37 thoughts on “The Death of Jeremiah Part 2: Jeremiah vs The Marketer”

  1. Sure am glad I subscribed 7 years ago during your one hit era so I could be here to witness this piece of intense longform art

  2. Sir, I have to tell you… I'm completely addicted to your channel. This last sentence was simply golden.

    Greetings from a Brazilian who has good taste.

    PS: Youtube have a s** algorithm, but stay strong. I truly believe in cycles, in some moment the real art will be seeked again.

  3. I just discovered this YT channel. 20th year anniversary of convo with 12 year old self turned up on my list of recommendations. But now it turns up the channel isn't very active. I'm late 😭 regular cup of coffee video was also great btw.

  4. Dude! Please keep this schedule up! Also, I feel like I'm connecting with you much more now because back then you uploaded when you uploaded and I watched it sure but I wasn't even subscribed to you since I am hella picky with who I want in my list. Ye so anyways now I am subscribed for the first time and actually think about the latest videos you made half a dozen times a day. I truly believe these videos will get you a cult following and cult following is crucial in steady growth. They are the most loyal fans you can hope to have after all. I await your videos with great anticipation and I hope one day these will get discussed and dissected thoroughly by kinda people you'd be proud to entertain. Thank you.

    (English is not my native language yadda yadda don't mind the ifs and shoulds and buts and lack of or unnecessary apostrophes.)

  5. The thing that I appreciate about Jeremiah is that when he posts a video, I'm compelled to watch it several time (i.e. hundreds of times) to let it sink in. Awesome "content" man. My brain is better for it.

  6. This really struck a chord with me for a second there. My father was 57 when I was born and retired at 60. My parents fought like cats and dogs about money all the time and these checks came every month and I really didn't have any concept of how things worked when I was a little kid and having that happen in my formative years really caused me problems.

  7. Don't fret, your videos are not only clever, but the introspective (and most often, poignant) nature of them puts you into a niche category all your own separate from other content creators.

  8. I think your brand is narrative based meta commentary. It kinda has been since Church of Blow. I fucking love it!

  9. I'm distracted by how "meta good" this is. And I don't mean that it "gets meta" (although it does), but I mean it's good in a meta-way. It's literally an old-school style video that would have been promoted by YouTube's algorithms back before YouTube turned into a soulless beast encouraging a race-to-the-bottom where all that matters is clickability and watch time.

    If the "Comment/Rate/Subscribe™" cliche still has any truth to it, hopefully I'm doing my part to feed the beast.

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