The complete life of the artist Vincent van Gogh

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U all always say the music wrong, too loud, annoying,play too long, play thru out. How about playing some shit rapping music or techno here har !? Har !!??
This is exactly THE music. So much Emotions , so much…….Oh Vincent Van Gogh , Van Gogh….how many time I cry for you

This is not the full story, it is a story and a beautiful one at that. Vincent's life was his childhood epilepsy and what came of it. Vincent was adept at keeping secrets that will some day come to light🌻

the alternate theory of Vincent's death can be found on youtube. I don't recall the site, but a
few keywords should get you pointed in the right direction. It is believed he was shot
accidentally by a young boy playing with a gun, this was supported at the time by a local.
There was no weapon found where he is reported to have suffered the gun shot. Which
suggests he did not have it in his possession. ??????

A little too dramatic for my taste – Music is annoying and the narrator is a bit pompous – Is this an attempt to be pseudo-intellectual by not including Starry Night? – An obvious omission – Why?

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