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  1. Andy Goldsworthy is my idea of a true artist. His work is often of a very temporary nature and cannot be owned and sold for millions of dollars. http://www.morning-earth.org/ARTISTNATURALISTS/AN_Goldsworthy.html

  2. This is not even art, it is just missing with colors in near random and he called it the art of subconsciousness. You can not fool the true human perception of the art and beauty.

  3. trying to describe art…which you are doing here…will never satisfy….either you accept the viewers interpretation……or there is no art.

  4. I think Pollack's inspiration could have been illustrated ; "Let's give them something to talk about". LOL

  5. He started off doing good stuff…then came the b.s. dribbling..he got lazy and convinced them flinging paint on a canvas with nothing But that technique was a new art direction…from 1947 til his death….junk.

    The whole reason why painting is highly regarded as a skill of an artist is partly that not just ANYONE can do it. Twirling , splattering and blobbing paint onto any surface isn't technique that shows a high degree of skill..and isn't meant to be ONLY for its own sake…its to be used in combination with other techniques inconjuction with a subject for the artwork…otherwise a throw rug from painting a house with different colors is "art"….thats b.s.

  6. JP and MJ( Michael Jackson) for example, one GENIUS as the other but, IN DIFFERENT FIELDS. That means : you´re born to be an Artist. As a matter of fact : Receiving ART, MAKES YOUR VISION CLEAR THERE AFTER. So if you get my point, Our comprehension of Worlds around us is : Explosion of Knowledge , better said : The Borns of StarS.

  7. They're crap, its just American's desperately trying to have a master painter of their own. Any 4 year old could paint a Jackson Pollock.

  8. Sorry there is no case for Pollock, You ask ,,,,what does it mean now? What is IT? The furore the scandal the notoriety the publicity? Nothing to do with art, We all know now the CIA promoted Pollock and others as past of a Cultural Cold War,

  9. I had no idea he was driving drunk that night. I just lost a huge amount of respect for Pollock. RIP that poor friend.

  10. Thank you for such a wonderfully scripted, illustrated, and narrated video. I increased my knowledge and was thoroughly entertained.

  11. Pollock was not original in this type of painting like so many people claim. One of the reasons they give for admiring Pollock is that he was the first person to produce this kind of work.  Janet Sobel and others were doing this before Pollock and when he saw their work he tried it out for himself because he knew he had no artistic talent for anything better.
    He became prominent, not because his work was artistic but because he had excellent connections in the art and business world that could launch him to fame.
    It is called the emperor's new clothes syndrome.

  12. Is it art? I guess
    Did it require any talent…. No anyone could do it so it shouldn't be millions of dollars

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