The Last Doll Repaint of 2017 – Catty Noir Monster High Faceup / Art Tutorial / How To Draw Face

The Last Doll Repaint of 2017 – Catty Noir Monster High Faceup / Art Tutorial / How To Draw Face

Hello everyone and welcome to the last doll repaint of 2017 and for My last doll of this year, I have chosen catty noir Probably one of the most special Monster High dolls of the whole collection I have repainted catty noir just once in my life, and it was already a while ago So I’m really excited about this project. In the beginning I need to prepare the doll for customize and like I Usually do. So I remove her clothes, cut her hair off. Then I make her head soft with the hair dryer to be able to remove it easily And then I pull the rest of hair off with tweezers And then I finally take pure acetone and remove her original makeup Then I seal the doll’s face with mr.. Super clear sealant, and now I’m finally ready to start working on her new face first of all I need to create a new pretty and Realistic skin color and for this I first apply to her face a layer of brown soft pastels Her original skin color is completely black without any soft tone And it looks strange because in reality even the darkest skin tone is never just completely black There is always a brown soft tone or yellow or purple Such a pure black color doesn’t even exist in nature, just some artificially colored things can be that black like black carton or black plastic or black rubber like this doll head is So when I play a layer of brown pastels I Bring some soft chocolate Subtone to her skin And then i sketch her eyes and eyebrows with a very light pencil When you work on catty noir though you should realize how the sealant work on such a dark skin color The black color is a color with extremely high pigmentation, and it’s extremely difficult to cover it up even if I apply a lot of pastel powders and her face looks Seriously blushed all this pigment will be almost completely gone after it spray it with the sealant So it’s much more easy to use an airbrush and acrylic paint to create a nice coverage after one layer But you know me I am a fan of old fashioned hands blushing So I will have to apply a couple of layers on top of each other to build up a nice color Her black skin color is so pretty and so Unusual for Monster High dolls that I have decided to make her eyes closed then I can draw a very pretty makeup on her eyes, and not just some your simple white and blue or brown eyes ah But makeup it’s still something for later and first I still have to finish her skin tone and Now I’m applying a couple of layers of pink pastels to create a soft and pretty blush effect So you can see all these intense pink colors that I’ve just applied to her face is just gone after layer of sealant so I have to do it again and again until I get a nice pink blush and her cheeks and her eyelids and Many layers later when I’m finally happy with the intensity of the blushes I take my watercolor pencils and start working on the eyes eyebrows and lips Added all the time more and more details First of all I draw the eye line and add a little bit of black pastels under the eye line to imitate the shadow from eyelashes that will come later I Apply some black shadows to the eye crease and to the corner of the doll’s eyes and I also contour slightly her face with the same black pastels I Make like you to the darker the space Under the cheekbones the hair grow line the sides of the nose and the corners of her lips And for her eye makeup I use my watercolor pencils because they will let me to create quite a full coverage and intense colors Just with soft pastels I would need to do prob’ly I know 10 or 15 layers to be able to build up some more or less full colors and this outproduce watercolor pencils blend just Amazingly, and you can also use q-tips as a blending tool, so you can perfectly create nice and smooth blended eye make up So that the middle of the eyelids, I apply light and bright colors and to the corners I apply darker pigments Now I’m ready to start working on her lips first I draw the highlights above your upper lip and then with red and dark red pencils. I add color to her lips The first layer of her makeup ive made and called pink and purple colors But then after applying the layer of sealant I have decided to make her eye makeup a little bit warmer, so add some red colors I keep working on her lips and add more colors to her eyebrows For the eyebrows I use a whole bunch of brown nude and pink pencils and all the time add a little bit more eyebrows after every layer of sealant Here we cannot just draw some dark brown or black Eyebrows like I always do it with my pale dolls. On catty noir You will not be able even to see so here you have to create a combination of highlights and shadows And Now it’s time to add some gold I think golden pencil and pastels will look amazing her dark skin tone especially in combination with pink and brown skin soft tones so first I use a golden pencil for her eye line and Add a little bit of it to the middle of her eyelids to the most highlighted spot and a little bit of the golden color I add above her upper lip and to the middle of the bottom lip and Then I take golden soft pastels and add them to her eyelids and to the most highlighted spots of her face her skin glows so pretty Then I make all the black lines more extended with a sharp black Pencil because they became a little bit blurred after applying golden soft pastels Her face is almost ready, but I still want to add some pretty extra decoration to her forehead For this I use dots tools for nail design and gold acrylic paint And then I also add golden eyeliner to complete her makeup Now her face is ready, and I start working on her body I sand it to remove the shiny top coat Seal it with mr. Super clear sealant and then blush the body with the same colors soft pastel that I have used for her face So first I add a layer of brown pastels then pink pastels And finally the golden pastels Now I still need to apply the false lashes and add gloss to her lips And Now I just need to sign my doll and it’s done, and this is the last time when I write 2017 on my dolls it’s difficult to believe and it’s very exciting at the same time So what do you think about my catty noir repaint? I’m extremely happy about the way her skin looks I’m happy I could get rid of that black rubber skin effect and now she looks so dreamy and so romantic and so this was my last doll repaint of 2017 and I’m already full-time busy with the new projects of 2018 so please don’t forget to put your likes if you like my version of catty noir doll and of course subscribe my Channel if you don’t want to miss my new doll repaints every Friday, and see you already tomorrow in my new video. Bye

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  1. I thought that blonde hair colour will be a huge fail but it turned out perfect!πŸ˜‡πŸ™ It complements the skin so well

  2. Holy moly!! You made a beautiful chocolate work of art!!!! Wow this is my favorite of yours so far!!

  3. I'm new to your channel. This is so beautiful. It reminds me Danai Gurira. When her Avengers doll comes out, please do it justice. She is so beautiful and I know you will make her doll gorgeous

  4. Wow, the skin tone looks amazing. I would have done different clothes and maybe hair but, that's my personal preference.

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  6. By far my favorite doll!! I am curious though, why you decided to go with a closed eye this time? Still just absolutely stunning though!

  7. You did it again! She's by far my favorite! Sun Goddess! If God had an assistant with creation, you be one of them (my opinion). You really capture true black radiance and true essence in this Gorgeous doll. Completely astounded. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’žπŸ’ž


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  12. There were a couple times in the video were I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, like when the eye shadow was just pink or pink and purple, but I LOVE how it turned out in the end. It’s definitely not what I expected, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless. πŸ‘

  13. This is such a beautiful African doll. Imo the Beyonce hair is like a black barbie doll look, which I guess this doll is. But braids would of also been nice.

  14. I simply LOVE how you paint dark skin! I'm a dark skinned woman, throughout my life i have seen some horrific paint jobs on dolls… Thank u for the care take on dark-skinned dolls

  15. Oh wow, she went from kitty cat to Sleeping Beauty. You are an amazing woman. Honestly, I skipped through this video to the end, now ima go watch the whole thing.

  16. Too bad all Barbie type dolls don't come with a whole kit to make them how you want. I don't just mean Barbie, I meant all dolls… Just wishful thinking I guess. I simply hated Barbie growing up. The bitch had it all, lol. Blond hair blue eyes, hot pink car, hot Ken doll boyfriend…lol just kidding, kinda…

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  20. I think she came out so beautiful. Her skin tone is gorgeous however her hair would have made her even more like a princess if it was a traditional color and in an up do or even better in a headdress.

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  22. With her I did Bastet, but that awesome skin tone you used is outstanding, I used polimery clay eyes made by me for my doll, you used a beautiful doll, so lifelike, I love people with dark skin so this is awesome for me, you are a skilled and beautiful good witch who can make dolls human and adorable! She's outstanding!!! Love love love!!!!

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