The Artisans Cup Retrospective

The Artisans Cup Retrospective

affirmation that it's not really how much I've slept saw how good the cretians been it's not hard to fall asleep I am literally a walking narcoleptic right now because I probably only get like two or three hours of sleep at night and then the rest of the hours that I'm actually in bed are spent panicking with anxiety or sweating or feeling like my heart's gonna erupt out on my chest something like that I'm not sleeping enough [Applause] I'm really just trying to take it one day at a time one actually one moment at a time one task at a time so there's just so many different tasks to do so I'm guessing you'll probably be there yeah I mean I can't really remember the last time I went to bed at the same time with Wray because we both are just like two ships passing in the night just doing our own tasks and duties and aren't taking care of our own spheres yeah it's hard to even put it into words what it feels like right now this has been the most stressful activity or thing in my life [Applause] I'll get back to you by thinking finish here all right thank you like you fight I come in there lack of organization doesn't work for me at all kind of freely on how this should be work now I feel like that feel that sensation like when you're on a roller coaster and it's climbing up so the highest point and you just hear it click click click click as its as its climbing up this rickety track and and you're thinking as you're on this rollercoaster climbing up to this high point like what's going to happen what's it going to be like when it goes over the other side are we going to be ok I should never have gotten on this roller coaster nobody that I know of has ridden the roller coaster that we're on so it's truly like a first go on a roller coaster that you're not really sure what the track even looks like right even if it's finished you don't even know if the track safely delivers you to a destination it might just drop off into the abyss and then that's it you got on it and it's kind of like it's a fear of climbing up to take a huge leap and not knowing if it's actually going to deliver you to a destination at all we are work you days away Clark at this time in two days the doors will have just opened for people to get their tickets I'll put shitless I think what a lot of people don't understand about the artisans cut that came to experience that but might not have been present for the behind the scenes is that the whole show was delivered unpacked constructed set up and lighted and photographed in 26 hours it's a very vulnerable feeling to first just kind of voice put into words what it is you're hoping for this to be and then hoping that people see it and care about it and think it's as cool as you think it is I didn't know what it meant to care about trees or to care about nature as much as I do now I mean it just elevates our lives so much to kind of be in touch with these natural living creatures and to be shaped by them just as much as they're being shaped by us and I think that that's why I care so much and why I feel so passionate about what we're doing with this I don't let it again yeah this will sing in okay so the artisans kept we had to make other people believe right we had to make other people one find value and it will have to give people reason to care and if you don't believe in the project then other people see that you know they whether you say it or not they can read it loud and clear it's fully transparent and we had till I believed that we could do this when we've never done anything like this before but I definitely think it was a really formative experience learning how to like really believe in ourselves it was just this really special collective creation which I think was the coolest thing for me to see is that Riya and I kind of set this train in motion but it wasn't just us that made it happen and every person that took part in it and gave to bring it to life had an influence on it and made it better than we could have done just on her own for the first time in my experience in American bones my history he saw that optimism like we're going somewhere we have a path we're doing something something very special something very big something that has a future and so they were hit with something that had five years of intense creative emotional and a real spiritual belief in what we were trying to accomplish with and they got that hit not really knowing what to expect I mean it was a big surge of energy when you walked into that show understanding for the first time what's been going into this effort I wouldn't want to change anything I mean I think it became something entirely beyond what we expected and that was that's enough for me you


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