 already?! , it’s been a year since you promised to. Deceptive marketing right there . I bought it for that knowing it’ll get updated with the function , now have two stylus one costing more for the same thing

  16. Looks cool but I don’t know a shortcut for ctrl z on the screen so I have to draw with the keyboard out

  17. people arguing about Microsoft and apple smh, just get both, I use my iPad Pro with procreate for drawing and surface pro for homework and school

  18. Does this pen work on a HP laptop? I got one for Christmas and I've followed all the steps, but can't get past the last one to connect it. (My laptop is a touchscreen but I'm not sure if that matters.)

  19. Please fix surface pen Jitter, even a third party pen called Adonit ink works better than surface pen (even cheaper).

  20. I love Microsoft products, is the most innovative company, can not stop, continue Microsoft, go Microsoft!

  21. This pen is not for artist
    Not for engineers
    By this pen amazing art can't be drawn…But Apple pencil is far better, Almost perfect👀

  22. At least Microsoft allows comments in their videos unlike Apple who are guilt-conscious about their terrible products

  23. Is there a way that the pen is making a noise while drawing ? Like a drawing noise ?
    I've seen it with apple pens and someone wrote on amazon that there is a sound while writing/drawing but I cant find the setting option to it.

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